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Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor


The 34C Heavy Duty’s lightweight brother still packs a punch!

(24 customer reviews)

The 34C Heavy Duty’s lightweight brother still packs a punch!

The chrome plated 33C is a three piece, lighter weight version of the legendary Merkur 34C Heavy Duty. It utilises the same head but with a slighty narrower and consequently less weighty handle. As always, the same fantastic Merkur build quality has been applied making it an excellent alternative to the Merkur 34C.

Length: 8 cm
Weight: 58g

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


24 reviews for Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

  1. Ian Morewood

    A fine piece of German craftsmanship this little razor is excellently made with a real feel of quality to it. The chrome head and comb fit together wonderfully holding the blade very snug and securely, the long metal threaded screw then mates with the short rather thin machined handle giving this razor a head heavy rather stubby feel. The razor head glides effortlessly over the skin offering a comfortable and close shave however I will say that the short handle and head weight may take a while for you to get used to depending on what you’re shaving with currently.

  2. Daniel Fletcher

    Bought this to start out DE shaving and I’m very happy with the results I get and the confidence this razor has given me. I’ve had a few nicks but that was me just rushing or not concentrating.
    I now also have a Merkur slant bar but still use this to do nasal and lip areas. With it being smaller and lighter I feel more in control.

  3. John Evans

    Shaving Shack has asolutely appalling service! I paid GBP37.99 for a Merkur 570 Progess, but recieved this razor the GBP20.49 Merkur 33C lightweight Classic. And also this is my second order from Shaving Shack and both times they ignored my delivery address and sent my order to a different address -and this despite assurances from the company that the mistake with the first order was a rare one off! Shocking company! Please send what I paid for…and to the correct address. Buyers beware especially if you need a gift at Xmas.

    Response from The Shaving Shack: We really are sorry about the mix up with your orders, we do try our best but sometimes make mistakes. I hope you now have your goods.

  4. Chris Brady

    Bought this in April (6 months ago) and been using it since. I totally recommend it – it’s not too big, (so you can get close to your nose quite easliy), not too heavy, and non-adjustable (so nothing for you to get wrong!). Well made, simple, easy to use and clean.

    Perfect! Currently using with SHF30 Feather blades, which I like.

  5. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    This lightweight razor gives the same fantastic shave as it’s heavier brother, the 34C and is a definite contender for best DE razor for newbies and veterans alike!

  6. Greg F

    Aged 20, I’ve only recently needed to start shaving on a regular basis. I didn’t want to carry on using cartrage razors as they felt very aggressive on my face, so I decided to start as I meant to go on and use a DE.
    I read a few things about different razors and non adjustable Merkurs seemed to be the most recommended for those starting out. I was originally going to get the Merkur 34C but it was sold out. I came across the 33C which has a narrower handle and is around 10g lighter (it’s also cheaper by about a fiver).
    It arrived quickly from Shaving Shack along with a tub of proraso and free Israeli blades. The razor was smaller than I imagined but feels very well balanced. It also seems very well made and all parts of the razor fit together snugly.
    The shave was excellent considering it was my first time using a DE. The razor has enough weight to it so no extra pressure is required. I didn’t get any cuts or razor burn. The handle has a good grip so there is little chance of it slipping out of your hand.

    Overall I would recommend the 33C if you are just starting out. This seems to be a good razor for increasing your confidence in DE and for improving your technique. It has really kick started my interest in wet shaving and I’m looking forward to adding more razors to my collection. Well it’s not a collection at the moment since I only have this one.
    Also more experienced shavers may want to consider this as a fairly cheap and compact razor for travelling.

  7. K. Svensson

    My first DE razor, have only been using gillette razors before this, so i cant compare to other DE but I am satisfied whit this one.

    I would recommend it for other customer, nice price for what you get.

  8. Christopher Dawson

    Well after reading reviews hundreds of times on different DE razors I finally took the plunge and went for the Merkur 33c and what a top razor especially for a newbie!

    I used it a few times before writing this review just to be sure and I’m not dissapointed one bit.
    I get excited about shaving now, and if I could i shave 2/3 times a day its that much of a pleasure!

