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Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Lavender 150g)


Luxurious lather, a fine scent…the perfect shave!

(9 customer reviews)

Luxurious lather, a fine scent…the perfect shave!

To the truly discerning gentleman nothing surpasses the superior herbal perfume of English lavender. Freshly picked at its peak from the lavender fields of Norfolk this lightly scented shaving cream imparts a relaxing and soothing effect.

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave!


9 reviews for Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Lavender 150g)

  1. Hans-Joachim Lehner

    This is one of my favourite creams.
    The smell is the best ‘lavender smell’ I ever had. Really like putting your nose in a bunch of (fresh) lavender flowers. I can not pass the bowl without open it and smelling…
    The TooBS is very creamy therefore protection is very good even with a sharp blade like father etc.
    The only small drawback is the used dye (=critical substance) – In my opinion it would be better to have no dye at all then this cream would also be a fully natural product. If the dye is kicked out once, I will give ‘excellent’!

  2. Happy shopper

    I am new to DE shaving and this type of shaving product having shaved for last 20 or so years using cartridge/foam aerosol and am very happy with my move so far.

    Just used this product for first time this morning after placing second order with Shaving Shack…This made excellent lather which stayed viable on four pass shave which I am still yet slow (and careful) to do. I like lavender scent in general and the aroma does not disappoint. Although not strong/overpowering the scent lingered around for an hour or few giving me a lovely wiff till about 10am. Very pleased, will order this brand again from this very site whose service is also excellent by the way! 5* 😉

  3. Atir Akram

    This was the first proper shaving cream I used many years ago and remains one of the best. With a lovely, rich but protective lather and probably the best scent of fresh cut lavender you can find in a male grooming product it remains a joy to use. Whipping up a creamy lather every morning becomes a task which one looks forward to rather than a tiring chore. And the quality is of the highest order – this is highly recommended.

  4. Paul Wikinson

    Wasn’t sure about this when I opened the lid and saw the colour, but it gives a wonderful creamy lather that lasts throughout the shave and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. Pleasantly suprised, it one of the best creams I have used.

  5. Jamie Duff

    This is Jamie’s wife he got me the lavender shavin cream for my birthday and it is fantastic i love it

  6. Douglas Fisher

    These creams are set at a good price point and within reach, which is good. The cream whips up well and provides effective cushion / glide and is nice to use. I would have liked to have smelt much more lavender scent here, however, and didn’t think the fragrance was ‘in there’ enough. Perhaps a bit too subtle? If you compare this with Progress Vulfix Lavender for example – that cream has a much bigger lavender scent and is a better overall product in my view.

  7. Mr D

    This shaving cream smells lush. I bought this for my brother and couldn’t help but try it out… I will now add this to my wish list for myself. Love it, and the purple lather is pretty sweet too :p

  8. ZoltanSz

    For 15 years I have used electic shaver.Now for the first use of the levander soap it was a big surprise. Nice and refreshing smell not to strong with a relaxing efect ro your skin.
    I recommend for everyone.

  9. Mr Nick Sorrell

    The first thing that struck me when opening the pot is how soft the cream is in comparison to Sandalwood. The scent is strong in the pot, but mellows out nicely in the bowl/on the face. As I’ve come to expect from TOBS creams, the performance is top notch, no unpleasant post shave feel, in fact the polar opposite, my skin feels soft and smooth. The scent is very much a polarising metric against which to measure a product, and whilst not my favourite scent, it is a pleasant and accurate scent (I grow lavender in abundance, it’s like walking through a field of crushed lavender, lovely) that is ideal for evening shaves to relax you.

    I’ve had to hide it from the wife, as it is one she particularly likes. Another quality TOBS product.

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