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Merkur Chrome Progress Safety Razor


Space saving adjustable travel razor!

(32 customer reviews)

Space saving adjustable travel razor

Made by Merkur in Solingen Germany, one of the worlds finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. This fully adjustable 6 way razor is ideal for travelling as it’s small and comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade. The razor is finished in Chrome which, as well as looking rather nice and shiny, has excellent rust resistant properties.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


32 reviews for Merkur Chrome Progress Safety Razor

  1. Tilen P.

    I’m 24YO and lately my beard really started to grow with a manly pace/texture, so my few years old Philips electric shaver just wasn’t cutting it anymore.
    I actually started to look online for a new electric shaver but so i discovered, that wet shaving gives better results. I don’t know how i stumbled on safety razors but boy am i glad i did. The Merkur 570 Progress got great reviews so i gave it a try.
    It gives you a great shave and you don’t have to be afraid of cutting yourself. I’m basically a shaving noob and i don’t have problems shaving with it. I did cut myself a little a few times but that’s because i really wasn’t taking it slow. Before Merkur arrived i bought a Wilkinson sword quattro titanium 4-blade miracle (MACH3 plastic fantastic alike) and was really dissapointed with the result. I also cut myself more with it than with the Merkur (it went straight to the trash along with the extra blade).
    It’s fun to experiment with the settings. I can shave with level 1 but usually i set it from 1.5-2.5, i usually use 1 on the area under the nose/above the lip, otherwise it’s to rough for me.
    I wouldn’t mind the handle being a bit longer.
    The blades are cheap, the shave is great so do i don’t really understand why they don’t sell this in stores?!
    I got 30 free israeli blades with this order. I find them just as good or even better than Merkur platinum blades. Shipping to Slovenia was fast with royal mail and the price 29.99 pounds is awesome, especially with todays pound conversion rate. Cheaper than buying from Germany.

    CONCLUSION: buy it and throw the MACH-3 marvels in the trash can, where they belong!

    Regards from Slovenia.

  2. Rowan Ring

    This is my first toe dip into the world of DE shaving!!! This piece of kit is literally all you will ever need-the adjustability of it makes it so flexible and adaptable to your face/style and level of shaving!
    I ordered on a wednesday and had it arrive at my door on friday and i live in Ireland!! Even irish companies can’t get delivery that fast.
    Dan at the shack really does know his stuff and really does give sound advice.
    In the month I’ve had this razor I’ve already saved 22euro on not having to buy Mach thrGBPGBP blades! Thats pretty much 2/3 of what this cost me!! in two months I’ll practically be saving money 🙂
    If you’re even considering trying DE shaving out-you will not be disappointed with this razor! It looks and feels amazing, never fails to get a conversation from friends when they see you shave with it!

  3. John Evans

    Shaving Shack has asolutely appalling service! I paid GBP37.99 for this razor, a Merkur 570 Progess, but recieved the GBP20.49 Merkur 33C lightweight Classic. And also this is my second order from Shaving Shack and both times they ignored my delivery address and sent my order to a different address -and this despite assurances from the company that the mistake with the first order was a rare one off! Shocking company! Please send what I paid for…and to the correct address. Buyers beware especially if you need a gift at Xmas

    Response from The Shaving Shack: We really are sorry about the mix up with your orders, we do try our best but sometimes make mistakes. I hope you now have your goods.

  4. Mark K

    I’m new to DE Shaving, so here’s my story (Scroll to the bottom for my review).

    I have quite rapid hairgrowth, but frustratingly not enough ‘coverage’ to sport a beard. So for the past couple of years I have switched between packs of 99p disposable razors and an electric shaver with results varying from bloodbath (razors) to ingrowing hairs (lift and cut electric shaver).

    Just recently I have changed jobs and the need for a freshly shaven face has moved near the top of my priorities.

    After a little research I decided to try DE Shaving in the form of a Boots brand razor, shaving cream and brush. (Total less than GBP10).

    Hindsight is a great thing so armed with no technique and a less than adequate lather I proceeded to treat my face to razor burn and a few cuts.

