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The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm (150ml)


Treat yourself to this unique, luxurious and soothing after shave balm!

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The Ultimate Post-Shave Balm!

A barbershop-quality post-shave balm designed to nourish, moisturise and calm the skin after a wet shave.

After you have enjoyed a proper shave with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, pamper your face with The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm.

Specially formulated with witch hazel and aloe vera, this balm will calm the skin after shaving. Not only will it make you feel a million dollars, but it will tackle common shaving problems like razor rash and burn with ease.

Directions For Use: Apply a small amount of balm after shaving to soothe, calm and refresh your skin.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs cease use immediately, if condition persists seek medical attention.

Ingredients: Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, aqua, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, alcohol denat, alcohol, parfum, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, carbomer, anthemisnobilis (chamomile) flower water, glycerin, potassium sorbate, allantoin, benzyl benzoate, linalool, limonene, coumarin, citral, eugenol.


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70 reviews for The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm (150ml)

  1. Ole F

    I’m not usually much into balms when it comes to aftershave products, but this one was so smooth and moist, I love it! It absorbs qiuckly, and instantly stops every trace of razorburn. Also the smell is great! Will definitely buy again.

  2. Mr Juan Ignacio Pradolini

    I bought this to the shaving shack’s guys.
    First of all, I have sensitive skin, and over the chin area is where my beard is thicker, so there is where sometimes I get some razor burns.
    The balm is great, It has a beautiful cooling ‘menthol’ feel. It might sting for the the first 2 seconds (no more than that) if you have nicked yourself, but, the great part is that this balm stops the bleading immediately. After that, you skin feels refreshed and any irritation you might be feeling after a bad shave is soothed.
    Also, a VERY important thing for me, this balm is not only very hydrating but it absorbs quickly into the skin and it is not sticky like some other balms.
    Oh…and I love the jar with the metalic cap.
    If you are new in to the “aftershave world”, don’t start with a GBP20 balm, try this one firts. You won’t regret it.

    PS: I’m sorry if my english it’s not good.

  3. Jasdev Sekhon

    It burns!

    (I am using the free sample that came with my recent order from The Shaving Shack.
    I do one pass with a Merkur 34C and Derby blades, and usually use Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.)

  4. Anthony Keedwell-Smith

    I have just become a convert to this brand having battled with tough stubborn stubble for years. This balm is excellent it seems to cool the face and reduce any post shave redness and the associated irritation. It also absorbs quickly that avoids the mess of many other brands

  5. Craig Duncan

    Got a nice old worldy barber shop smell. Great for cooling down the face and leaves the skin moisturised….Might be me being just a bit picky. But the tub size could be bigger at least 50% and just a little watered down feeling.

  6. Alan Hughes

    I love this stuff!!! Its a very pleasant smell that isn’t overpowering which is important if you want to wear aftershave too. it makes the skin feel very soft and nourished after a shave. I rate it 10/10, excellent value too!

  7. Thomas Baverstock

    Got hooked on this with the free sample and have just placed an order for the full tin. My wife kept mentioning how nice I smelt and I couldn’t work out what it was. Turns out it was this balm!
    Consistency is great, the skin takes it in really quickly with no greasiness.

  8. David Corcoran

    Wow. This stuff is amazing, not only does it hydrate the skin, it helps stop and nicks and cuts from bleeding, and any chance of razor burn trying to appear was kicked right in the but by this bad boy. Thank you so much blue beard

  9. Thomas Wahlberg

    Indeed very nice scent, fresh, moisturizing feeling. I’m switching between this and Proraso aftershave. When I get small burn, I tend to use the Proraso for it’s smoothing effect. But if I get a proper irritation free shave I instantly going for this one. Leaves the skin feeling smooth, healthy and clean. My skin looks much healthier after a few days use!

  10. Steve Scourou

    I got this balm as part of a shaving gift set my lady made up for me this Christmas.

    As a sufferer of shaving rash due to having stupidly sensitive skin, this balm has given my post shaving routine a new lease of life. As others have already summed up:

    – Incredibly soothing.
    – Removes any trace of a shaving rash.
    – Hydrating, leaving your skin smooth.
    – Great smell.

