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Cyril Salter Luxury Shaving Cream (Indian Sandalwood 165g)


Feel like a lord with this classic shaving cream!

(18 customer reviews)

Feel like a lord with this classic shaving cream!

Superb Quality Luxury Shaving Cream. Made in England by the well established firm of Cyril R. Salter Gentlemen’s Grooming Products. For use with traditional wet shaving accoutrements. Provides a rich creamy fragranced lather to enable the razor to glide over the skin for a close smooth shave. 165 g / 5.8 oz

Press coverage

Shaving expert praises Indian Sandalwood as a ‘rich and usable lather’

American wet shaving legend Mike Sandoval has described Cyril Salter’s Indian Sandalwood as “a rich and usable lather without having a tendency to get too thin or require an excessive amount of water”. “Cyril R. Salter Indian Sandalwood shaving cream performs amazingly well given that it retails for a fraction of the price,” he said.


18 reviews for Cyril Salter Luxury Shaving Cream (Indian Sandalwood 165g)

  1. Jim

    This is good stuff. I was an oil man myself and a bit wary of creams and soaps but it lathers up really well (even without a brush) and keeps the glide going.

    Smells nice too. It comes in a BIG pot. I’ve had it a month and I’m not halfway down yet.

  2. Mick Rowcliffe.

    Held off from shaving till the cream arrived. (This took the usual two days.) It was well worth the short wait. A beautiful lather, a lovely scent, and the smoothest of shaves. Will be buying again.

  3. Grant Mason

    I cannot rate this cream highly enough; the scent is simply divine and lingers on the skin for hours after shaving. I felt like a lord shaving with this incredibly-lathersome product, and smelled like one afterwards.

    It lubricates the skin beautifully for the shave and makes the whole experience slick, safe, close and an absolute treat.

    One to pamper yourself with.

  4. Brenda Fereday

    Thank you Shaving Shack. I first purchased one of your razors, but found it too heavy and the blades did not shave me, very disheartened I decided to ring you, not expecting any sympathy due the personal nature of the products, instead with surprise was treated with utmost respect was told to send razor back and a lighter one was posted within a couple of days together with a selection of blades. The conclusion is I have a razor which is light to use and excellent razor blades. I have just ordered some more. Thank you for brilliant service, cannot fault you.

  5. Dita Surridge

    My lucky husband got this from me, after he’d had enough of shaving gel & shaving rash… It worked a treat on the rash (he has to shave everyday for work, so his skin takes a fair battering), even whilst he was ‘blade testing’ to find the right razor for himself and smells beautiful (in a rugged manly way)…the perfect product.

  6. Richard Wager

    I ordered it Wed it got delivered Fri and I used it for the 1st time this morning………..Wow the cream is really luxurious, just a small amount and you have a fantastic lather. I will definitely buy this cream again, although it won’t be for a while as you only need a small amount at a time.

  7. Simon Roots

    I tried Taylor of Old Bond Street before buying my first tub of this. The quality of the lather is far superior and the scent is natural and subtle, but still noticeable hours after shaving. The double seal on the tub itself is a very good idea as it keeps the cream like new right up until it’s finished. Excellent product and great price.

  8. Bleach

    Although not exactly Sandalwood to me (more like a spicy cinnamon/ginger mix to me) the quality and richness of the lather with this cream is simply amazing.

  9. Matt Allen

    Being my first proper ‘old school’ cream, it HAD to be Sandalwood!

    First of all, it comes in a very big pot, there’s copious amounts of it and I can see it lasting months. It is quite a thick cream (haven’t compared to many others) but for a noob (me) it took a while to whip it up. Gives a really nice rich lather though.

    As for the scent…. for all those (like me) that were intrigued by Sandalwood having never smelt it before – It smells a bit like Sudocrem! That was disappointing to me at first but whipped up the clinical smell fades off and leaves a nice, clean, spicy masculine scent. Gives a good glide to the razor but dried my skin just a little (no problem though with moisturiser).

  10. Sean Crowcroft

    Brilliant Cream. After using some far inferior gel, I had almost given up on a particular razor (Parker Connaught just out of interest) as I was fed up with nicks’ and skin pull. However after switching creams, I can safely say that the fault was not with the razor, but with the gel I was using, as this cream returned me a brilliant smooth, hassle free shave, even at speed.

  11. Richard Hyland

    Tried this product as cheaper than my usual, but slightly disappointed after having used Truefitt & Hill. Did not seem to last as long and seems a thinner mix than T&H. Nice scent to this product.

  12. Kevin Salter

    Purchased this cracking cream along with the DE starter kit. Beautiful, masculine scent that takes you back to when a Gentleman took pride in his appearance. Lathers to a luscious texture that is just crying out for the perfect shave. 5 stars!!

  13. Dan at The Shaving Shack

    Having tried both Taylor and Vulfix Sandalwood creams, I can say that this is up there with them. Fantastic sandalwood scent with a top quality, rich lather.


    I have just had a truly rewarding shave with this wonderful shaving cream. You just need an almond size amount with this stuff and your shaving brush will explode with copious amounts of fluffy white lather. The lather produced was very slick making my DE razor glide effortlessly. The scent of this cream is great and it should be, as real sandal wood oil is part of its ingredients. Also the scent lingers for quite a while, much to my girlfriend’s delight who described it as “very sexy”. I wonder if I can get hold of some aftershave to accompany this shaving cream?

  15. Mr Chris Peel

    This takes a bit of knocking up and I occasionally find a small lump of the cream that hasn’t been turned into a lather. Not a problem of the product more likely my poor technique. However once it is lathered up and splodged on the face I cannot fault it. Great smell. Great smooth action under my single feather bladed shavette. Rarely any rash. All in all a quality product which will be purchased again when this huge tub is finally empty. Luxury.

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