Ask Aaron Q/A: How to get rid of razor bumps on the neck

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Aaron is asked a question about how to get rid of razor bumps on the neck

Dan Wheeldon, from the UK, asks:

“Hi Aaron, I have started getting a lot more shaving bumps on my neck, they seem to be more like a rash. I have been on the various forums and checked out this website for tips but whatever I try it either makes it worse or just doesn’t help.

I am currently using a safety razor to shave with. I have a shower and wash my face with some facial scrub when I get out of the shower. I then use Proraso pre shave cream and then Proraso sensitive skin soap and a badger brush to lather it up. I then shave using my safety razor following the grain of my hair and using short light strokes. After that I put some anti-bump aftershave on and moisturise when that has soaked into my skin.

Is there anything I am doing wrong or need to add into the routine? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Dan Wheeldon”


Mr. Wheeldon,
Your case is puzzling for sure. It sounds as if you had good products and technique, however there are a couple of things that might help. One thing that stands out is how long have you been using the Proraso? If it has been recently, is there a correlation between your usage of the product and the bumps? If so there may be something in the product you are sensitive to.

Another thought is that your blade may not be the best one for your face. I would try a sample pack and see if there is a better one for you.

Thirdly, how are you rinsing your face after the shave? Is it with the water in the sink that still has the soap and bits of hair, or clean water? You might be putting soap film and hair bits back on your face which can aggravate the pores. Definitely use clean warm water to rinse and then clean cold water to close up the pores afterwards. That ill ensure you have rinsed all the soap off and then close the pores preventing anything else from getting in a causing irritation.

Then apply your post shave products. I hope this helps, and please reply and let me know how you are getting along. We want you to have the closest and best shave possible!

Happy Shaving!


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