Ask Aaron Q/A: Do I need to upgrade to a more aggressive DE safety razor

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Aaron is asked a question about the need to upgrade to a more aggressive double edge safety razor

Nigel Head, from the UK, asks:

“Hi, I’d been using a double edged safety razor off and on for a few years (one of the plastic Wilkinson sword ones out of boot) but seriously got into shaving a couple of months ago. I bought a Parker 22r interceptor razor and have been happy with it. I’ve found using this with shark blades to be comfortable and lets me shave closely everyday with little or no irritation which is something I’ve never been able to do with cartridge razors (not saying my neck would be red but you could probably read in the dark off the glow!!) I am aware that the Parker 22r is seen as a kind of entry level razor and wondered where do I go from there. I’ve tried using a shavette but I don’t think its for me. So would I notice any real difference in a different DE safety razor?”

Merkur Futur 761 Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome Finish
Merkur Futur 761 Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome Finish


Mr. Head,

There is the old addage ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’. If you are getting great shaves from your Parker, unless you want to explore options, it’s a great razor. However, there may be something out there that can provide you with better shaves or be a better match for your skin and hair type! So to look at other razor I recommend looking at an adjustable razor first. The Merkur Futur or Progress razors are fantastic shavers, can adjust the blade gap to suit your needs that day, and have refined finishes and mechanics that are quite exceptional.

If you want to stick with a similar style shave and just upgrade the looks or feel of your razor the Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley is an exceptionally beautiful razor, or the Muhle R89 Rose Gold. Another option would be trying a slant head razor such as the Merkur 37c or an open comb razor which the Muhle R89 Rose gold has this option. Whatever you choose, enjoy it knowing you have a fantastic razor and great shaves ahead!

Smooth Shaving!


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