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Proraso Ultra-Sensitive Shaving Cream Jar (150ml)


A high quality shaving cream for ultra-sensitive skin!

(22 customer reviews)

A high quality shaving cream for ultra-sensitive skin!

A wonderfully soothing re-working of the famous Proraso shaving cream formula, made with Aloe and Green Tea in a Glycerin base (rather than the normal Eucalyptus and Menthol combnation). Gives the same super close shave as the original formula but so gentle as to be ideal even for ultra sensitive skin. Best applied with a brush.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.


22 reviews for Proraso Ultra-Sensitive Shaving Cream Jar (150ml)

  1. Jo Teixeira

    It was the first cream i’ve tried, and it’s 70% responsible for feeling pleasure on shaving every morning again!

  2. Daniel Gustafson

    As others have pointed out this is somewhat of a middle of the road between traditional soap and cream. It has the signature Proraso white line smell that in my opinion smells marvelous, very much of a woodsman vibe with notes of pine tree. I have tried quite a few Proraso products and in general think they make good, affordable products. This said however, I didn’t like this particular product that much. Direct comparisons may be a bit unfair considering this after all is a budget priced offering but since a lot of people marvel about how this stands up to much more expensive brands I’d like to clarify that in my honest opinion it doesn’t.
    It foams okay, but the foam isn’t very rich and it also dries out very fast. I’ve tried this many, many time sbecause I really want this to be good and useable but no matter how much/less water I add the end result is disappointing. What I like about it is that it is very sensitive on your skin and smells wonderful.
    If you do decide to try it out, make sure to use it with the Proraso white line pre-shave cream as it adds much needed glide to the razor. If you seek a good option, go for the Cyril Salter products. They are a few pounds more expensive but seeing that the jar is also considerably bigger the net price is about the same.

  3. Mr Juan Ignacio

    This was the first Proraso product I bought. I have sensitive skin and this cream is amazing and it helps prevent razor burn very well. One thing I don’t like is that the product dries almost immediately. Highly recommended, although.

  4. Mr Steven Sutton

    I brought this with the soap and found it to be very, very good. firstly, it is very cooling and you can feel and smell the menthol secondly, id didn’t hinder the lather at all and I hardly got any pickups. This will be on my renewal list when I have run out.

  5. Paul Halford

    Great product. My skin is very sensitive to any scented treatments – even so clled sensitive ones but I have absolutely no problem with this. It lathers up well, is easy to wash off and so light it doesn’t stick all round the basin – which earns me brownie points. Thoroughly recommend it.

  6. Simon

    Very nice soap, has a milder feel than the standard Pro Raso. More floral scent which is light, pleasant and more complementary to most creams/aftershaves than the menthol version. Creamy lather helps produce a close shave with no dryness afterwards. Don’t let the ‘sensitive skin’ badge put you off. It’s a good soap for all skin types.

  7. Elliot Winter

    More of a soft soap than a cream. This cream has a somewhat milder smell than the Proraso green tub which is also sold on this site. However, like the original, it makes a great lather and is very protective for the skin. It left my face feeling soft and moisturized.

    I didn’t give it a full rating for only one reason; I really like the smell of Proraso original, and this is just too mild for my liking. I will, however, be using it frequently.

  8. Peter

    This shaving soap is quite soft and creamy, not hard like some other shaving soaps. It has a fresh, slightly minty smell and leaves the face feeling refreshed after shaving.

  9. James Clarke

    If your face gets irritated by the more scented shaving creams then this is the way to go. Its not completely scent free but I’m no longer getting skin irritation. I my opinion I think that it has a slight lemon/aloe vera scent.
    In terms of consistency, this is somewhat harder and thicker than an ordinary cream; it takes a little more work to get it to lather than others I’ve used, but once done it has a luxurious lather that retains extremely well. You don’t have to use much of it to produce good foam, and it has a slickness and stickiness that helps the blade glide across the face.
    It has a small amount of menthol in the product which I find doesn’t annoy my face like the original version by proraso.
    Overall I find this product to be one of the best sensitive shaving cream/soaps out there.

