Why would I want to change my shaving habits?

Due to the increasing popularity of double-edged razor shaving, many people who know little about this product are now curious as to why this is proving to be so “in demand”. The question this poses to these guys is: why would I want to change my shaving habits?

It is easy to get set in your ways when shaving or undertaking any other regular task. If you have been using an electric razor or Mach 3 blade for what seems like forever, you would be entitled to wonder why you should make a change now. In a previous article we looked at the cost factor which, while very important, is not the only reason to make the switch.

A Merkur is to razors as a Ferrari is to cars! (But without the cost)

For starters, double-edged shaving can be a luxurious process. Affordable it certainly is, but the sheer pleasure you get from your daily routine is unsurpassed, especially when you consider the chore it is to shave at present.

A number of men have simply had enough of the expensive multi-bladed systems and have decided to make the bold change themselves. Word of mouth certainly plays a part as guys tend to discuss these things when they are on holiday together or have just discovered something new and interesting.

You may be used to wet shaving already (Mach 3 users) or have a tried and trusted electric razor and so need an incentive other than money to alter your morning routine. Well, as you start to take the time to perfect your technique with a double-edged blade, you start to understand what all the fuss is about. You not only get a closer, smoother shave, but also start to enjoy the experience.

Super yacht.
Double edge shaving offers affordable luxury (unlike this yacht!!!!)

The double-edged razor is becoming extremely popular again as the modern man starts to consider the way the older generation used to shave. Once people get hooked, these retro shaving products allow them to experiment with all the creams, soaps and brushes etc. which are also available. The accessories just serve to make this daily task even more pleasurable.

luxury 5-star hotel
Double edge shaving offers 5-star luxury without having to leave the bathroom!!

Although double edge shaving is synonymous with luxury, amazingly it is inexpensive to get started. Once the initial kit has been acquired not only will you experience a better way of shaving, but you will save money too! With blades costing pennies and luxury creams that last months there is no reason not to indulge in this affordable luxury.

So, why not give it a try, break your old habits and brave this new world of traditional and luxurious shaving products; you never know, in time, you may even come to look forward to it!

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