    I would highly recommend to anyone.

  11. Fredrik Modig

    Have used this for about 6months and I love it.

    It really soothes and calm the skin with an incredible feeling.

    The scent is pleasant and it absorbs perfectly

  12. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    This balm is not only very hydrating but it absorbs quickly into the skin. I also like the fact it is not sticky like some other balms. The inclusion of Witch Hazel, a wet shavers favourite, means it’s a great astrigent too – I find I don’t use my Alum block so much now!

  13. Michael Vitalis

    Incredibly soothing product. It has a ncie creamy consistency, not watery like someother balms, goes on well and soothes any irritation extremely quickly – highly recommended!


    This stuff is Amazing!!! For Someone who suffers Razor burn this not only sooths burn is not sticky and absorbs soo fast. The fact it assists with the thinning of growth is a mere added bonus – Soo Highly recommended.

  15. Preet

    I normally enjoy abit of stubble so I dont shave regular but after trying this stuff I cant wait for stubble to grow so I can take it off and use this straight after! Unbelievable stuff!

  16. Mr T

    Nice subtle smell that is not overpowering. Calm’s down any redness and stops that bleeding fast. Excellent addition to my ever growing collection.

  17. Panos Dionysopoulos

    I have to admit I don’t really like this one. It seems very watery on my face and doesn’t seem to really ‘tighten’ the skin like other aftershaves can do. In fact, I’m not sure it’s doing much of anything. May just be it doesn’t suit my skin, who knows..

  18. Angelo Maiorano

    The After Shave Balm Bluebeards Revenge is not sticky and has a great scent. Certainly the price is attractive but I prefer it to other after-shave balms.

  19. Doigy

    Yet another brilliant product from the guys at Bluebeards..
    A good balm, not harsh, incredibly smooth and smells pretty damn good too..
    highly recommendable

  20. Fraser Jarvis

    Outstanding product, easy to apply, has a nice neutral smell and it instantly soothes the skin. Seems to have some astringent properties too to deal with any little nicks.

  21. Peter Dobbing

    I have been using balm for years and I thought it was the norm to have a slightly sticky face after being applied,but after using this and the bluebeards revenge shaving cream for the first time I’m really impressed,I thought I would have some rash as I have quite sensitive skin,but lo and behold,absolutely nothing. No overpowering smell and a calming effect on the skin as well, as soon as I’ve used up my two small tins of balm(I got one free) I’ll definitely order some more.Highly recommended.

  22. Ian Cryer

    My wife bought me some of this for my birthday and I must say I’m very impressed. Its always very soothing, smells nice, has a cool calming effect on the skin, and dries fairly quickly. When it runs out, I’ll definitely be buying some more.

  23. Stephen Donnellan

    I received the 20ml sample of the Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm and I was taken by just how good this product is. Recently purchasing post shave balms that were significantly more expensive from the likes of eShave, Zirh, Proraso, Geo F Trumper and Clinique then I feel in a privileged position to state that the Bluebeards Revenge wins hands down on providing a moisturising effect that lasts all day and enhances your shave. I also have a significant number of ‘cheaper’ post shave balms that include King of Shaves, Nivea and Bayliss and Harding and not one even comes close.

    The Bluebeards Revenge provides the icing on the cake to a shave and the only doubt would be the claim of reducing beard growth – it’s a step too far in my experience. However, you must, you’ve got to, you have to try this balm and you will not be disappointed! If in doubt of my review then get the sample pack as a tester and use the tin to throw in your travel wash bag – once tested, then you will be purchasing the full size pot.

    Overall, this balm is truly amazing and beats all that the top end skin care product manufacturers can throw at it – just do it as you will not be disappointed!

  24. Graham Farr

    I like this a lot, it has a great Witch Hazel smell, which we all know is good for healing skin right..?
    I’m looking forward to trying the shaving cream now.

