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The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Straight Razor (Uses Replaceable Blades)


Cut throat shave the Bluebeards way with this replaceable blade razor!

(46 customer reviews)

Cut-throat shave the Bluebeards way with this replaceable blade straight razor!

This razor is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don’t have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave!

Comes in plastic slip case. Features distinctive The Bluebeards Revenge logo on the handle and the metal blade holder is laser etched with the Bluebeards skull!

Length is 22cm fully open.

Note: This will take standard double-edged razor blades. Simply snap a double-edge blade in half (lengthways). – click here for the blade replacement guide (PDF)

For guidelines on how to shave with this type of razor please see our “How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor” section of our FAQ, remembering that you won’t need to strop or hone!


46 reviews for The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Straight Razor (Uses Replaceable Blades)

  1. Anonymous

    No wonder this has won awards,light and easy to use and at a great price, A bit tricky to put the blades in at first but after a couple of goes your fine.Well made and works well with most blades, i use the derby. spot on!

  2. Ross Unsworth

    Like many of the other reviewers for this product I brought this shavette as an introduction to ‘cut throat’ style shaving. The stainless steel componentry is good and the locking mechanism for the half razor blade is very secure and relatively easy to operate. I am slightly disappointed in the finish on the plastic handle, which less than perfect. However, this does not detract from the good performance of the tool. And for less an a tenner one or two cosmetic imperfections aren’t a problem. When I first started using this shavette I deliberately loaded it with a feather blade that had been used in my DE razor a few times before. This really took the aggressiveness away from the edge and gave me much more confidence. Had to be very careful none the less.

  3. boristheblade

    absolutely top notch! a doddle to use and a pleasure to use, first time I used it I all I did was wished I’d bought one sooner! definately worth GBP10

  4. Mr Murray Barnett

    I have wanted a cut throat razor for a long time now but as I had a bread (through being lazy and not wanting to shave) I wasn’t sure about spending the money on a real cut throat so I decided to try one of these first!

    Because I work around knifes all day I was worried with the price that it would not be well balanced and also feel cheap/light! But when I held it it was almost perfect in the balance and had the right amount of weight to it! I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to working with knifes but I found this really easy to use and haven’t cut my self yet!

    If you are thinking about getting into this type of shaving I would spend the GBP10 to get this one 1st and see if you like it before you spend the money on anything else it will be GBP10 worth spent and it could always be a travel razor!
    And As everyone says on here the service was unbeatable!

  5. Manish Ghelabhai

    Got this razor as an intro to open razor shaving. Well what can I say, it has been superb. I used it for the firt time this morning and didnt hack my face to bits (its alot easier than you think). I didnt get as close a shave as i wanted but i guess this will come with time and practice.
    As a first open razor you cant fault it. I think I might be getting a dovo in about 6 months or so. Im hooked on open razors now!!!

  6. Ed Neville

    I’d never used this type of razor before, but I bought it mostly so I could say “Arrgh!” before my morning shave. Since buying it I’ve used it four times this week (it arrived Monday). It wasn’t as tough to get used to. This morning I’ve surprised myself and managed to shave with my less dominant hand on the less dominant side of my face.

    It’s extremely refreshing and far more exciting than a cartridge razor – every real man should have one!

  7. Glen

    bought as a cheap introduction to straight razors and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much but it has been blinding. It feels well balanced and is very easy to use so much so that I have all but stopped using my cartidge razor.

  8. Christopher Dawson

    Attention for all newbies like me….Get this! I was so excited when it came I had to shave with it that night, no way was I waiting until the next morning!
    Being new I was quite nervous I was going to ruin my face but thankfully I didnt and all thanks to The Bluebeard Revenge Shavette, easy to handle, great weight to it and a nice comfortable grip.
    I want to become good at straight shaving to warrent getting a proper straight razor but I do know that I will always keep this shavette! Brilliant product a must buy for newbies and oldies!

  9. Samuel Tripp

    I purchased my shavette about 2 weeks ago to introduced myself to to world of straight shaving. It has so far proven to be value for money. A closer shave than my old overpriced cartridge razors. At such a great price you should be asking yourself why you have not brought one yet.

  10. Hannu Kristian Tarvainen

    I have introduced myself to traditional straight razors as well as the fairly expensive Feather Artist Club replaceable blade razors prior to trying out my Bluebeard`s Revenge straight razor and I have to say something that might sound a bit surprising to most you guys out there: The Bluebeard`s Revenge is by far the cheapest version of the noble thing, but, that regardless, the best of them all! Especially if you have a beard to shape and trim. No wonder so many professional barbers use it. Highly recommended.

  11. John Emerson

    The same as everyone else I also bought this as a first straight razor. Takes a bit of practice, but as i’m bleeding less with each shave must be getting used to it.
    Product feels well put together and is great value for money. Any problems have been purely down to operator error.

  12. Steven Wallace

    I bought this straight razor a few weeks ago and have been totally satisfied with it. it is so simple to use and look after and changing the blade is a doddle. after spending so much on safety razors I could kick myself for not trying this sooner. BARGAIN.