    Thank you to everyones reviews on this which encouraged me to buy it!

  9. Russ Wales

    Simply the best shave I’ve ever had.
    I tried a DE years ago (about 25 years) and cut myself to bits, so was very reluctant to try again so I stuck to cartridge types. I then saw this web site and decided to take the plunge, I wish I’d done it years ago (I don’t think the better half does though, she says I never stop talking about shaving now). this razor with the Merkur blade that came supplied with it has given me the closest shave I’ve ever had. I also ordered some feather blades which I’m going to try tomorrow. I was amazed with the speed of delivery (ordered wednesday evening and arrived friday morning) Thanks very much for the excelent service I will be ordering again.

  10. Dylan Goddard

    Amazing little razor-rugged-no frills-does the job very well! I’ve tried a number of different blades with the 33c and they all shave brilliantly. It has a short handle-which works with the overall weight of the razor-you just allow the weight of the razor to cut your beard-giving unbelievable results. I’m with DE razors for life now & the Merkur 33c is right up there! Amazing value for money too! Get it-you will not be disappointed.

  11. Neil Robinson

    Got this as my first DE razor so I don’t have a comparison to anything other than cartridge razors yet. Very easy to replace blades, alignment seems fine, it has a good finish and a nice weight to it, and with care I can get a very good shave – closer than any other I’ve had by far. Might buy a second one for travel bag!

  12. Jason Smith

    Having already tried a shavette and having difficulty around the neck area I felt the next alternative was a DE razor. Used the Merkur 33c and was very impressed. Great weight to it and a good grip even when wet. I used the standard sample blade that came with it and the Proraso Ultra-Sensitive Shaving Cream. Turned out to be a great combination, so much so after an initial with the grain pass and then across, I thought, in for a penny in for a pound and proceeded with a final pass against the grain. The result was a really smooth shave, much better than any multi razor system I’ve tried. A few little nicks after the third pass were quickly eased with the trusty alum block. Definitely recommend this razor, great for a beginner or indeed a seasoned DE user.

  13. Eddie

    I bought this to replace a cheapo boots DE razor. I started DE shaving after seeing the price of a pack of M3 blades. This is a nice step up from the boots razor. The weight suits me well and it shaves well without tearing me up, so the aggression seems good for the early stages I’m at, I’ve got less trapped hairs than I was experiencing with the M3 too. There are a few blemishes under the chrome, but nothing too bad.

  14. Daniel Trainor

    As a newbie to the DE razor, I decided on the basis of it was a best-seller and every review I seem to find is a positive one. After using the product I found I could grip it well and it wasn’t too light, therefore I would reccomend to anyone who is a beginner.

  15. chris maguire

    I bought this razor on the sunday night and received by the wednesday morning.
    I am 27 and have been shaving since i was about 14 and i have always suffered from razor burn and ingrown hairs. I thought i had tried everything but then i stumbled across safety razors, which would apparently be easier on the skin compared to cartridge blades. Also the price difference between blades and cartridges is unbelievable.
    As soon as i got the razor i went for a shave, i was pretty nervous as i didnt want to cut myself but i had watched a few videos and followed the advice of “let the weight of the head to the work”.
    So i didnt press on, just let the blade do the work and it worked a dream. I had the closet shave ive ever had, no razor burn on my neck at all. Normaly the day after my neck feels really sore and sometimes get yellow spots, well none of that just a super soft face.
    Best investment I’ve ever had, i will be a wet shaver for life now

  16. Rob Walker

    Decided to buy this razor as an introduction to DE shaving as it was cheap enough that if i didn’t use it the outlay wasn’t too great but it is good enough to last many years if i become a convert.
    I have to say i already love this razor, if, like me, you’re used to cartridge razors it may seem small at first, but it is weighted beautifully and the size is no issue at all, plus it also looks great. The quality of the shave is excellent, far better than with cartridge razors, it takes a little practice to use, but it is not so difficult that you will necessarily cut yourself or will be unable to give yourself a good shave first time. With the shaving shacks own badger hair brush and a decent shaving cream i can’t recommend this razor enough and can’t see me ever going back to cartridges.

