Double Edge Shaving vs Mach 3


Why are so many people switching from Mach 3? The cost, the affordable luxury and of course the sheer pleasure.

Recently there has been a huge demand for double edge shaving as people increasingly turn away from expensive multi-bladed systems and start to enjoy the daily chore that most men face each morning.

You will save money. As the following example shows, you will actually save money in the longer term. Not bad during a recession, saving money and enjoying luxury every day!


Based on an average use of one Mach3 cartridge / two double edged razor blades a week


Typical cost for twelve cartridges is £11.99 – (£11.99 divided by 12 weeks of shaving x 52 weeks a year = £51.96 for a year’s worth of Mach3 cartridges.)


At the Shaving Shack, we do 30 blades for £5.99 (15 weeks shaving at two blades a week). So: £5.99 divided by 15 weeks of shaving x 52 weeks a year = £20.76 for a year’s worth of double edged razor blades.

That’s a saving of around £31 a year and less than half the cost of shaving with Mach3s.

Merkur 570 Chrome Progress Safety Razor
Merkur 570 Chrome Progress Safety Razor

In the first year the saving is more than enough to cover the investment of a double edge razor.

OK, I’m interested! What kit do I need? These are the basics:

Double Edge Safety Razor – by far the most popular for newbies and veterans alike is the Merkur 34C (£28.99) and the longer handled version, the Merkur 38C (£33.99). As a cheaper alternative I would recommend the latest Parker razors (£20.99)

If you really want to treat yourself to a contemporary looking razor then look no further than the Merkur Futur (£44.99), a fantastic piece of German engineering!

Double Edge Razor Blades – buying one of the razors above will qualify you for our free gift of 10 free double edge blades for spending over £9.99 – that’s about 5 weeks of shaving on average and a great start!

Shaving Cream – for the perfect creamy rich lather forget goop in a can! Try some great quality yet inexpensive Proraso (£5.50) or Omega (£3.95) cream.

For affordable luxury and some great scents, indulge in any of the Taylor of Old Bond Street range (£6.95) offering the best value for money quality you will find today.

Shaving Brush – treat yourself to a badger brush such as our popular Buccaneer (£14.99) or Pure Badger (£15.99) brush which is used to apply the lather.

Again, for something a little bit special try the GB Kent badger brushes (from £27.99) or the ultra luxurious Simpsons range (from £64.99).

So, by investing a total of less than £40 based on the recommended products above you can experience this wonderful world of luxurious shaving and make savings year on year!

Lastly, don’t forget our Shave Points Rewards Program which rewards regular shoppers. Example, spend £60 on products and get 60 Shave Points. 15 Shave Points can be redeemed for £1 so the above example would give you the equivalent of £4 off your next order.

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