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Proraso Shaving Cream Jar (150ml)


A high quality shaving cream perfect for sensitive skin!

(56 customer reviews)

A high quality shaving cream perfect for sensitive skin!

For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. Their famous shaving cream contains Eucalyptus and Coconut Oils, Glycerine and Lanolin to give a close, comfortable shave whilst protecting even sensitive skin. Proraso shave cream should be applied with a brush. Also available in a tube. For best results use in conjunction with Proraso Pre and Post Shaving Cream.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.


56 reviews for Proraso Shaving Cream Jar (150ml)

  1. Mr John O’Mahony

    I really like this cream, the tub it comes in can be used to whip it up and it’s great value.

  2. Mr John O Mahony

    I really like this cream, the tub it comes in can be used to whip it up and it’s great value.

  3. Mr Richard Williams

    Going from Taylor of old Bond Street to this was bit of a step down. It’s very hard and takes a while to get a good lather. Took a few attempts. You really have to work this cream hard to get a good lather unlike the Tobs which was so easy and always produced a great lather. This isn’t as good but it’s cheaper so I it’s great for the money. But performance lacks tobs. Very good mid range cream nothing more. Only get what you pay for unfortunately

  4. Daniel Hartshorne

    I’ve been using a Wilkinson Sword soap for around a year now because I found that was the only soap that didn’t cause breakouts on my skin and nor would I get razor rash (before this it was gels) However the reviews I have read about this left me with no choice but to try it.
    Believe what they say!! Lathers up amazingly and I use a basic brush (cost me GBP10). The menthol on the skin feels amzing and really wakes you up on a morning.
    Because of this alone I do feel I will try more soaps but the bar has been set high with this. How to use it: So easy, wet the brush give a few swirls in the tub to gather a bit of lather and that bit wil go an awful long way when you massage it on with your brush. I almost felt guilty for washing my brush after as I saw it go down the plug.

  5. Robert Talbot

    I have very sensitive skin, but this works a treat, very good value and gives an incredibly smooth shave. One of the best shaving products that I have ever used. 10/10

  6. Ryan

    This is one of the most recommended creams for beginners. Great value, very easy to get a good lather with and it leaves an enjoyable cooling sensation when removed from the face. 10/10

  7. Mark Woodcock

    I am very impressed with this cream. It is the best that I have tried. Very high quality and makes a rich creamy lather with very little effort. I would describe it as a hard cream or soft soap as it is not soft enough to scoop out of the jar. Very cooling and great scent. Great price and as you only need a small amount to make a lot of lather, the jar will last ages.

  8. Jesse Cabbage

    I am very happy with the scent of the Proraso (and so is my girlfriend) overall it seems to lather up easily, provide a good amount of slickness and cushion and the menthol feeling is very nice even in the colder winter months! Very happy with my purchase!

  9. Ryan Norman

    Having experimented with lots of different shaving creams of varying costs this is the one i tend to go back too. A great price for a cream which lathers well and leaves a lovely cooling sensation to your skin

  10. Tony Keating

    Having recently ‘crossed over’ from shaving gel, I have to say I am very impressed with this product. Easy to use, good lather leaving a very smooth shave and cool feeling on my skin. 10/10

  11. S.M.

    I ordered this as my first shaving soap, along with the Merkur HD, when I first started wet shaving several weeks ago. Now that I’ve been using it for some time and the pot is almost empty, I can highly recommend this to everybody. A few swirls of the brush generates mountains of smooth and wonderfully-cushioning lather. The fragrance is very pleasant and clean, and doesn’t linger after the shave, and the soap has a cooling sensation on the skin, especially with the cold-water splash at the end of the shave. This product is widely-recommended and touted as one of the best available for good reason. Try it out.

  12. Kevin Holmes

    Havin never really used shave creams having tending to stick to the usual Gillette gels i decided having recently acquired a Parker 89r razor i should back it up with an appropriate brush and cream. My Proraso cream arrived this weekend, so thought i would test it out. The shave was far smoother, and closer to the skin. The razor just flowed across the skin with the Eucalyptus leaving a slight tingle on the face. Hardly any cream is required on the brush to create a good lather, so i would highly recommend this product at a fantastic price

  13. Dennis Bailey

    The good old palmolive stick has been my favourite until now. This proraso stuff is luxurious, lathers easily and feels great!

  14. Greg F

    I can see this becoming a permanent fixture in my shaving stuff. The first cream I’ve used and it’s fairly easy to get a nice lather, even with the slightly rubbish brush I’m using. It’s a hard cream, but the writing on the tub says it’s a soap. I think the texture is probably a hybrid of cream and soap.
    It smells nice, a clean and fresh scent, probably more suited to warmer months. I would actually prefer that the scent was stronger, it’s pretty mild and doesn’t last long. It leaves a lovely tingling feeling on the skin and has a cooling sensation. Overall it’s easy to see why Proraso has been around for so long, a classic.

