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Parker 98R Heavy Duty Premium Barberpole


Parker’s answer to the awesome Merkur 38C!

(15 customer reviews)

Parker’s answer to the awesome Merkur 38C!

Parker have surpassed themselves with this razor. Taking styling cues from the exceptionally popular Merkur 38C, this chrome plated razor provides excellent grip, balance and performance.

The head is taken from their top of the range 3 piece razors which are near identical to the heads of the Merkur 34C/Merkur 38C and likewise, the barberpole handle design is very similar to the Merkur 38C.

Length: 10.8 cm
Weight: 121g

Press coverage

Mike Sandoval, from
Wet shaving guru Mike Sandoval described the Parker 98R as “a good value razor for the budget conscious wet shaver”, adding “I used this razor to shave two days’ growth and it did a solid job of cutting my beard down efficiently on the first pass”. He concluded by saying “Overall I found the Parker 98R to be well made and a fair alternative to the Merkur 38C. Merkur remains the leader for double-edge safety razors and the 38C is a solid step up in construction quality”. You can read his full review by clicking here.


15 reviews for Parker 98R Heavy Duty Premium Barberpole

  1. Mr Spencer Whiley

    Although I have a beard I needed a razor that I could use to define and clean up the edges of my beard, I had never used a DE razor before so went for this one as it was in offer, so far I’m impressed, lovely weight shaves beautifully with B.B. revenge blades, and not one cut…..not bad for a first timer. I am a convert, never again will I use a cartridge razor

  2. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    This really is top of the range Parker where they’ve clearly taken a bit more time and effort in every department with this razor – Merkur watch out! It’s pretty much a slightly longer, roughly the same weight version of the Merkur 38C. What this means is that you’ll get the same quality and performance but at a lower cost.

  3. Adam Bentley

    Having found that the replacement blades for my Philips electric razor were going to cost more than the razor itself I decided it was time for a change.
    When I started shaving it was with Gillettes but was put off by the cost of replacement cartridges, and the fact that it seemed every time I needed new ones they weren’t being stocked anymore so I had to buy a new handle as well. Being a Yorkshire man this strain on my pocket was too much, hence the change to electric.
    After much research it was clear that DE was the way to go cheaper blades that may last longer and perhaps an end to the dreaded shaving rash. Unfortunately I then found the clear change wasn’t so clear with the number of handles available, so it was back to the research. After many hours trawling the internet I thought I was set on the Merkur 38C from Shaving Shack having seen many positive reviews, especially from new converts, that was until I laid eyes on the Parker 98R, so similar and yet less expensive, it was calling me.
    When it arrived I have to say I was astounded by its size and weight, even though it tells you both in the details, it still came as a surprise. However, in use, both are a great advantage allowing you to grip the razor in a way that best suits you and also damping any shake you may have, reducing risk of accidents. For my first shave with a DE this was undeniably of great help to me and I came away nick free with the best shave of my life.
    The construction of this razor is fantastic and just oozes quality so lacking in many modern products. From the sharpness of the pattern on the grip, which ensures it wont slip even in soapy hands, to the cleanness of the thread where head joins to handle, meaning this razor will surely outlast me, and I’m only 29!
    If you’re considering this razor I thoroughly recommend it, you wont be disappointed.

  4. Jason Haigh

    Wow! Where do I start? I have used gillette cartridge razors for years and was totally put off purchasing more due to their high price – hence the switch to DE razors. I purchased this parker razor last Thursday and was received Saturday and it is superb. The build quality is far higher than expected-its a great instrument and such a pleasure to use (it almost looks too good to use). The blogs on this site helped with my first shave yesterday and looking forward to the next. Goodbye gillette cartridges and hello DE razors!!!!..should have done it years ago.

  5. Shaun Miller

    Got my 98 R today what a cracking razor, lovely weight and finish, my dad still uses an open razor and strop so this will be my next step.
    Nice quality and even better shave in style, what a way to start the day.

  6. Andrew Jarvis

    Received my 98R this morning.
    My first DE, and the shave was great. I recommend this to anyone wanting to start with DE.
    Used with Bluebeards Revenge, for a smooth, comfortable shave.