  13. Ian Caruana

    Had this a week and absolutely love it! I got it as an introduction to this kind of shaving from only trimming my beard for the last couple of years due to very sensitive skin. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be and this shaver is quite solid and sturdy for the relatively cheap price!

  14. Neil Robinson

    I bought this as a tester into the world of straight razors, and I have to say so far I’m impressed. It’s not been the bloodbath I was expecting! In fact, and I realise I’m tempting fate here, I haven’t cut or nicked myself with it yet. Just keep the blade angle shallow to begin with and take your time. A tenner well spent, and bonus points for the piratey logo.

  15. Robert Grey

    I bought this a few weeks ago, it’s my first straight razor as I have always wanted to try one, I am really happy with it. I was suprised at how easy it was, I was expecting alot more cuts and the ones I have had are just from me getting used to it. It’s really well put together and I would recommend anyone to buy one to try out. Money well spent

  16. Charlie Gould

    I’ve never once before used a Straight Razor to shave, but has used other conventional means, wet razor, electric, and so on an so forth, but I came to the conclusion to try something new, and decided upon this.
    It is an extremely good Straight Razor, and at a very affordable price, and the blades themselves are not only easily located but very easily installed into this razor.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that with this price and the availability of all equipment it is something that I am extremely happy with, and will continue to use in the future.

  17. Karl Cushway

    I got this shortly after I bought my DE razor to see which I prefer. This shavette is a good price to learn how to shave with a straight edge razor and the quality is excellent that I could see it lasting a few years. Would recommend this product to someone who wants to learn how to SE shave and wants a cheap alternative to the more expensive SE razors

  18. Miika

    I have had a long beard for last 3-5 years, so I have forgot how to shave. Also this was my first contact to straight razors. But even from these starting points shaving with this shavette was painless. I haven’t got a single nick and no skin irritation.

    I don’t know if this razor is better or worse than others, but in any case this a great product!

  19. A John

    Loving this straight razor from shaving shack. Works a treat with a feather blade 😀

  20. Andrew Sanaev

    As a lot of people here I bought it as the first straight razor and after the first shave (by the way I didn’t even cut myself) I threw out my old cartridge razor and now I only use this one. Although it takes much time to shave, anyway I enjoy it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  21. Luka Murn

    Used this as my first shavette after using a safety razor. the handle is light, so you can hold it in your hand firmly and safely.
    looks good and i have found that the instruction manual was funny and innovative (Spoiler: especially the not for girls part)
    the downside was that the blade changing mechanism is really tight and hard to open, but is a really close and safe fit once you got that open.

  22. Jonathan Parfitt

    Bought the Bluebeards Revenge Shavette as a first (budget) straight razor, and have been very impressed. Unlike some reviewers, I did nick myself a few times, but these were small clean cuts- nothing like as annoying as normal shaving rash, and stopped bleeding straight away. The razor seems very well made, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to try a straight razor- Bluebeards and Bumfluffs alike!

  23. Graeme Carlyle

    After Shaving for around one year with a DE razor, I decided to take the plunge and move on to a Shavette. After shopping around for the best deal on quality and price I chose this razor. Definitely the right choice. The blade is held securely in the clasp and is easy to replace using the same blades I had for my DE. Great value for money and a solid beginner razor.

  24. Carl Johnson

    Great shaver. Light weight. Comfortable to hold for shaving the whole face and easy to use as I also use a straight razor. Only downside is I found the swing mechanism to be a little loose so have watch you hold onto it while shaving and don’t accidentally close fingers inside (I haven’t done any of these things yet). Otherwise worth the money and definitely worth having for a quick close shave or trimming up the hard to reach places. I got mine as a free gift for making a large order 😀

  25. Aidan Yeomans

    I bought this razor to practice cut throat shaves to further my career as a barber, it’s extremely easy to use and change the blades, it is by far the closest shave I’ve had. I also use it for the hairs on the back of the neck. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

  26. Neil

    A lightweight and cheap shavette which makes for an inexpensive foray into the straight razor shaving arena.

    I absolutely love mine now after 15 or so shaves. Takes a while to understand how to use one well but after this first step, I am really looking forward to one day having a proper straight razor with strop and other accessories 🙂

    If you want to try a straight razor and are afraid of the price, this shavette is one of the best places to start.

  27. Angelo Maiorano

    Great razor. Perfect face, flowing light and precise. User friendly. Leave a good shave against the grain without

  28. Karl

    You wont get dissapointed! Cheap and easy to use, easy to change the blades as well.

  29. Mr Simon Ghent

    A great introduction to using a cut-throat! Surprisingly easy to use and a lot of fun (yeah, really!).

    I’ve even managed to use my left hand to shave the left hand side of my face.

    Definitely recommended.

  30. Ian M

    Haven’t bothered using this as I have large hands and it is simply too small to be able to hold comfortably and get it properly close to my face. Looks very tinny too.