    With my freshly stinging face I trawled the internet again to learn the proper techniques. After allowing my face to recover for a few days, I tried again. After a few weeks, with the same ‘cheap’ combo, I eventually managed to shave without cutting myself.
    However, I was still having problems shaving against the grain on my jawline and read that an adjustable razor would be less aggressive on this area.

    So having learned this old art, I decided to buy myself a ‘proper’ razor and had my heart set on a Merkur Futur. Unfortunately at the time of writing, it seems everyone else wants a Futur and the factory can’t keep up with demand, so I settled on the Progress coupled with a tub of Taylors Sandlewood Shaving Cream.

    The razor is about 2/3rds the length of my Boots branded razor, 3 times as heavy and is very well engineered. I have read reviews on other sites saying the chroming is poor, the metal has sharp edges and the plastic adjuster is tacky. I can confirm that none of this is true with my razor. It really does look and feel like a GBP35 razor should – 10/10 for build quality.

    In the hand it feels good and resting the base on the little finger helps prevent slipping.

    Now for the shave. One word. Hurrah!

    With the razor on its lowest setting, using the Boots brand razors (the packaging looks like the Israeli Blades) and the Boots Shaving cream, I get a close, 3 pass shave without razor burn!

    I’ve yet to try the Taylors cream as I wanted to just compare the razors.

    If you want to venture into DE shaving, take your time and read as much information as you can; it’s very easy to go into this blind and give up with a sore face!

    You needn’t spend the earth on equipment; most of it is learning the proper technique.
    I’m very happy with my purchase, it works for me and service and advice from the Shaving Shack is top notch!

    Smooth Shaving!

  5. Niels Graudal

    I bought this razor a few months ago, having forgot my entire shaving kit at home, and having to be away for a few months, I chose to buy a Merkur 570 to go along with the 34cHD I had at home. The service from the shaving shack was good, I wrote in the comments field that the shipping address was important, because I was not staying at the billing address. I received an email when they send the package saying they had shipped it to the address specified, in my oppinion they have very nice customer service.

    The razor is more substantial than the 34cHD, the blade change is easy and the adjustment is very simple.
    Shortly after starting to use the razor I noticed that one side is cutting a little different than the other. Upon examining the razor head i could see that the blade exposure-gap is not the same on both sides of the head, there’s about 0.7mm difference from one side to the other, and sometimes the blade “slides” or moves so it is also a little of center, if I don’t pay attention when adjusting the blade exposure. I am now used to this un-even blade exposure, and I pay attention when adjusting the razor or changing blades. The razor is more aggressive than the 34HD and in combination with Cyril Salter’s shaving cream, feather blades and the razor set to 3 I have a pleasant and close shave.
    I think that noticing the difference in blade exposure ruined my impression of the razor for a while, because the “crappy tolerances” bothered me, and made me focus less on shaving and more on being upset with the razor.
    This has now passed and I really like it. If you can overcome the potential flaw in the tolerances you will probably love this razor.

  6. N A

    Having already bought and been very happy with the Merkur Futur, I thought I’d try this one. Using the same blades (new as well) it made for an interesting comparison. The Futur is far more comfortable! I might travel with this one, not sure, however I won’t be using it for a daily shave. Where the Futur is smoother than smooth, this is quite draggy for some reason. It’s undoubtedly a well made thing, but doesn’t seem to work as well for me.

  7. Graeme Couttie

    I have a Futur and a 1904 for travelling. Reading review after review about how good the Progress was I decided I would buy one and try it.

    It is smaller than the Futur but carries a nice head weight and the manufacturing finish was very good indeed. I was drawn to the head shape, it looks very clean without the blade retaining pins being visible underneath.

    My first shave was a revelation! It shaved impressively close on setting 2 but without me having to maneuver the bulk of the Futur, especially under the nose it felt effortless!

    Blade replacement/removal is a dream (compared to the push off Futur), unscrew using the plastic handle end cap pull the top and blade off and the reverse to put it all back together again. Very little chance of cut fingers there.

    I have yet to dial this razor in properly and find my most confortable setting but my first experiences have all been positive. I cannot find fault at all!

  8. Ivan Cousins

    just got my merkur progress in the post (super quick delivery from shavingshack) loaded it up with a derby extra lathered up and away i went…excellent smooth shave although i did have to adjust it up to 1.5. the quality of this little razor is Fantastic, the weight of the head does all the work, just make sure when you change the blade that you have the head properly aligned, there are two tiny markings on the head which need to be aligned. brilliantly engineered German gem.

