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Treet Original Double Edge Razor Blades


A real Treet for your face! FREE UK Postage!

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A real Treet for your face! FREE UK Postage!

Made in Pakistan, this blade is well known to the Shaving Fraternity. May be described as a ‘Marmite’ blade – some love it some don’t get on with them, but the ones that like them, really like them. You owe it to yourself to try this blade it may be the missing ingredient between your razor, brush, and cream to give you that ‘best shave ever’. 10 Individual blades in a pack.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.

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9 reviews for Treet Original Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. Maxime SALA

    I’ve tried these blades, in shavette with parker double edged straight razor; They are sharp enough to leave a baby skin face with a few use. I think it is a very efficient price / quality balance.
    Try them they’ll seduce you !

  2. Alistair Bazley

    After having various levels of success with different blades I’d thought I’d give these a try. I use a Parker 22 and found that these were fantastic. Very smooth and no nicks or irritation. I understand they may not be for everyone, but you should give them a try. What have you got to loose? The only downside is that they only last me 3-4 shaves before starting to “pull” at my skin. But IMHO well worth it.

  3. Mark Woodcock

    I didn’t like the Treet blade in my Merkur 38C as it did not seem to shave close enough and felt very rough. I put a new Treet blade in my Merkur Futur and the difference was unbelievable. Very smooth close shave with no irritation. The blade lasted for 4 shaves before I changed it.. Worth giving them a try.

  4. Nicholas Lambert

    On my quest to try all the blades I can get my hands on it was time to Treet my face, the 1st and 2nd shave’s were unbelievable really close, no razor burn, but on the 3rd use the blade just didn’t want to remove any stubble, even after 4 passes my face still had hair left, will try another blade to see if it was just a dud.

  5. Mikko J.

    A friend told me he’s gotten different results with different razors. This point should be taken into consideration when using these blades. I use an old, apparently unnamed Gillette DE razor. The result? It doesn’t cut. But it doesn’t irritate either. And no nicks.
    With a razor that gives a sharper angle I imagine this could cut better. And considering the ‘no irritation, no nicks’ factor, these might just be the blades for a person with very sensitive skin. So if you get these, try it with different razors if possible.

  6. Wright

    I have found that these blades give me a very close shave, but they are rough and kind of brutal on my skin. I keep cutting myself with them, but I will persevere for a while longer. I think they would be best for people with very thick hair and unsensitive skin.

  7. Simon Daniels

    The ‘Marmite’ blade? Yes indeed I had to find out which side I was on. First shave; quite nice clean and smooth, a bit like a Derby – a good serviceable job. Second shave; more of the same but the blade started to snag/drag on the second and third pass – not quite so smooth. Third shave; just did not cut – gave up after the first pass and finished off with an Astra blue. Obviously about a thousand times better
    than a five blade excuse for a razor, but not for me. On a more literal note, the blade is black like Marmite, but it is not sticky, nor does it intensely smell of yeast!

  8. Thomas Rees-Mogg

    I have used the treet durasharp for some years and these blue treet really are a treet for your face sharp and smooth and to be highly recommended with an open combed safety razor,a boar bristle brush and Turkish shaving soap or cream. Great service from

  9. Mr Nigel Head

    I tried these blades having read the reviews. I found them to be a fairly decent blade and give great results. My only criticism is that I find I have to unscrew the razor and make sure the blade is dry after use as I’ve found they seem to be more prone to rust around the posts a bit more than other blades.

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