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Proraso Shaving Cream Tube (150ml)


A high quality menthol shaving cream perfect for sensitive skin!

(24 customer reviews)

A high quality menthol shaving cream perfect for sensitive skin!

For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. Their famous shaving cream contains Eucalyptus and Coconut Oils, Glycerine and Lanolin to give a close, comfortable shave whilst protecting even sensitive skin. Proraso shave cream should be applied with a brush. Also available in a tube. For best results use in conjunction with Proraso Pre and Post Shaving Cream.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.


24 reviews for Proraso Shaving Cream Tube (150ml)

  1. Les Brand

    I converted to DE shaving about 2 months ago and this is the shaving cream that I bought along with a Timor razor and Israeli blades. I shave every day and still have more than half of this tube left, you only need to use about the size of a pea for each shave; amazing value for money.

    Without doubt I now get the best and closest shaves that I’ve ever had. I might be tempting fate here but I’ve never cut myself once since I changed to DE shaving.

  2. Clive Pepper

    Another incredible find! This was another ‘let’s get my order up to GBP40 for free delivery’ addition to my basket! Only one month into DE Shaving, I’d started with a high quality cream (Truefitt & Hill Authentic Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Bowl – at GBP14.99) which is very good and I still have, so I thought I’d add this much cheaper cream to my basket – I wondered how I’d get on with something that is dispensed almost ‘toothpaste’ style – I shouldn’t have worried – it’s truely easy – I have found it’s easier to measure the quantity you need than a tub – probably my inexperience with a tub, but this is easy – the tube says a 2cm length but I’ve found less is needed for three very good passes in the average shave. It lathers very easily on the face (using a decent brush of your choice of course) and it lubricates and protects so well. In my opinion this is a ‘luxury’ cream, and the price of GBP6.09 is simply nutty….try it, you won’t regret it!

  3. Arsalan Karimi

    This shaving cream is one of MANY other creams i have tried out, and WOW was i amazed over the quality. you would never know it because of the low price and the not so luxurious packaging and so on but this is one of my favorit shaving creams now. This is the cream i use day to day and i cant say that there is any other cream that gives me Better protection when im shaving. Specially because i need the extra protection (more glycerin) considering i use a straight shaver!

    so this is one cream i cant leave home without!

  4. N B Panikker

    Highly recommended. Wish I hadn’t ignored the ads everywhere when I was living in Italy! Great scent for clearing the head and getting you into a suitable frame of mind for wielding the sharpened steel. Develops a terrific lather quickly, even in hard-water areas like London. Excellent value and quality.


    As a noobie to DE shaving, I have only tried a couple of things so far, but what i can do is recommend proraso White soap.
    I hade the best shave so far after using this stuff with and experianced NO iritation at all.
    Great soap, Great shave what more could you want.

  6. M Strand

    This cream leaves a cool sensation to the skin, and the fragrance doesn’t linger after the shave. The tube itself is huge, and will last very long.

  7. Richard Wall

    Nearly everyone recommends this cream, it’s easy to see why. The first cream I used when I got into wet-shaving saw me get some of the best shaves of my life, and the cooling sensation you get on your skin is terrific for hot sunny days, really revives you. The eucalyptus scent is certainly unique, and seems to divide opinions. Personally I think it’s a very fresh, green scent and I like it, although it doesn’t stay around for long if you’re not a fan of it. I’d recommend everyone tries this cream, especially with it being a great price as well.

  8. Joel Woollard

    I bought this for when I’m travelling and can’t carry a tub and it smells so good and the eucalyptus feels so great on the skin that I think I’m going to start using it everyday! The smell is relatively subtle for a shaving cream but is very pleasant and fresh.

  9. D Warren

    I bought this despite some concerns over the scent, having seen reviews and comments which made reference to the strength of the menthol smell. The cream certainly does have a strong and unique scent. When you apply it, the cream smells like a mix of toothpaste and Vicks Vapour Rub, but somehow it’s actually quite invigorating while you’re shaving. It also calms down to a mild minty smell once you’ve rinsed your face. Also, the menthol/ eucalyptus content provides a lovely cooling feeling while you shave.

    I shaved with this for the first time last night, and got a fantastic shave with absolutely no irritation. The cooling effect means it’s a really great cream for summer, and one that will be getting plenty more use from me.

