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Cyril Salter Styptic Pencil


Say goodbye to bits of tissue stuck to your face!

(12 customer reviews)

Say goodbye to bits of tissue stuck to your face!

A worthy alternative to the alum block, this styptic pencil will help stop the flow of blood from shaving cuts.


12 reviews for Cyril Salter Styptic Pencil

  1. Glenn Bautista

    Like a nurse on a stick (only not prettier). A great addition to your armoury of shaving gear. Little sting but stops the bleeding fast! Would recommend to all and it’s and compact, easily fits in my Merkur case.

  2. Fraser Wilson

    Ever fancied being Wolverine of out the X-men?
    Well know you can, sort of…
    A styptic pencil should be mandatory for the purchase of any razor as inevitably no matter how skilled you are. You will cut yourself at some point. Now if you use a cut throat like me and you slip, the bathroom soon becomes the scene from reservoir dogs.
    But alas using a a wetted cotton bud rubbed into the styptic pencil the bleeding stops almost on contact with the cut. I’ll grant you that it stings like a bitch but it works. Its also very handy in the first aid kit. 🙂

  3. John Emerson

    Was a bit skeptical that this would work, but work it does, very well actually. Well worth the money.

  4. Matthew Shayler

    Got one of these with A shavette starter set, very usefully for starting up its stops the bleeding instantly just stings a little. It has also come in very useful with my DE razor when sampling blades, took a while to get the right blades especially for an awkward part on my neck which I kept nicking slightly. A must have for starting up.

  5. James

    Only used once. I use an alum block everytime after shaving although once knicked myself so decided to try this. It left a lot of residue and think an alum block would work just as well.

  6. Daniel W

    Never heard of things like this before, so i bought one when starting DE shaving. When i nicked myself i dabbed in water and dabbed in on my wet face as instructed from videos i watched and it stings a bit but does a great job of stopping bleeding. Definitely recommend one of these for your shaving arsenal.

  7. Janne Taanila

    I had never heard of styptic pencil before I found one from this website. After my first cut I was amazed how fast it stop blood from flowing. Great product, even though I hope I don’t have to use it so often in the future.

  8. IAC

    Having never used one of these before, or even that such a thing existed I was a bit dubious. It arrived, I tried it and initially wasn’t impressed. After some to work best after initially getting wet and being left a while. Second time I nicked myself I tried again. Instantly the bleeding stopped. It stung for a few seconds but no more than applying aftershave. I recommend this, its cheap, its fast, it works!

  9. Chris Silverton

    Very useful item this is, stings like crazy but stops any little nicks from bleeding so you don’t leave the house looking like you’ve been through a wood chipper! The only comment I would make is that the item I received was not Cyril R. salter branded item, but a Shaving Shack branded item. This doesn’t change how it works, just a little dissapointed to receive an ‘own brand’ product instead of a branded one that was advertised.

  10. Mr Nick Polwin

    This is a must have item if you’re new to wet shaving, even the hardened pro’s still get the odd nik, especially at stupid O’clock in the morning when half asleep.

    Although it stings when using all you need is just a little rub over the affected area and it’s almost instantaneous stopping any bleeding. Definitely a better look than going to the office with loo roll stuck on your face.

  11. Steve

    Stops Bleeding In Seconds Great, highly recommended, if like me and loads of other men of course, that nick themselves on a day to day account.
    I would buy this again.
    Thanks Shaving-Shack

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