Ask Aaron Q/A: Shaving in hot weather

Aaron is asked a question about shaving in hot weather

Matt Brown, from the UK, asks

“Hey Aaron

Wrong time of year but…I suffer from shaving soreness in hot weather – seems worse the closer the shave is but if I don’t shave closely on the neck my shirt collars rubbing against the slight stubble gives me a rash as well. Kind of lose-lose situation. I use a double edge safety razor.

I was watching “Good Morning Vietnam’ again the other day and one of the radio voice-overs in the background gave advice to soldiers about shaving in hot weather, advising them to rinse their blade in cold water.

Does this actually work? And should the whole shave routine be done with cold water or just rinsing the blade? Are there any other tips for hot weather shaving you care to share?”




“Mr. Brown,

Hot weather can be a bother for so many types of grooming issues, but especially shaving. There is an ongoing debate online as to the benefits of a cold water shave and the pros and cons are probably worthy of an article in and of itself.

However, I think the cold water shave would be a great option for you to try. Basically cold water will keep you skin taught and flat for a smooth shaving surface. For your neck try going only with and across the direction of hair growth. Going against the direction of growth provides the closest shave but also opens up the chance for irritation.

Moisturizing your skin at night will help keep irritation at bay also. Night time during warm weather is best for applying a moisturizer since the lotion or balm won’t appear or feel extra greasy and heavy on your skin when dealing with the heat of the day.

Also try applying a light layer of talcum powder or corn starch powder around your neck line to help combat moisture and provide an extra layer of protection from your collar. i hope this helps and let us know how it works for you in the upcoming warmer months!



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