  10. Joe

    I’ve been traditional wet shaving for about a year now, but have only ever used creams and blades available in pharmacists. I had read about the hype surrounding proraso, so I decided to give it a go as it is a cheap cream.

    And it didn’t dissapoint. I used proraso and a fresh feather blade for the first time, and got the closest shave I’ve ever had, and no razor burn on the neck, which is a first for me. It leaves a really nice cooling sensation and makes an excellent lather with only a small amount of cream. If, like me you’re experimenting with different creams, proraso is a very safe bet and will not dissapoint. A must have for any wet shaver.

  11. Nicholas Lambert

    I had heard great reviews about this cream and thought I would try it as my first “real” shaving cream. The smell is very nice especially if your tired in the mornings, a fingernail sized amount will give you enough lather for a 3-4 pass shave and then some!

  12. Neville Filar

    This is the best shaving cream in the history of the world. I have used dozens of soaps and creams over 30 odd years and this it!. I quite understand the fuss made over Bluebeard which is also top notch. This is better, imho

  13. Anthony Dedicoat

    Not what I expected after the good reviews. I was very disappointed with the quality of shave. It is difficult to get a decent lather and drys on your skin too easily. Its a shame because I love their other products

  14. S Pritchett

    Was really surprised when this arrived. The tube is enormous! Combined with a brush it provided a refreshing cool lather which lasted. Certainly one of the best creams / soaps I have used.

  15. Neil Robinson

    Absolutely fantastic stuff – there will always be a tube of this in my shaving kit. Great fresh scent and feels tingly and cool on the skin not just for the shave but for a good while afterwards. Takes very little cream to work up enough lather for a three or four pass shave and the tube is massive. The resulting shave is smoother than a politician, and the product has a definite barber shop feel to it. Did I mention the scent is fantastic?

    Highly recommended!

  16. Simon Daniels

    This is the best shaving cream I have tried by a long way, I really can’t praise it enough. I live in a hard water area which means getting a decent lather with either soap or cream can be taxing and the lather can dry on the face very quickly. With Proraso the lather is dense and rich and stays so through a three pass shave. The razor effortlessly glides over the skin for the best shave ever. I can’t see myself using any other cream. Superb, and as ever, superb quick service from the Shaving Shack.

  17. Richard Barnes

    My best shaving cream to date. Having read many reviews, I can really agree with them all. Superb lather, great to shave with and the nice subtle scent of menthol adds to the experience! Highly recommended.

  18. Matt Mckenny

    Don’t breathe too hard…..this stuff it strong, but works well. Proraso seem to be a very big player in this game.

  19. J Aquilina

    Unfortunately it reacts with my skin. I tried to combine using it with "Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin" but this brought no improvement. A real shame because the smell is great and it is very good value!

  20. Filip

    Excellent shaving cream which leaves a cooling effect and nice scent. It’s just pure quality. Reading the other reviews it only makes me more confident that this probably is the best shaving cream on the market.

  21. John Keymer

    Amazing value, mine lasted over a year! Very happy!:)

  22. Slimdog

    This cream came highly recommended (a quick google search and you’ll see what I mean). I was not disappointed: easily lathers up, even with hard water and gives a freshening and cooling feel during and shortly after shaving. The tube format is handy, and hardly any is needed each shave, so a single tube lasts ages.

  23. Dr Peter Kember

    I’ve been DE shaving for 3-4 months now and have tried a few different soaps and creams (Moulton Brown moisturising soap – q good, 7/10) Taylors of Bond Street (Good but don’t like all the fragrances 8/10) L’Occitane Cade cream, (disappointing for the price 6/10). This Proraso cream is the best yet, and very good value. It lathers up nicely and has a nice smell, and it has given the smoothest shaves with no irritation. Highly recommended, and great service from Shaving shack.

  24. Mr Nigel Head

    I’ve tried the proraso cream in the tubs and in the tubes. I always thought the stuff in the tubes dries out too quickly. However, I found some advice online which said to use warm water not hot and to my surprise it worked. I use hot water initially on my face then add cold to lower the temperature of the water so its warm. Then lather up. I did find it made a lot of difference and the level of protection was better.

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