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Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Lemon & Lime 150g)


Luxurious lather, a fine citrus scent…the perfect shave!

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(20 customer reviews)

Luxurious lather, a fine citrus scent…the perfect shave!

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave!


20 reviews for Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Lemon & Lime 150g)

  1. Michael

    Big fan of Taylors product generally – got this as an alternative to my regular cream and found it a great improvement. Great scent on the skin, easy to get a good lather and found it to cushion excellently, even more so than their other scented creams.

  2. Michael Tulley

    My first real shaving cream, very pleased with it. Nice lather and I love the lemon and lime scent. I will try others but it’s a nice starting point.

  3. Jon Watt

    just started DE shaving and chose this cream along with a parker razor. very nice aroma that is not overpowering and is a nice refreshing scent and lathers very well even using my boar brush, on my second tub now.

  4. Paul Fitzsimons

    Ive just moved to DE shaving and this is the cream I went for to begin with, smells really nice without being overpowering, felt nice and thick on my face, was a pleasure to apply by brush and protected my sensitive skin during the shave, feels a millions times better than the usual goop in a can you can buy in most shops.

  5. Ferguson11

    I have the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream which I loved. However it is the Lemon & Lime scented cream that I prefer because of it’s great scent that provides an amazingly awakening shave first thing in the morning. It is not too strong as to clash with any aftershave you might be wearing either.A great product that I wholeheartedly recommend.

  6. Niels Graudal

    I bought this cream as part of starting DE shaving. It lathers up really nice and easy, a good cushioning consistency and the scent is pleasant but doesn’t stay for long.
    That’s all the good I have to say about this cream, something in it doesn’t go well with my skin, so even though I get a really close shave I have a burning sensation on my skin for about an hour after using it. At first I assumed it was my beginner technique, after having shaved with Mitchell’s Woolfat for a few months with no burning sensation, I tried this one again and the burning was there. I gave the rest to my father (almost an entire tub) and he doesn’t get the same burning feeling.
    If you have sensitive skin this might not be the cream for you, I’m off to order more creams and soap from the Shaving Shack, the “quest” to find the combination of Soap/Cream/Blade/Razor has only just started.

  7. Philip Rafferty

    Don’t usually write reviews but so impressed with this cream just had too , lathers up wonderfully , can’t wait to try other Taylor’s creams thank you shack for stocking the brand

  8. David Jones

    Let me start by saying amazing customer service from the shaving shack and also thanks to dan for the quick response. I am a huge fan of Taylor’s, their scents are unmatched in the shaving world (their sandalwood is breathtaking) however I was originally disappointed with this cream as the smell reminded me of a urinal cake! However as I lathered and started to shave, I soon found myself enjoying the aroma of this cream, it is a light but zesty smell and to be honest it lathers and shaves like a dream! Would recommend for someone looking for a more fresh but subtle cream.


    Great shaving cream, wonderful creamy lather, great fresh smell, but when I read a review saying it smelt of cleaning product, I had my reservations as it does have some similarities, But hey its a nice clean smell, don’t let that put you off, Great cream I would buy again and maybe try some different flavours, I would recommend.

  10. Nick Carson

    Incredible lather and a fantastic, fresh scent. My only gripe is that the scent doesn’t last that long. Gives a tremendous shave though!

  11. james _Death

    I Nice fragrances and average lather.
    I have found most of the lime creams just dont seam to lather as a lot of other products do.
    This is a reasonable lathering cream and the smell is pleasant but oh so fleeting.

  12. SB

    Wonderful smelling, lathers up easily using a brush and leaves my face smooth and moisturised with no razor burn.
    What more could you want?!!

  13. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    A great shaving cream that has quite a clean and subtle citrus scent. As always with Taylor, it lathers great and a definite one for fans of fresh smelling creams.

  14. Mr James Hughes

    Good quality cream and overall product by Taylor of Old Bond St. Lathers really nice and really easy to build up, but the fragrance is not there at all with this Lemon & Lime. It honestly smells nothing like it, its got a hit on what I can only describe as a tin of white emulsion paint. Shame as if it at all had any hint of Lemons or Lime it would be perfect.

  15. Mr Adam Povey

    This cream arrived in the post a couple of days ago so I’ve had time to have a couple of shaves with this cream and am somewhat perplexed by some of the comments about it’s lack of fragrance.
    Upon opening my tub I was hit by the zesty fresh fragrance which came as a pleasant surprise after reading some of the other comments. I’m the past I have used Trufitt and Hills West Indian Limes shaving cream which I love but this cream is easily a match for it in fragrance, lather and smoothness of shave. The fragrance left on the skin after a shave is just enough so that it doesn’t overpower any aftershave used. If your after a fresh zesty citrus shaving cream you won’t go far wrong with this one.

  16. Mr david ramplin

    I have been using the grapefruit one as I like citrus smells and not musky ones. This time however I thought I would try the lemon and lime. It smells stronger than the grapefruit which is good. However it smells to much like soapy. Maybe cheap washing up liquid. I’ll be going back to grapefruit if I don’t try the peppermint.

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