  17. Umesh Patel

    Finally took the plunge and brought a De razor. Got a little bit confused with all the different razors available, but read the reviews of the 33c and thought I would give it go. Brilliant choice, as it’s the perfect razor for the novice DE shaver. Good weight, excellent look and feel in the hand. Perfect for a newbie, worth the money. You won’t go back to cartridge shaving again.

  18. Kevin Slade

    I brought this to upgrade from my cheap beginners plastic DE, i’d read quite a lot about which I wanted beforehand so I settled for this.
    I had not wanted to pay top price but I wanted something with a nice balance to it and the Merkur was recommended time and time again, and its easy to see why.
    Despite a shorter handle than what I had expected I found for me it was better to hold,and I enjoyed the weight and found it gave me better control.
    The handle with its texture gives a nice stable grip without it getting sloppy.
    As expected it’s easy to maintain and clean and I will be keeping this for along time.

  19. Matthew Wines

    This is my first and, to date, only DE razor and it’s been great for me. Beautifully made, the quality really shines through compared to cheap plastic cartridge ones. The weight feels good – I know it’s lighter than its bigger brother but there’s enough to it to mean you’re not applying additional pressure. Nice texture to the handle means it won’t get slippery however much soap runs down. Small enough to reach under the nose with ease.

    If you’re thinking of going for DE shaving, I’d definitely recommend this razor.

  20. Craig Carroll

    I actually bought this for the head to fit to my Trumper’s Warwick handle, as they no longr come with this head but the Edwin Jagger one instead, and I wanted it to be a different razor. Good job I had lots of shve points!

    This isn’t a bad razor, and is very capable at giving a very good shave. However, it is comparitively crude when compared to the Edwin Jagger head. The casting, machining and plating are not as good, and I would also say that the shave is less smooth, too. Some say it is more agressive, but I beg to difffer; it seems milder to me, just that it is rougher at the same time.

    Overall, it is of decent quality and performs well, it’s just that the Edwin Jagger performs better for the same money.

  21. Sam P

    This razor was a great first step into the world of double edge shaving. I’ve found it very forgiving and easy to learn with. The simple design is beautiful and easy to maintain with a small brush.
    I have large hands and don’t find it all that comfortable to hold – but that might be a problem with my grip/technique more than the razor.
    I definitely recommend this to beginners like myself.

  22. Mr Brian Field

    A great 1st razor i really enjoy shaving with this razor, i used to hate it with the mach 3, as i always came out in a shaving rash, i even tried going to the local turkish for a cut throat shave it done the same, this razor is a new experience for me, technique took a couple of goes but once mastered its fantastic, the handle is a little short but the more you use it the better it feels, i use the Darby blade and can find no fault with them in this razor, purchased from SS service was good postage excellent, the weight of the Merkur 33c is just right feels heavy at 1st but again it gets better with time. all in all a good move i think, it could be easy to get carried away with the large choice of razors but i think i will stick with this for a few months before blowing a shed load of cash on other more expensive brands.

  23. ross

    Just a quick note to add to other comments about this being a great first DE razor – it is! It’s really well made and the weight of the handle means you really don’t need to add any pressure when shaving: gravity just does what it does best. I’ve used it four times now with the Merkur blade that came with it and can report a much improved shave than with my old cartridge head razor. I’m 5, 11 with a slender build so nominally the handle length should be fine for my hands, though I have to admit it is considerably shorter than my old razor handle and accordingly requires a slightly different positioning in the hand. Given it is the same length as many other DE razors though, rather than rush out and purchase the longer handled version of this Merkur, I’ve decided to give it some time and see if I really need to. Like most others people I’m now totally converted to DE shaving, have purchased all the ‘kit’ you really need to enjoy it and now look forward to a good ten minute shave every other day – no longer really needing to shave daily such is the improvement in cut. I also really like that you have to concentrate to get a quality cut and avoid nicking yourself, which I’ve not done yet, simply because shaving with this razor isn’t that hard!

  24. Mr Daniel Fletcher

    Love this DE. Perfect for travelling with it being smaller. The lighter DE gives me better control so when at home using my Merkur 39c I will swap to this to do under my nose and around the mouth area.

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