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Jermyn Street Collection Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin (150g)


Luxurious lather for sensitive skin…the perfect shave!

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(14 customer reviews)

Luxurious lather for sensitive skin…the perfect shave!

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave!


14 reviews for Jermyn Street Collection Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin (150g)

  1. Craig Rizzi

    I have a very heavy and coarse beard coupled with very allergic,sensitive skin. I have been using this shave cream for a couple weeks and must say that it ranks among the best,if not THE best,I have ever used.Great,lubricating lather that absolutely has never caused me any skin irritation at all.And it has a very,very mild scent which I cannot identify.Overall,I give this shaving cream a 5 star rating. Superb indeed !!

  2. Harry Hornsey

    This is a great, great shaving cream!!

    It lathers very well and quickly every time and is comfortable and moisturizing on your face. It is scented and perfume can irritate my sensitive skin but not with this product which really is gentle as well as great smelling. It also lasts for ages as you don’t need much cream to build enough lather for a three pass shave – I’ve had mine for around three months and it’s still half full! Another brilliant Taylor’s product well worth the money.

    Thanks, Harry.

  3. Lasse Ranta

    It took a couple of times for me to learn how to whip up a silky lather and fortunately enough I also learned that with this you can create lather even with your hands. Decent for a shave with or without a brush. A subtle masculine warm aroma. The first cream I ever used and definately not the last.

  4. Angelo Maiorano

    Definitely the best product of row Taylor of Old Bond Street. Good contact with the skin, producing enough foam and release a pleasant fragrance. Definitely recommend it for sensitive skin.

  5. Doigy

    A brilliant cream. I used to suffer heavily from shaving rash and this has cleared it up completely. A must by for sensitive skin!

  6. Graham Farr

    This is my favourite cream so far.. I suffer with sensitive skin & this definitely helps! The smell is gorgeous as well, It’s turned me into a tub sniffer. I actually think this smells better than sandalwood..

  7. Matjaz J.

    Wow, this cream is fantastic. Smells great and provides the perfect amount of slickness, which makes sure the razor glides perfectly across your face.

  8. Antti M.

    This is just fantastic. Smell is really pleasing with aroma of flowers. Lathers beautifully and gives you a great shave.

  9. Devesh Shah

    I’ve been using this as my main shaving creme 3x per week for a year now – still got a few weeks of product remaining so excellent value for money!

    This was the first cream I used, with a Taylors brand badger brush it’s easy to build a thick creamy lather. Perfect for beginners, works in a bowl, hand or face lather techniques.

    Nice traditional scent, doesn’t linger for too long unfortunately but keeps the skin nicely moisturised and reduces bumps and rashes.

    Would definitely recommend to beginners to wet shaving or for a regular user. Try the tube version for a travel product – works just as well if a touch more greasy/protecting.

  10. Mark

    Currently using this with a Bluebirds revenge Scimitar and a Vulfix 660 Pure Badger Shaving Brush – my skin can be sensitive and is going really well so far!

  11. Mr Nathan Shepherd

    I find this cream works really well. It smells lovely and gives your face great protection even with the epic Muhle R41. Stop reading this and just buy a tub already.

  12. Mr david black

    i was very interested in this cream,due to the sensitive part in the description.i preped my face in the same way as usual,after my bath i put a warm flannel on my face then face lathered.i had a burning sensation straight away,but i continued as i thought perhaps it would go away.sadly it did not,10 hours later my face is very red on the cheek area and my neck has burn too.i will not use this cream again,in the bin it will go.i will go back to proraso extra sensitive in the white tub,which i feel is better for my skin

  13. david

    very good shave cream for sensitive skin good and easy to lather only one thing not to keen on is smell of cream i would recomend this cream if u have sensitive skin.

  14. Mr Andrew Mathias

    Gave me an immediate and painful burning sensation that stayed for quite some time afterwards! Straight in the bin, lots of similar reviews online elsewhere saying the same after more research! AVOID

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