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Cyril Salter Luxury Shaving Cream (Citrus 165g)


Feel like a lord with this classic shaving cream!

(9 customer reviews)

Feel like a lord with this classic shaving cream!

Superb Quality Luxury Shaving Cream. Made in England by the well established firm of Cyril R. Salter Gentlemen’s Grooming Products. For use with traditional wet shaving accoutrements. Provides a rich creamy fragranced lather to enable the razor to glide over the skin for a close smooth shave. 165g/5.8 oz


9 reviews for Cyril Salter Luxury Shaving Cream (Citrus 165g)

  1. Daniel Gustafson

    I have been using quite a few soaps and creams by now, ranging from cheap to silly expensive, and this is my favourite. It has a wonderful citrus scent that feels very natural, almost like peeling a clementine and using that exact scent. Using very little cream you’ll get a rich, creamy foam that lets your razor glide smoothly across your skin. With other soaps/creams I often use a pre-shave cream but that’s not necessary in this case. It also leaves my skin fresh and moisturized which is no small feat seeing that I live in a dry area and have very sensitive skin.

    A great product, can’t wait to try out the other scents that Cyril Salter make.

  2. Christopher

    This has a wonderful citrus scent – really, really wonderful. This will be a perfect product for use during the summer months! And, for me, the lather is comparable to creams that can cost up to twice as much. Highly recommended.

  3. Nicholas Violet

    I just received this today, and by god is it good!

    It’s in a much bigger tub than I was expecting, and much more liquid than I thought it would be, but having never used a cream before I am no expert on the necessary stiffness of shaving creams!

    Once I had it lathered in the bowl though it took on a thick creamy consistency with a pleasant, but not overpowering citrus scent, and it made shaving a little smoother than it had previously been with a shaving soap I was using

    all in all 5 stars and two thumbs up from me, I would highly recommend it!

  4. Adam Ford

    Great service from the S.Shack, I received a tub of the Citrus and as soon as you open it, the citrus smell hits you (not over powering at all) a nice fresh summer smell, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. lather to a nice consistency. If you are looking for a new cream this is definitely one to try.

  5. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    This has a fantastic lemon scent that I prefer to the Taylor equivalent because the scent is stronger and more “citrusy”…that’s my humble opinion though, try it for yourself!

  6. Ian Cryer

    I am really, really impressed with this shaving cream. I’ve tried various others and this by far has the most potent and refreshing smell. The lather from it is also superb, mixed in a bowl with a badger brush I got the thickest smoothest cream to date. I’ve rated this 5 stars, excellent and genuinely recommend it.

  7. Chris Silverton

    Bought this as my first shaving cream. On first opening the tub I was a little put of by the VERY strong scent, but I was wrong to be. Once the cream is whipped up into a thick creamy lather, the scent is reduced to a very fresh and pleasant level! In fact, I imagine if the scent in the tub were any less, then once applied to the face, the scent would probably be non existent! Highly recommend this product

  8. Mr jason flatt

    Wow !! upon opening this cream your hit by a real creamy citrus smell of lemons and tangerine, good enough to eat!! Cream is nice and soft and a little lathers up to make your razor glide across you face with ease. Tub is of a good size and the delivery was as promit as always.

  9. Mr Noel Jealous (verified owner)

    This is good stuff. I can’t think of a single negative criticism.
    In use, it is a quality cream – soft, lathers easily, and gives good glide.
    People tend to go on about the fragrance of their soaps/creams, but it is not important.
    No-one can smell it bar you. It is there for your personal enjoyment. After I’ve shaved, I splash the face to remove the soap, and dry it. Then I ask the wife what my face smells like, and she says there is no smell. There is a faint smell in the room where I shaved, but she can’t work out what it is.
    However, if you gain confidence in thinking you smell great, then all power to you.
    This is Sublime Citrus. I don’t mind about the fragrance, as long as it isn’t Sandalwood.

    I’m impressed with the declaration: 200ml, 165 grams. That is honest, and allows you to compare with similar products. Some brands use whichever is the bigger number.
    I once bought 1 Kilo of shaving cream. I weighed it, and it was 850 grams, and the box stated 1000 millilitres. The seller was not bright, and couldn’t understand my complaint.

    The pot is double walled. I’m not certain why. Perhaps it prevents the contents drying up in the current hot weather. It isn’t to fool you into thinking you have more, because the weight and volume have been declared.
    I have a lot of shaving soaps, but I wanted to try this, and I’m not disappointed.

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