  15. Ross Unsworth

    I agree with the other reviewers this is a great value product which I use most of the time. Good lubrication, volume of lather and scent. Perhaps the menthol effect is not to everybodies taste.

  16. David Thompson

    ordered this last friday it arrived on monday (outrageoulsy fast) i opened it and decided to wait for warmer weather to use, due to the fantastic weather this week ive used it every day. it lathers up great and is amazingly cooling. would definately recomend.

  17. Antonio Ditri

    Hi People my name is Tony im 19 years old and im only about to start wet shaving now as before i always used an electric razor but now i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and have changed to wet shaving and i have just purchased the proraso cream but im not sure exactly how to use it do you have to add water to the cream or do you just apply it to your face straight out of the jar please help me and message back to me asap thanks.


    Good cream, but the flavor of do not like at all.

  19. Thomas Wahlberg

    Earlier I tried the Proraso after shave and claimed it was the best thing I’ve put on my face after shaving. So I decided to give this cream a shot too. And this exceeded all my expectations! This is the first cream that has felt smooth and 100% irritation free during and after the shave. Even when going ATG I felt zero pulling, this cream makes your razor truly glide. I’ve enjoyed other creams too but they all seem to leave my skin a tiny bit irritated and the beard growth feels very hard and sharp. With this cream those problems were gone. The lather it produces is awesome too. I feel it took a bit more effort to get it down compared to T&H/TOBS/Bluebeard, but in the end it was a perfect lather. The scent is very strong, cooling and refreshing, just like the feel on your beard. Personally I enjoyed this very much and was surprised that it really felt so smooth and soothing while at the same time being fresh and strong. Highly recommended, especially for dry and sensitive skin like mine. 5/5

  20. Laurence Rothschild

    I am relatively knew to DE shaving, always used a cartridge razor with a matching gel. I always got a touch annoyed at how the main companies can ask so much for their products and so I opted to go the Cut throat way and the DE razor method. On buying a cheaper shaving soap I thought it was a little dry on the skin and so after trying out that one I thought its time to try some proper stuff! I bought this Proraso Shaving cream and I am amazed at the small amount needed to make such a lather. A small marrow fat pea amount made enough and more to have three passes over my stubbly mug and it was rather good ya… This is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who has a wet shave. My vote ? 10 out of 10

  21. Steven Carter

    A fantastic product that seems to last forever. Builds up to a thick creamy lather than spreads easy and does not dry out. I soak my brush, let water run out then a couple of flicks and a rich lather works up.

    I have a bit soft growth but still need a pre-balm to help the razor glide. I have experimented without pre-balm and find Proraso moisturises nicely. I’ll try some other soaps but suspect I might not find better. It is unscented, or very mild, which suits me.

  22. Jonas

    A superb shaving cream/soft soap! It produces tons of great smelling and protective lather, without the slightest tendency to irritate. Also leaves the skin with a very fresh, minty feeling. Strongly recommended.

  23. Adrian Crunkhurn

    Decided to get this because my face started to burn after a few shaves, and have been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say, I’m impressed. My face no longer burns after a shave and it produces a really nice lather that stays on the face and doesn’t dry out you skin, also after the first pass it gives a really nice tingly sensation to your skin. The bad things about it though is, it can be tuff to get a nice lather going and the smell isn’t very pleasant, at least in my opinion.

    my rating 4/5 but would definitely recommend to people with sensitive skin.

  24. Michael Burgess

    I bought this as a travel alternative to my Geo F Trumper Extract of West Indian Limes soap and to be honest the two products are incomparable in my eyes. The Proraso has a lovely invigorating smell, feels great on the face and make a lovely creamy rich lather that helps my DE razor glide over my skin. I’m using in conjunction with Proraso Pre-Shave Cream, an alum block and Proraso aftershave and I have to say my skin looks and feels great afterwards.

  25. Ian Roscoe

    I’ve been DE shaving for years and have tried most soaps out there. A soap that costs less than half the price of some other brands couldn’t be any good could it?

    How wrong can you be! This soap is outstanding. Combined with Prosaso’s pre shave creme this soap gives me the most comfortable shave experience bar none. superb razor glide, no nicks, no drag.

    End result is extremely smooth with not a hint of razor burn even on the sensitive neck area.

    For the best results I would suggest building lather in a bowl.

    Highly recommended.

