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Alum Matches (Book of 20)


The portable men’s skincare treatment for shaving nicks, razor burn and skin irritation!

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The portable men’s skincare treatment for shaving nicks, razor burn and skin irritation!

The alum block has been a firm favourite at the Shack for years, primarily because it closes shaving nicks and cuts without the need to resort to tissue! However, it does have other uses such as being a natural ant-perspirant, an after-shave product and helping to dry out spots. These handy alum matches are an ideal alternative to the bigger ‘blocks’ that are hygenic, disposable and ideal for travel. Customers who already have an alum block in their bathroom typically have these as backup styptics in their washbag for when they are travelling.

Usage: Just tear one out, wet the tip and apply directly to the skin, then dispose of the used stick.

Book of 20 matches.

4 reviews for Alum Matches (Book of 20)

  1. Mr David Cunniffe

    Got these as a free gift when I bought a razor. Only used once for a small nick and result was that good. Bleeding slowed down but didn’t completely stop. So I applied a styptic pencil which stop the blood flow immediately.

  2. J Buckmaster

    These are ideal for travelling when you dont have room for a large alum block that takes ages to dry. Efficient, hygienic & best of all cheap!

  3. Mr daniel clark

    Brilliant to take away with you when you don’t want to take your alum block with you. Rip out of the pack, use and dispose. Simple

  4. Mr Matthew Tate shah

    Cheaper than an alum block, easier to apply, more convenient and definitely more hygienic since the singular “matches” are viewed as disposable. What’s not to like?

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