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Erasmic Lather Shaving Cream (75ml)


For a smooth comfortable shave!

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For a smooth comfortable shave!

A superior quality shaving cream containing Coconut Oil and Glycerin to lubricate your skin, giving you a smoother, closer shave.
It also has added benefits by conditioning and moisturisng your skin.


6 reviews for Erasmic Lather Shaving Cream (75ml)

  1. Christopher

    It’s hard to describe the scent of this Erasmic cream, which is nothing like the Erasmic soap. It’s not a scent I immediately liked when opening the tube, although it wasn’t in anyway offensive. Upon lathering it up for the first time, however, I found it produced a good lather which provided a comfortable shave. On using it for a second time, I decided that the scent wasn’t as bad as I had first thought and on repeated use I have actually come to enjoy the scent. This really is a cream which performs above its low price tag and, unlike the soap, it’s an Erasmic product that I will definitely buy again.

  2. Ke-Nost

    Now this was a positive surprise.

    I tried the Erasmic shaving stick that was utterly crap a couple of months ago but didn’t want to abandon Erasmic just yet since the price on their products are really nice. I was a bit skeptical of this cream regarding its low price and my bad experience with their soap. The scent on the cream was much better than the soap, it will not smell that good in the tube but it will get much better when you start making the lather. Making a lather out of this cream is super easy, either if you make your lather in a bowl or on your face and you don’t need that much cream to make enough lather for a 3 shave pas, for me it was enough with cream the size of an almond.

    For me the cream is OK but if you consider the price the cream is very good. By the way, the size of the tube is perfect for traveling and it has found its way in my toiletry bag. Since the cream is practically free I would highly recommend that you add this to your next order and try it out.

  3. Mr David Cunniffe

    To honest I bought this cream to make the order value up to qualify for free postage. What surprise. This stuff, for money, isn’t that bad. The smell isn’t that strong but it produces a good thick lather and gives a good shave. I normally use tallow based soap because they tend not to dry out the same a glycerin, but this was acceptable, on par with Proraso cream in that respect. The best thing about this cream is the container size. It is only 75ml so its prefect for taking in you hand luggage when travelling on a plane. I will be buying it again when it runs out for that very reason.

  4. Ian Morewood

    Cheap but by no means nasty this tube of cream is simple to use produces a rich quality lather and a tube should last at least a month. Its excellent value but the delivery charges make it something to add to an existing order rather than a single buy item.

  5. Joe Robinson

    Cheap and Cheerful

    Decent shaving cream which allows the blade to glide well.
    A little too soapy for my tastes and you have to use quite a lot for a decent lather.

    Overall its a a good basic shaving cream for those who prefer things which don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  6. Ian Couch

    Being new to using a Shavette, I thought I would try this 1st as it was the cheapest. Not disappointed at all, exceptional value

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