  10. David Morrison

    Fantastic product – just used this for my first shave after finding other soap left my neck irritated. This lathers easily to create a smooth silky lather that helps to achieve a great shave. It doesnt dry out like some soaps and has a nice smell which isnt overpowering

  11. Adam Cockerill

    After trying the normal proraso I decided I would give this sensitive one a try, I have to say if prepared correctly (give it a five minute soak in hot water before trying to lather) it helps prevent razor burn very well. As someone else said its not quite a soap and not quite a cream which is a good thing for beginners. Nice smell but not as good as the standard proraso cream in my opinion.

  12. Guy Barton

    This is the first cream I used when starting de shaving and it’s fantastic. Smells very fresh but not too strong and lathers really easily and feels so smooth and creamy. Highly recommended for people starting out in de shaving and I’m sure for seasoned professionals too

  13. Neil Robinson

    Another great product from Proraso. Superb scent, almost addictive in fact. Lathers really easily and gives great protection against razor burn, probably better than any other product I own in that respect.

    If you like this I would recommend the proraso white aftershave balm which complements it very well indeed.

  14. Leonardo Latella

    It dries almost immediately! What a disappointment! I advice the classic green version.

  15. Ola

    Best shaving cream i have used so far. Smells good, easy to lather and good for my quite sensitive skin. Highly recommended.

  16. Chris Maguire

    I have recently tried the proraso white. The smell is a lot more subtle compared to the red and green. But its really nice stuff. I would say it has a lemon scent and lathers like a dream as you would expect from proraso. I now have green, red and the white pot also the healing gel. Great and affordable.

  17. Michael

    I have sensitive skin and this stuff is amazing. I was recommended it by my barber and have never looked back.
    It lathers well (very silky) smells good and most of all leaves me with no irritation. I use this with proraso pre shave, alum block and proraso normal after shave for the ultimate FRESH SENSATION, there’s no other way in my opinion to start your day.

    Don’t hesitate just try it

  18. James_Death

    A Nice shaving medium, its difficult to quantify it as a cream as its more of a hybrid.

    This is because it is no where near as fluid as most creams are its rather firm in fact but not enough to be a soap but close.

    This entails that you wont actually use that much when making a lather although you need to work it a bit to get a lather.

    A very nice thing about these pop top, round tubs of Proraso is you can use the lid as a receptacle to make your lather in.

    Nice subtle mild citrus fragrance to me.

  19. liam hannon

    I brought this as my first soap and it’s great and really cheap! The lather feels lovely and is easy to whip up. It has a slight cooling feel on the face and the scent is really fresh. Not too strong but lingers enough to be pleasant.

    Would definitely recommend to anyone who is starting out with straight razor shaving.

  20. Mr Steven McNeill

    Absolutely fantastic!!! I’ve used a few other soaps and creams on here already, Mitchells, Bluebeards and Cella. All have been excellent for use but my experience with this stuff so far has been nothing short of perfect shaves. I use my favourite blades, sharks, with my Edwin Jagger DE89 and an Erasmic brush. So far I have yet to cut my self when shaving with this cream and I have had absolutely ZERO irritation after a shave. I always get a small patch under the right side of my jaw that gets sore and gets ingrowing hairs but I honestly have had non since using this.

    The cream lathers extremely well compared to the others I’ve used and requires less effort to lather and apply than the Cella cream in my experience. The smell is a bit strong to start with, like a very strong citrus smell bordering on cleaning chemicals but it is clearly not bad for the skin as when it goes on you get an instant cooling feeling that lasts until it is washed off. Similar to spritzing your face with cold water or something menthol based. The cream leaves your face feeling incredibly clean and soft and the bonus for me (having blemish prone skin/ very mild acne) is that I haven’t broken out once since using this or experienced blemish based irritation.

    5 stars from me.

  21. David Abram

    Having acne-prone skin and after having laser resurfacing done to my face about a month ago I thought I’d give the creams & soaps a try instead of the gels for a change and I’m so glad I did! This really is great stuff, it soothes & moisturizes my skin and doesn’t irritate or leave me with razor burn. I’ll never be using gel again!

  22. L Hannon

    I recently bought some of this soap as my introduction to straight razor shaving. The soap is easy to lather to the right consistency and has a wonderful fresh scent. It also has a slight cooling effect on the face which is nice!

    I would recommend this to anyone who is starting out with straight razor shaving! A great product at a great price!

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