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Dovo of Solingen Shavette (Polished Steel)


The ultimate luxury shavette!

(13 customer reviews)

The ultimate luxury shavette!

This stunning shavette from the open razor experts at Dovo is practical, stylish and affordable. It’s use of inexpensive double edge razor blades eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and most of the other accessories typically required when entering the world of cut throat shaving.

Comes with clear plastic holder designed to fit double edge razor blades (snapped in half). A free double edged blade is supplied. The plastic blade holders have a useful safety feature in that a guard at the end of the holder prevents the leading corner of the blade from cutting you.

Note: To fit a standard double edged razor blade, simply snap the blade in half (lengthways) – click here for the blade replacement guide (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: The blade holder pictured in the shavette is red whereas the shavette now comes with a clear holder, the red holder is not being produced anymore.

For guidelines on how to shave with a shavette please see our “How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor” section of our FAQ, remembering that you won’t need to strop or hone a shavette!

PLEASE NOTE: The blade holder shown in the picture is RED whereas the holder that actually comes with the product is CLEAR.


13 reviews for Dovo of Solingen Shavette (Polished Steel)

  1. Alistair Brook

    Superb kit of kit. I bought this because I wanted to try straight razor shaving as I was fed up with having to constantly clean my Wilkinson Sword Protector blades. I deliberately went for the mental version as it looks more robust. It is easy and comfortable to hold and my only complaint is that the lugs to keep the blade in place on the red holder are a little small and I’m worried the blade will drop out while I’m loading it. The package is excellent value as you get a free standard DE blade, a long Dovo blade, plus 3 holders (DE, long and haircutting). As you have to snap the blades in half (easier than it sounds), that’s 4 blades for free! I’ve not used the long Dovo blade yet.

    The first shave gave me a bit of razor burn and it was quite easy to cut myself, but this was probably down to poor technique. Using a combination of styptic pencil and alum bloc quickly stopped any leaks. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and can now shave with and against the grain, using both hands, with no razor burn and no more nicks than I had using my WSP. I’ve already recommended it to my brother-in-law who bought a cheap shavette, which he now needs to replace.

  2. Harry Hornsey

    This is my first step into the world of straight-razor shaving after using DE’s for a while.

    The Dovo Shavette is well made and easy to maintain. The blade is held tightly in the red plastic holder and is easy to change and keep clean. This is a very light shavette and takes some getting used to – you have to apply far less pressure than you feel you should and maintain a good angle. Take care!!! This is very unforgiving, sharper than a normal straight and oh so easy to cut your self with. This said it has only taken a few attempts to get cut-free, comfortable and extremely close shaves.

    I highly recommend it to any one with the patience and courage to go for that extra close morning shave.

    Thanks, Harry.

  3. Gary Stanton

    I brought the Dovo of Solingen Shavette (Polished Steel Handle) a couple of years ago from another wed site before shave shack started to stock it. The weight is ideal if you prefer a heavier razor , loading the razor is simple and quick ,also the razor holds the blade firm for a safe shave .If you like the idea of shaving with a straight/ cut throat razor but have not the time or skill (like me) to strop and sharpen a full straight razor then this is for you . The polished handle gives it a clean medical feel that is easy to clean and looks classy in you shave den . Agreat razor for them nice relaxing shaves

  4. Jamie Duff

    I got this razor as a wee Christmas present to myself. It’s fantastic can’t praise it enought feels great in your hand, great to use and you get a dovo blade with the razor which is also great never mind 100% I would 300% recommend it 🙂

  5. Dennis Bailey

    Having used another shavette I decided to upgrade to this dovo one and it is really excellent. The build quality is outstanding and the low profile blade holder makes under my nose very easy compared to my old razor. It is fairly light yet I feel this makes it more nimble as difficult areas under the chin seem to now be very easy. The rounded edge of the blade holder is a nice touch too to reduce accidents.Comes with blades and extra black holder for long blades. Highly reccomended! Spoke to Dan at shaving shack- extremely helpful!

  6. Mark Gwilliam

    I have been a hairdresser for 38 years & recently decided to go back to my roots ( excuse the pun ) & focus more on my ( rusty ) barbering skills . I have a variety of razors at my disposal but decided to go with the Dovo ! It is a little light but does a great job the red insert that holds the blade covers the end corner & eliminates the chance of causing an accidental nick this is very good for me as I am training an apprentice in its use . I started useing it to shape up hair lines & used it today for a full shave on a client & it performed very well indeed .overal it’s a well made shavette that is easy to use & has been well designed .

  7. Christopher Williams

    Amazing, what else can be said? First shave and my skin has never felt so clean. Loaded with a Derby Extra blade, whipped up some of Mr Taylor’s Shaving Cream, took my time… two minor nicks (don’t worry, the blade can’t go too far with care) and the shave was smoother than my Merkur 38C. The shavette is well balanced and glides over the skin. Thank you the Shave Shack (and thank your facebook page for the notification when the shavette came back in stock!).

  8. Olly Lewis

    Brilliant shavette. My first shave I had it was excellent, very smooth and couldn’t think of a better first razor to own, I would recommend it to anyone 100%

  9. Philip Parkes

    Just had my first shave with it and I am really pleased I used the long blade you get with it a little light but much better than any other shavette I have used. Well worth getting one for your collection

  10. Jack Moor

    New to wet shaving and went for a shavette. Was tempted by a DE razor but like the cool factor of a straight shaver. Didn’t know how to hone or strop a straight razor and didn’t want to lay out lots of money if I couldn’t get the hang of it. Chose the Dovo on looks mainly. Liked the modern look of it and the handle looked like it gives a good grip. Now I have used it a few times I really enjoy shaving. It does grip well and is balanced nicely in my hands. Blade change is very easy and the use of the longer blade can apeal to many as offers a larger cutting surface. Personally I have used DE blades and find them fit for purpose. Overall a very well made, modern looking, easy handling and well priced tool for any and all wet shavers.

  11. Kirsty Guy

    I bought this for my partner as a fathers day gift from our son. He usually has a shave at the barbers but wanted to try this technique at home. He has found it very easy to use, to say he has never used one before. Blades are sharp and easy to load. He also had the Gillette 7 o’clock blades as the free gift and these are good too. Very close smooth shave.
    He will never be going back to using a regualr razor again.

  12. Mr Nigel Head

    Over the past months I’ve gradually moved up from DE razors to using shavettes. Having used the raptor shavette for a while I wasn’t happy with the handle of it finding it too thin. I liked the look of the handle of the Dovo shavette so decided to give them a try. I’ve mixed feelings about it to be honest. The plus points are the safety bit really does stop you nicking yourself with the little blade corner that gets you. Also the red blade holder means you can see exactly where the blade is. Its shape and size also meant I could be more precise than other shavettes. The major down side to me is the weight. its practically weightless. Some people will find that to their tastes but having used DE razors previously I could do with something that feels a bit more substantial. Using a shark blade I felt I was getting a fair bit of drag which I’ve never really experienced with those blades before. Saying that I cant really knock the final result. Its a lot more user friendly than other shavettes on the market.

  13. Mr Sam Williamson

    All round pleased with this shavette although the red insert shown in the picture that holds the blade was not supplied with mine. Instead it was the clear insert which makes knowing where the blade more difficult! A choice would have been nice!

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