Grooming Routines That Help Your Shave

While we know and love the benefits of wet-shaving: the smooth shave, irritation and bump free skin, no razor burn, etcetera, there are a great many more grooming habits out there available to add to your routine. Not only are those beneficial to you, your appearance, and your skin, but they can also enhance your shave as well. Two of those methods we are going to talk about today.

Exfoliation is one of the top grooming habits that can really benefit your shave. To exfoliate you remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin by one of two methods. One is a natural exfoliation by using coffee grounds, sugar scrubs, apricot seed, bamboo, and many others. The second is by chemical means wherein chemicals derived from plant enzyme dissolve the dead skin cell. The second method can be pretty harsh and is not recommended for regular use, but the natural method via a face wash is a safe and gentle action. because you are abrading the skin with a scrub it is not generally recommended to do more than once a week. The Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Treatment and their Salad Days Scrub are both good products for use in exfoliation. Exfoliating before a shave helps prep the beard by damaging the outer hard keratin layer of the hair allowing moisture easier access into the shaft. This softens the hair allowing for a smoother and closer shave.

the bluebeards revenge
The male grooming industry is booming

Moisturizing is another habit that is often overlooked in the men’s grooming world. Often viewed as effeminate, adding moisture to your skin is especially beneficial during the winter months. Cold wind can really do a number on your skin, sucking the moisture right out of it. This leaves your skin tight, dry, and irritated. This is a bad combination for a good shave. By applying a good moisturizer you keep the skin well hydrated and supple which allows the razor to glide over the skin smoothly. Men-Ȕ Facial Moisturizer and MAtt Moisturizer are two great products and The Bluebeard’s Revenge Cooling Moisturizer not only hydrates but also cools and refreshes. Applying a good aftershave balm can work as well in keeping the skin in good condition.

One last tip: stay hydrated from the inside out. Drinking the recommended amount of water for your body size will improve your skin and overall health enormously. Gentlemen have a harder time with this than ladies as we proportionally drink more coffee in the morning or beer with the lads after work.But staying well hydrated will keep your skin healthy from the inside as well as the outside.

So gents, make sure you are kind to yourself through drinking enough water, moisturizing your skin, and doing the occasional exfoliation. These simple things added to your current routine will make a big impact and help you feel and look your best. You skin, face, and body will thank you for it!

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