  31. Duncan

    Got this razor as a start to cut throat shaving. Great product only got a couple of little nicks the first time I used it! It’s got a nice weight to it, although it was lighter than I thought it should feel but none-the-less gave a great shave. Possibly the smoothest and closest shave I’ve ever had and there was no razor burn that I used to get with cartridge razors! Great product and great service!

  32. Mr Matthew machin

    I can’t really say anything that hasn’t already been said, I’m a newbie like many others and I hit the ground running with this razor! I’d recommend it with a feather blade, works a treat
    Can’t recommend enough

  33. Jamie Jones

    Amazing little shavette.

  34. Mr Jacky Tang

    Very nice piece of kit. Easy to put the blade in and hold very well, no play in the blade at all. The cutting angle was also easy to find and offers a mild shave, similar feel to my 38c safety razor. The design of the shavette is also very nice with the logo etched into the tang and the slip case included is a nice touch. Overall very happy and great for a beginner.

  35. Mr Ross Alcock

    Bought this as a trial to see what shaving with an open blade was like. Was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the feel of the razor. It is well finished and the blade holder is tight and secure holding the blade firmly in place with little effort. The Razor is well balanced and feels nice in the hand with the plastic scales well finished. The only down side is the edges of the razor are straight from the laser cutter and unfinished, this does mean that the razor does not slip in fingers, even wet ones but with attention to detail being paid to everything else this does som what let it down but does not effect its performance. Would strongly recommend as a good entry level razor.

  36. Mr Daniel Sidey

    Bought two DE safety razors and good as their word The Shaving Shack threw in the Shavette for free. When I opened the box the Safety razors looked beautiful but I could not resist going for the Shavette first! First time with a shavette and got around the whole face with only three little nicks at the end when I was getting too confident and not concentrating! Great! By the way, it’s great to have a company like this in Plymouth, the city centre shops are a bit boring. Great job guys.

  37. Mr Peter Jackson

    Great product.
    I actually got this as a ‘freebie’ with other products. It is solidly built, holds the blade well (I should have added blades to the initial order – fortunately I have a friendly barber) It is great for getting that ‘lazer cut’ edge to sideburns and provides a good shave. Glad I got one

  38. Mr Nick Sorrell

    I originally had no plans to purchase this, however, when it came up as a free gift option on my order, I simply couldn’t resist. I had never used a straight of any description, so this was virgin territory. I find it comfortable to hold, and a nice weight that feels balanced in my awkward arthritic hands. The blade holder is nice and tight which leaves me confident of no slip or unpleasant happenings. With the choice in shavette world, there are many perceived upgrades…I don’t actually feel that there is a need to upgrade, this is a quality product that punches above it’s price bracket, make no mistake.

  39. Mark Pereira

    Been DE shaving for over a year – got this about the time I started but not used it until a few weeks ago when I properly started with straights. Nicely made and comfortable to wield, lighter than a proper straight of course, but not difficult to adjust, and feels balanced.

    Steeper learning curve than a proper straight – got bitten a few times – but a decent and recommended shavette.

  40. Mr Thomas Brooker

    I originally bought this product on a whim and must say I’m so pleased with it I use it everyday with the joy of feeling like a real man.

  41. Mr Steven Sutton

    I got this with my first order and I thought that it would be good to try. to be honest I did have a little trouble getting used to it, how to old it and angels right. But I managed it and found it to give a very good close shave. loading the blade was easy and the it is well made. give it a try and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

  42. Mr Matthew Stevens

    There is a definite learning curve with this razor which is harder than the DE razor I also own. However, after a bit of practice I can now get a closer shave with this than can with my Merkur 34hd. I’ve given it 4 stars just because they are harder to use, and each shave does take longer than a safety razor, but, there’s no denying it is an incredible cheap and effective way to shave.

  43. Mr matthias gertheis

    First a comment on Shaving Shack. I ordered Friday and the parcel arrived next day. Great service and easy to navigate website. To the product itself. Being my first straight razor I was impressed. The razor feels the right weight and the finish is immaculate. The blades are very easy to replace and with ten free blades you will go a long way. Having had my first shave (no cuts) I felt comfortable to handle the razor and found the shave easy going. a great help were the advise found on this website. I be definitely be returning to buy more products. Its straight 5 stars from me.

  44. Mr Jonathan Page

    Great starting shavette, build quality could be better and a bit fiddly replacing blade but a real bargain

  45. Mr Nigel Tandy

    Got this as a free gift with my purchase. The original order had a bit of a glitch, but I have to thank Dan for the excellent customer service that I received. I have never used a cut-throat before, and am still learning. It shaves well, but I will stick to the Merkur 23c and use this for “attacking” the bit under my nose, which the Merkur doesn’t quite cut it! I*t is a great idea to offer this as a gift, it provides a good introduction to cut-throat shaving.

  46. Mr Alex Kemp (verified owner)

    Similar to other reviewers this was a free item for meeting a minimum spend on an order and I chose it because it looked like the more colourful and premium option however the plastic blue part doesn’t have a reassuring texture or weight so in retrospect I should have selected one of the stainless steel ones which I then got free on my next order. I then used my points to get another stainless steel one.

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