  7. Gary Bromelow

    Man alive this is an aggresive razor. Takes a little bit of time to master but once you have it gives a fabulous shave. It hamburgers your face if you’re used to cartridges and just make sure you don’t apply ANY pressure. A bit of time, a well built lather and a sharp blade turns this beast into an accomplished shaving tool. The handle gives a lot of the heft and balances the head well, it really is a chunky monkey but that seems to help in giving it the ability to deliver a BBS every time once mastered. Overall it takes time to master but it is worth the effort.

  8. David Thompson

    this thing is a real bad boy, very heavy and gives the best shave ever, i cant believe how cheap it is especcialy because of the sale price. this razor will last a lifetime

  9. Brady Wilcock

    Top of the range razor at a very affordable price. I’m new to the safety razor world after many years of using the standard high street products. This product is very well made and you know it wil last for life. My first shave I came away with a couple of little nicks but I’m sure after a bit more practice I will get the hang of it. I’m extremley please with my purchase and this won’t be the last time I purchase from The Shaving Shack. Thanks guys!

  10. Raymond Read

    Nice chunky beast take a bit of getting use to but wort it in the end, not for the faint hearted.

  11. Marc Pocock

    A great razor that performs just as well as it looks and feels (it looks and feels brilliant). You can really let the weight of the razor do the cutting and barely need to apply any pressure. With a good lather (I use Bluebeards Revenge) it will give you a very close and comfortable shave. Great service from the people at The Shaving Shack.

  12. Bob Stanley

    My first DE razor. Absolutely fantastic razor. Long handle gives great control and being quite weighty I find to be easier to use.

  13. Mike Howells

    I’m a beginner to double edged shaving, so this is not only a review but also very much an account of how not to do it!

    My father bought me one of these and some Wilkinson Sword blades for Christmas. He’d seen me moving to soap and brush and back down through the blade count of the Gillette range and this was a natural progression. He was already quite an advocate of DE shaving and had clearly put quite a bit of thought into which razor to get me. I’m a tricky chap on this front as my bristle is like fuse-wire and my skin is like tissue-paper.

    He poined me at youtube instructional videos and ‘how-to’ guides on this site, which i clearly ignored and waded straight in.

    Wow. It’s sharp. I had about four days growth which is usually torn out from the root by anything other than a brand new Sensor Excel cartridge, but the weight of the body and the keeness of the blade made very short work of it indeed – one smooth stroke and it was done.

    Then I did what I always do and relathered and shaved against the grain. I know, I know. Not only did I carve myself to ribbons (Thanks for the alum, pops!) but, unused to the aggressiveness of the blade, caught the top of my top lip on an inaccurate upstroke. I was, rather predictably, covered in scraps of tissue paper and looked like a right wally.

    However, all of this was clearly my own stupid fault so I did as I was told a few days later and the whole experience was genuinely lovely. It’s not a quick shave, lots of hot water and towels and taking your time, but there’s a debonair charm to doing it slowly and right. It has turned shaving from a quick chore to something to be luxuriated over and savoured. I’m looking forward to trying out different blades and further getting the hang of it.

    I can’t compare this against other razors, nor can I speak with much authority on the subject, so I’m not sure how useful this review will be for you, but as a first razor for a bristly chap, this is pleasingly heavy and feels high-quality and like I’ll never need to replace it. I love it.

    I am also roughly 100% more likely now to wear tweed, I think.

  14. Mr Jamie Moon

    After using Gillette cartridge razors all my shaving life i decided to take the plunge and get a safety razor. After doing my research I chose the Parker 98R. Brilliant build quality and looks like it will last for life. I’d read lots of reviews about being careful or you will cut yourself. The 1st time using it i was very careful, nice and slow. Result no cuts and a lovely close shave. I then started to be a little more aggressive and a bit quicker. Absolutely no problem. This razor is not as aggressive as some make out and i was using feather blades (which are brilliant). 6 shaves in, no cuts and I’m not regretting my choice. I have never had such a close shave going with the grain. Buy one, you will not regret it.
    Thanks to shaving shack. Great website, order was nicely packed and arrived before on time.

  15. Mr arno vozu

    good safety razor

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