  25. P Ward

    I purchased this full size shaving balm with my Bluebeards Revenge Simitar safety razor (Fabulous) and I have to say it just compliments it. I first tried the 20ml sample size I got as a FREE gift with my order (Very Generous) and decided before I had even finished the pot that I would buy the 100ml tub. Great manley smell, reminds me of the good old days when my dad would shave. It felt great when applied and didnt leave a greasy finish and also dried nicely. I would recomend this product to anyone.

  26. Neil Jary

    tried this for the first time after my shave last night!
    Very impressed!
    you don’t need as much as some other after shave balms: I usually use a Nivea product and find that after shaving and using an alum block; the moisturiser simply dries almost instantly upon contact with the residue alum. However with the Bluebeards Balm things were utterly different; applying about half of what I would normally used it went on clean and smooth and provided a lovely smelling; cooling balm to my face. This morning my skin still smells good and feels softer and smoother than it would have normally with the nivea balm!
    great product!!

  27. Mr D

    Yes it stings, but only a little. It absorbs into the skin quite quickly and I would prefer it to keep my skin moisturized for a little longer however the Which Hazel combi with Aloe Vera is what makes this product great. The smell is nice and calming too so this one has earned a solid spot as part of my post shave routine. Nice one!

  28. KMerv

    Nice smell, easy to apply, but leaves my skin very dry and tight. Can’t recommend.

  29. Ed Donkersley

    I’m new to wet shaving having finally given up on cartridge razors, I recieved a free sample of this product when I bought the bluebeards shaving cream both have a wonderful fresh yet classic smell, I’ve only ever tried supermarket aftershave balks and never really thought much if them but this product goes onto the skin well leaving feeling moisturised, it also seemed to help stop those little bleeds whilst I’ve been getting used to my safety razor and since using this product I’ve said goodbye to razor burn. I enjoyed this product so much I bought the full size straight away.

  30. Steve Sinclair

    As I do two shaves with the Bluebeards Revenge D/E Razor on my face, then shave my head, the Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm is a fantastic product to use after an excellent close shave. A great feel and smell to it and you only need a small amount of it to cover your face. Takes away razor burn, then your face is ready for the Bluebeards Revenge After Shave.

  31. Brendan Coll

    I’ve used a few post shave balms recently but the bluebeards revenge post shave balm is by far the best. I’m not overly fond of the smell of it but the feeling when applied and the results it leaves on the skin aren’t matched. Great product and the tub will last a long while.

  32. Garry

    I’d used Lab Series aftershave balm for years but decided to try this following the good reviews it had. For me it’s nowhere near as good as Lab Series, it feels too watery, almost like a paste. I also found it needed several applications to get any benefit.

  33. Allan Mackay

    I really love the smell of this product and it feels nice on the skin, however I feel that I have to use a great deal to obtain any benefit. At this rate i’ll be going through a full jar a month.

  34. Ola

    I didn’t like the smell and it wasn’t as soothing as i hoped. It actually leaved my skin quite dry and with some razor burns. I would recommend the Proraso Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin instead.

  35. WARDIE

    Review Update. Iv’e been using bluebeards revenge after shave balm now for a while, I originally got some of this as the free gift when I was ordering other products. On the strength of the sample I got a full size tin. When I opened it, it was fine however after 4-5 weeks I noticed that the lovely old fashioned smell started to change, and not for the better, It also started to sting when applied but only for about 1 minute then it settled down, I found this a little bit of a let down. I will give this product another try on the strength of the original sample, and hopefully it was just a bad batch and I will get a better one next time.

  36. Richard Barnes

    I was sceptical at how good this may be. I was wrong! This really does help my face after my shaves. I always used Aloe Vera which is so pure and good for skin that I thought the Bluebeards could not get close to it. Wrong! This post shave balm is so good at calming and getting my skin back to feeling its best after any of my DE shaves. This is now my favourite post shave balm I have ever used. Highly recommended and “does what it says on the tin”

  37. James Lewis

    This stuff is a delight. Excellent moisturisation and care after shaving. Fresh cool fragrance, and sinks into face quickly too. It’s got a translucent jelly like look and feel and cools and soothes incredibly rapidly. Light years head of my previous branded balm. I’m never going to back to that. This stuff trounces the competition in every way. Love it.

