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Omega Shaving Cream (150g)


Shave Italian style with this great value luxury shaving cream!

(19 customer reviews)

Shave Italian style with this great value luxury shaving cream!

This fantastic cream has a eucalyptus scent and makes a fine lather. Made in Italy, this cream is comparable to much more expensive brands and has been likened to the famous Proraso shaving cream.


19 reviews for Omega Shaving Cream (150g)

  1. Ian Morewood

    A very good economy cream, the menthol smell is very refreshing and helps wake you up although you don’t get the cooling effect that you do from some other eucalyptus products. Would make an ideal starter cream for those not wanting to spend a lot or go for a tube with brush deal if you’re looking for a real bargain.

  2. Mr Rob Cartwright

    First time I’ve used this cream and I must say, I’m impressed. Great lather, fresh smell, no razor burn and a bargain price. Will buy again.

  3. David Abram

    This is probably one of Italy’s best kept secrets! I can’t really smell menthol, I’d say it actually smells of marzipan which is also nice. Whips-up a great lather and for GBP4.09 it’s also criminally cheap!

  4. Doug Fisher

    The cream is very thick in the tub and has the consistency of cold rice pudding. A very pleasant smell of coconut when initially opened . I took a little product from the tub using finger and spread over badger brush. It does take a little more time to work into a lather, so make sure to use sufficient warm water and adjust accordingly. However, it yields an excellent lather when worked and subtle eucalyptus / menthol is released with water contact. It is more subtle than Proraso eucalyptus. Just over half a thumb nail size of cream gave enough lather in shaving mug for three passes with DE razor. This is an excellent product in terms of lather produced, quality, fragrance and overall shaving experience. I thoroughly recommend you try it. At this price, it is well worth it.

  5. Grant Mason

    This produces a lovely lather and gives a great methol tingle on the skin that really does wake your face up in the morning. Fantastic value product.

  6. Elliot Winter

    Having used the Omega cream, I have to say: I find the smell addictive. The menthol and eucalyptus really gives a cool feeling on the skin.
    It whips up a great lather, which I find is really protecting from the razor. I haven’t tried Proraso yet, but when I do, I hope it’s at least as good as Omega. This’ll be my go to product, and am going to stock up on a few pots when I next make an order.

  7. Warren Simpson

    Omega Shaving Cream is a product thats both economical(lasting over a year per tub per daily shave)but also a reliable lather that ensures a decent shave with the right razor
    I have no problems endorsing this shaving cream,Im on my 2nd tub & very happy indeed.

  8. Mark K

    I tried this cream as a (potentially cheaper) alternative to the Taylors of Old Bond Street shave creams. Also being a fan of menthol products, I was attracted by the reviews. Produces a comparable lather and softness to the Taylors product, but I can’t really detect the menthol as the other reviews claim (it contains euycaliptus). To me it has more of an almond aroma, which is very pleasant nontheless. 5 stars for price and quality. Will be buying again.

  9. Iain Sutcliffe

    Not for me this one – perhaps im spoilt by using Truefitt & Hill thus far which is very easy to lather up but this one feels a little thin in comparison. YMMV of course…

  10. Jason Jeffery

    I’ve always been a massive fan of all the Proaso products since starting DE shaving three years ago. After having a bit of look at the shaving shack website I saw this product and wondered how it would compare. After reading the reviews I’d thought I’d give it a bit if a go. I have to say I’m very pleased with the results. Running my brush around the tub a couple of times and then into my bowl creates a nice lather (although not as thick as Proaso), it’s menthol smell is just what I need in the morning and I looks like a tub will last around 10 months to a year in my estimation. Great cream for a great price.

  11. D Hills

    Great lather and a fresh eucalyptus and menthol fragrance to it. Thumbs up!

  12. Mr Matthew machin

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said
    Take this as even more conformation of this product being fantastic value for money
    Lasts about 6 months for me and a steal at 4quid!

  13. Mr Andrew Grant

    Very easy and quick to produce a good creamy lather, nice smell of menthol and slight cooling to the skin. Lasts quite a while.

  14. Mr Glenn Walker

    this a a very good easy to lather cream great value for money feels good on your face and got that nice menthol smell to

  15. Mr Antony Naylor

    I’ve used the Omega shaving cream in a tube before now, and it’s excellent. You get a nice, bubble-free lather very easily.

    This stuff in the tub is different – it is much denser, and I needed to wet the surface before I could get any cream on the brush. The density is somewhere between a cream and a soap, which I don’t like very much.

    I also found that it produces a frothier lather than the Omega cream in a tube, so I had to put some work into it to remove the bubbles. Not what I expect from a cream.

    To be fair, the price is low, it will last a long time, and it is usable, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again.

  16. Cameron Jones

    Its shave cream! It lathers up well its smells great and really aids in a smooth shave! For the price you cant complain!

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