  26. James Wibberley

    This is a great, low cost shaving foam that more than matches its more expensive rivals. If you want good lather and a great smell without breaking the bank Proraso is the stuff to go for..

  27. Adam Cockerill

    Had ordered the ultra-sensitive version but my order was lost by royal mail. Shaving shack replied straight away saying that it was now out of stock and would I mind this one? I have to say the smell is very nice. This seems to be somewhere between a soap and a cream, anyway for this price its a must have in your kit.

  28. Keith Maton

    This is NOT a cream.

    Despite what it says here, Proraso in a tub is a soap. Yes, it’s a soft soap but it’s not cream. The top of the tub says ‘sapone’ which is Italian for soap!

    With that out of the way, it’s a good product. The menthol effect feels great and I get a very good shave from Proraso. The soap takes longer to lather than the cream but both are good products. If I only had to have one, I’d choose the cream in the tube over the soap in the tub.

  29. Neal Gillson

    Having previously only used an Omega shave cream I am experimenting with alternatives to find my fav and found this very good. Lathers nicely even with a relatively cheap boar brush, smells good and great value for money. No criticisms for a good product from a good brand

  30. Daniel Coffey

    I know it has been said before but the Proraso Shaving Cream in the tub really does pair well with the Proraso Pre and Post Shaving Cream.

    It is so easy to apply a little of the Pre and Post cream while your brush is soaking. A tiny amount really does go a long way so go easy on it.

    While the Pre and Post does its work on your skin and beard area (the menthol kick is amazing) you can work up an excellent lather with the Proraso Shaving Cream. The Load/Hydrate method works really well providing you don’t mind giving the tub a quick rinse and shake dry afterwards. Even a modest amount of the shaving cream will generate a good firm yet lubricating lather. The lather is quick to rise even with a gentle brush action so you can be confident you will not be over-working the core of your brush.

    I used the Proraso Shaving Cream on my first ever DE shave after years of using an electric shaver and a non-foaming shaving cream and despite zero experience at getting a lather in a bowl, the Proraso was more than happy to oblige. I got enough for three passes on my first attempt and the shave was smooth.

    After you have cold-water washed and given your face a quick work-over with the alum block, the majority of the menthol is gone, leaving behind a nice clean “barber shop soap” smell. The residual scent is mild and persists for about an hour or so if you don’t apply anything over the top of it. Anyone getting close enough to notice the smoothness of your shave will notice the fresh, clean scent and think “Here is a man who has shaved really well and smells nice and clean. Tell me more!”

  31. Robin Hughes

    There are better shaving creams out there but for the price this is a great choice. Very soft with a great fresh feeling from the menthol.

  32. Matthew Ball

    I’m new to DE shaving so I just went for this as its cheaper than most other creams but still gets awesome ratings and reviews – and they’re all spot on! I found this cream really easy to lather, using a cheap boar brush. It feels really great on my face and creates a great smooth lather. I highly recommend you buy this Proraso shaving cream! I’ll be buying many more Proraso products in the future.

  33. Chris Maguire

    I have just started wet shaving and this is my first cream, been at the cheap end i was worried about the quality but it works a treat.
    No shaving burn or rash, smells nice an feels good too due to the menthol.

  34. Craig Williams

    I love this stuff. I have a few creams in rotation now but reach for this more often than not. It smells good (if you like menthol and eucalyptus) and gives a nice clean fresh feeling on the skin in-between passes. The Bowl makes coating the brush really easy for a good thick lather.

  35. Carl Stubbs

    I’ve tried a few soaps and this is awesome. The smell is nothing to write home about and lathering takes a little longer than some soaps but the consistency is much better than a lot of the more expensive soaps. The menthol effect as well feels great on my skin. I’d certainly recommend this and the tub, after it’s been used, would make an ideal ‘free’ lathering bowel!

  36. Grant Letham

    Just opened my second ever tub of this and disappointed. First was really refreshing to use, great scent and feel. This one still gives a great shave but no zing to it. Just like a good soap. I want more eucalyptus that’s why I buy this!

  37. Christopher Poole

    I’ve been using this product for a while now and have quite enjoyed it. The scent is nice and I get a good shave. One thing I found was that the brush needs a real good soak and use plenty of products to get a nice thick lather. It took a few attempts but I’m pleased with the results.

  38. Andrew Armstrong

    I initially stayed away from this as I have never been fond of menthol/minty toiletries…. what a mistake! This stuff performs beautifully with a thick lather. The smell is absolutly addictive and totally unique, so much so that I bought the aftershave which again is a great performer. This stuff is now my go to brand.- great stuff.