  38. David Lockie

    This balm is different to previous ones I have used. My all time favourite is the Nivea balm that comes in that milky white bottle. I have been using that for years so I thought I’d give this one a try.
    Consistency feels nice. Feels very water based. Application to the face is no problems and it absorbs and relieves burn almost instantly.
    I like the smell of this product, It has a whiff of Witch Hazel but nothing too offensive, overall a manly crisp smell. Faint but that is all I need.
    I will probably buy this again.

  39. Bob Stanley

    A great product. Have previously used Gillette products but this balm wins hands down. Non greasy and seems to stop those little nicks bleeding. Have now reordered. Smells great according to the wife.

  40. Adam Ford

    I have been using the Bluebeard aftershave balm for a few months now, and really pleased with it in my shaving routine. The Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera refreshes my skin after a shave and leaves it feeling soft and very smooth.

  41. Robert Mcclurg

    FANTASTIC! Received a sample of this, when i first started DE shaving. I have always had skin irritation after shaving even when using cartridge razors, and as a result have tried many of the shelf post shave balms but this stuff is in a different league, nice fresh scent, goes on easy but best of all it soothes irritation and keeps my skin feeling fresh all day.

  42. Tobias Robinson

    Nice smell and quickly absorbed this achieves all the marketing hype for me.

    Cooled and calmed my skin and prevented any burn or rash

  43. Damien White

    This stuff is fantastic. It cools amazingly after a shave and smells great. Give it a try, you won’t buy be disappointed.

  44. Nicholas Clutten

    Received this as part of a gift set. This is truly awesome will definitely buy again, and again.

  45. Fiona Kierans

    For years I have used Nivea Aftershave Balm as it worked very well for me and was the best of other brands that I tried, or so I thought until I was given a jar of this balm as a present. The first thing i noticed upon using it is that it has a lot of moisture in it. Its composition is more of a jelly like substance than cream, secondly it absorbs really fast into the skin leaving no residue and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Again like other Bluebeards Revenge products, a little goes a long way. All i can say is bye bye Nivea.

  46. Ravi

    Simply a must have product…no other aftershave balm comes close.
    I found the appearance surprising, more like hair gel than skin cream. But a little goes a long way. It absorbs immediately into the skin and has a sensational restoring effect. It leaves my skin feeling and looking great. The scent is pleasant and discrete.
    Everyone needs a pot of this!

  47. Christopher Winspear

    Best post shave balm ever, smells lovely, is non greasy and light when soaked in. Like the shaving cream it has a very masculine, citrus smell, I would describe it as smelling like a very expensive luxurious product……which is it…but not expensive.

    Kills razor burn every single time. Bang for buck…..nothing can beat it in my book.

  48. Tony L

    I’ve used this a couple of times and overall it’s a nice product and compliments the shaving cream. However, my skin is quite sensitive and at times when my skin is extremely sensitive, I’ve found it did lack substance, but all other times it protects well.

  49. Mark Pereira

    I’d have a bath in the stuff if I could get a tub big enough…

    …great stuff!

  50. Ben Laidler

    A really nice post shave balm. It is quickly becoming my go to shave balm over the others I own.

    Applied directly to a damp face post shave it isn’t sticky and massages nicely into the skin. You only need a small amount so the tin should last a while.

    On the skin it gives a nice cooling sensation and has a subtle fragrance which is really quite good. It certainly does help reduce irritation/redness and razor burn but don’t let anyone make you believe it’s an all out cure. Nothing totally resolves a crap shave!

    Overall, a super post shave balm and one I shall definitely be purchasing again.

  51. Mr Simon Ghent

    Lovely – great way to finish your shave, really soothing and cooling.

  52. Mr Tom Hennessey

    This is a great post shave balm not only does it have a great scent it also leaves your skin tingling and hydrated.

  53. Mr Joe Turner

    Being new to DE shaving, I did a lot of research and found that everyone was very complimentary of the entire ‘The Bluebeards Revenge’ range so I went all in and purchased everything required!

    The Post Shave Balm is a perfect finish to a great shave. It has a pleasant smell, and a gives a refreshing feel to the skin, while stopping any drying out or tightening. I use it everyday and find that my skin is soft and protected all day. It also doesn’t cause any discomfort when applying which is a bonus.