  39. Alex W

    My every day shaving cream, use it with the other Proraso products and is fantastic value for money. Traditional smell and great menthol and eucalyptus feel. As I am prone to ingrown hairs and a variable beard strength and direction on my face have used and still do vary what I use and always come back to these products. Great price and good all round product.

  40. Simon Daniels

    I think this must be a slightly different formula to the Proraso on a tube. I find the lather more difficult to build but ultimately denser and slicker. Even more highly recommended than the highly recommended tube. Does shaving cream get better than this? Very hard to believe. Magnificent and as usual fantastic service from the Shaving Shack.

  41. Robin Gower

    A newcomer to the DE shaving world (after having a beard for the last 20-odd years) I wanted that authentic, fresh barber shop smell. I have had a few visits to barber shops around the world and never really enjoyed the quintessential English aromas. The Proraso stuff offers a ‘continental’ feel which, for me, is far superior to anything else. This soap is superb. You don’t need a separate bowl, just lather it up nicely in the pot (as it’s supposed to be done). You must combine it with the pre-shave cream to get the full hit. Fantastic!

  42. Umesh Patel

    Tried this shaving cream for the first time. Normally an avid bond street fan. Feels better on the skin and leaves my skin feeling wonderful after a shave. Has helped with dry skin too.

  43. Jake Dougal

    I bought this as my first ever shaving cream, and boy, was I in for a treat. Applied with a brush, the lather this cream creates is unparalleled by any of that from-a-can nonsense.

    The lather is sumptuous and thick, and the fresh, crisp feeling you get after makes you feel incredible. If you feel great, then the rest will follow.

    I highly recommend this cream to everyone reading this.

  44. Paul Heron

    I’ve had nothing but enjoyable shaves since I started using this product. The menthol and eucalyptus gives a nice cooling effect on the skin. It lathers very quickly in a shaving bowl, and a tiny amount on the tips of the brush is more than enough for three passes plus a couple of pickups. A jar of this stuff seems to last for ages. So its great value for money. 10/10

  45. Marc Richards

    I can’t see myself using any other cream/soap more than this one. Put it this way: Each morning after I’ve showered I look into my cabinet and select a shave soap to use, and 9 times out of 10 it’s Proraso cream I’ll reach for. It’s a full, easy lather, it tracks smooth, it smells fine, and really leaves the skin feeling fresh and renewed. It makes shaving a pleasure, and importantly, it lathers on the face better than any other cream. Give it a go, for the price it punches well above it’s weight.

  46. Sam P

    Fantastic every day shaving cream. Easy to lather, kind to my skin, nice subtle scent and great price.

  47. Mr Alan Haydon Cooper

    After using the pre shave this is an obvious choice. Different from soap so takes a bit to get used to but lathers well in its pot and goes on real easy. Feels and smells great. You do get a really good shave with this. It’s got WOW Factor.

  48. Mr Paul Norris

    I previously used Art of Shaving cream but was looking for an alternative due to a lack of availability of this in the UK. Tried several brands and found this to be the best I found. Excellent value for money. I still prefer the Art of Shaving but this is a good second choice

  49. Mr Andrew Grant

    Takes a little time to produce a good lather but worth the effort as really strong menthol smell and really cools the skin well. Very good value.

  50. Mr Glenn Walker

    Was looking for a menthol cream to try so I bought this comes in its own pot so no need to buy shaving bowl lol. easy to use just lather up and away you go not to strong menthol smell so doesn’t water your eyes and feels good on your face

  51. Adam booth

    I love this product. It will leave your skin feeling clean and tingly . One tub will last you ages and for the price I don’t think you can do better . I would definitely recommend it .

  52. Mr Gari Mclean

    Love the refreshing sensation of this especially when paid with the Proraso pre-shave, usually keep it for the summer and spring time. Doesn’t quite lather as well as the Taylor’s but I think for the price and what it is, it’s classic and in a class of it’s own. Must have shave cream.

  53. Mr Norman Hall

    Lovely and creamy, takes a little time to work the full lather but I love this and would recommend it. Really refreshing, tingly and gets the job done. Looks like it’ll last a fair old time so I’ll have to wait a while to try the next flavour. Lovely product

  54. Mr Neil Hulme

    I’ve nearly used up my tub of the Proraso red so i thought i’d try this one, lathers up just as well as the red and has a nice smell to it as well – might actually prefer the smell of this one will have to see in a few months

  55. Mr Carl Branton

    I was suprised when I first tried this because its a lot firmer that I was expecting as its a cream, Id say half way to a soap, but i like that, It lathered really well and has a great scent, will definitely be using it more and will look at other Proraso products

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