  54. Paul Renwick

    After buying a sample I purchased the 100ml and I have to say that it is very soothing and has a very pleasant scent. As someone who has only used Nivea for men I must say that I won’t be going back

  55. Mr Ross Alcock

    This is cooling and refreshing when first applied. Bought the large tub after being given the sample tub as a free gift on a previous order. Do find that if you use to much it dries the skin a little but the condition of the skin has improved since I started using it. Can stink when first applied especially if you have nicked yourself but does seem to stop the bleeding quickly. Would recommend and have found apply to slightly damp face stoops the drying experience

  56. Mr Mika Vesasto

    Soothing product with great smell. I love it and 100ml lasts forever.

  57. Mr Peter Rycroft

    Excellent product absorbs well leaves your skin refreshed

  58. Sam P

    My skin has never looked/felt better. This balm has a beautiful cooling ‘menthol’ feel. It spreads over the skin well and absorbs in quickly – no sticky residue or greasiness.
    Any irritation I might be feeling after a bad shave is soothed and usually doesn’t even look red anymore. Great for any teeny tiny nicks that are too small for the styptic pencil – stings for a few seconds then all good.

    I usually like to try other products before settling on a regular, but I think I hit the jackpot with this one – I can’t see myself swapping.

  59. Mr Alan Haydon Cooper

    I use after every shave a my face feels great. Not greasy and you just need a small among. Worth every penny. Love the Bluebeards range very much. It’s now my regular routine and scent. The Missus loves it too.

  60. Mr Daniel Ericsson

    This stuff is great after shaving, very calming and makes the skin feel great. I usually prefer splashes and this feels like something in between a splash and a balm. Highly recommended.

  61. Mr Jason Spinney

    Very light. Very soothing. Easily absorbed. Non-greasy. A little goes a long way. What’s not to like?

  62. Mr Richard Williams

    Newbie to proper shaving Iv only ever had Gillette. Had a razor rash appear on my neck after shaving and put this on I got as a free gift and was sceptical weather it would work hunted all over the Internet on how to get rid of it and checked mirror few hours later and the red rash was gone. I prefer it now over the Nivea sensitive post shave balm in the white bottle. Iv tried lots of different ones and always returned to Nivea despite it being good value but a slimy and sticky affair. The bluebeards revenge is more like a gel is absorbed by the skin easily smells nice removes rash quickly. The perfect post shave

  63. Mr Alex Hargreaves

    Until I became better practiced with my grandfather’s old DE razor my post shave ritual was the liberal application of an Alum Block or Proraso Repair Gel which whilst mending my cuts was drying and left my skin tight. Through gradual conversion to BR’s products I know use this balm and am thoroughly impressed. My skin is soothed, soft and looks amazing. For the price this is wonderful as a little goes far meaning it’ll be a while before I re-order….but I certainly will once that comes around.

  64. Mr carl chatwin

    What more needs to be said about The BlueBeards Revenge products. I have tried other brands but have shelved them time and time again in favour of of BlueBeards Revenge. It smell great, feels great and worth every penny.

  65. Mr Robert Harris

    Just started shaving properly with a DE razor and I saw Bluebirds Revenge post shave barman had good reviews. So I gave it a go best decision I made. It has an awesome smell, it rubs in really nice. I had a bit of razor burn and this has taken it away totally leaving g my skin feeling soft and smooth. Highly recommended

  66. Mr michael archer

    After shaving a very small dab on each hand rub together and apply to face this is the best I have used and it’s very good to know it contains alow Vera &which hazel great service from the shaving shack

  67. Mr Michael Outen

    This is a very good and soothing post shave balm. It has a strong scent that is not overpowering and a little goes a long way.

  68. John D

    Great stuff. Not greasy at all and just gives you a nice cooling finish.

    My skin is sensitive and I find many balms either irritants or too greasy but No problems with this product.

  69. Mr James Hitchings

    Having tried a number of other products, I love this one and will be buying more. It does sting a little. The scent is very subtle and it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin after application. Great stuff

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