  9. Robert Marney

    This Razor is worth every Penny. Having spent two years using a Parker, the month required to un-learn those techniques and become accustomed to this razor, was time well spent. This is quite an aggressive device, even on it’s lowest setting, but plenty of proper pre-shave prep should combat that. Once you become comfortable with this razor you can start dialing up the range of settings and getting closer on each pass. The only issue with this razor is the handle and its lack of grip, I have found by a helpful tip from a friend that by adjusting my grip position this can be eliminated, I did think this was expensive originally but I have come round to the conclusion of it’s worth. 9/10.

  10. Mark Baker

    I bought the progress after 3 months of using a merkur 34C, and I should have bought the progress 1st then i would not have needed to try another razor, it’s great right from the 1st shave i was very impressed, it quite a bit heavier than the 34C but it give a much better shave, I had less irritation and a closer shave baby’s bum close easy
    i would suggest that some simple instructions on how to adjust the razor, but a quick trawl of the internet i found out a how it works

  11. Nick Done

    Being completely new to DE shaving, I have held off writing a review on my razor until I felt I accumulated enough experience to give a worthwhile opinion (hopefully!). I purchased it just after Christmas and have used it every day since. Firstly, it is solid and well made with no rough edges or faults in the finish. I had no idea what setting to use it on or which blades to use, so I bought a sample pack and have been steadily working my way through them. I have a frustrating combination of very sensitive skin and a thick, coarse beard which has always been difficult to remove and have tried most of the mass market disposables and a couple of different electric razors over the last 30 years. As my technique has improved, my shaving experience has got better, to the point where my face now feels smoother at 10.00pm than it used to straight after shaving with a cartridge razor!

    I am currently using Derby blades on No2 setting. I started with Wilkinson Sword and it was a blood bath but I will try them again because I am sure that not only have I learnt how to use the razor properly now, there will also have been a degree of aclimatization for the skin on my face. The only blades that I don’t think I will try again are Treet, they seem to go blunt after only two shaves.

    This razor will last years and I am delighted with it.

  12. Andrea Perotti

    Rasoio costruito in maniera eccelente, regolazione dell’altezza della lama molto accurata, testa di giusto peso ed equilibrata, peccato che avendo l’impugnatura corta risulta poco gestibile per le mani grandi e abbastanza scivoloso una volta bagnato.

    Razor constructed in a way excellent, very accurate adjustment of the blade, head right weight and balanced, taking pity that the short handle is unwieldy for large hands and quite slippery when wet.

  13. Dan from The Shaving Shack

    When I first made the transition from using a Mach 3 to shaving with a DE razor, I chose the Merkur 570…and haven’t looked back! Apart from the blades being a lot cheaper, this really is a quality tool that just feels great in your hand and gives a fantastic shave. This is why I still use it for my daily shave along with Taylor’s Avacado cream!

  14. Alvin Jensen

    Changed to DE shaving this year and will never go back to Mach 3. Thanks to the 570 and Taylors shaving creams, I haven’t experience a shave like this ever. Didn’t want to break the bank when trying out DE, so the price and the quality of the Merkur 570 are just right. *****

  15. Gavin S

    Now this is a quality product. When I first decided to experiment with DE shaving, I trawled a lot of websites for advice, and two razors seemed to come up most often as ‘ideal for beginners’: vintage Gillette Fatboy, and the Merkur Progress. The Fatboy is still on its way from eBay USA; the Progress arrived from Shaving Shack four days ago. Three shaves later, and I’m loving it. My chin is smoother than I’ve ever managed with a cartridge razor. First time out, I cut myself… second shave, a little razor burn, third shave a little less razor burn. A much quicker progression rate so far than I’d have expected, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge with this unit. NB: if, like me, you’re a headshaver you might want to stick with the cartridge over the bonce for a while yet – I got a bit overconfident and tried it yesterday and am currently sporting a nasty gouge. Maybe in time I’ll try that again, but be warned it is much, much harder to maintain the correct angle on your skull than your chin.

    Everything about the Progress screams quality. Nicely packaged (my box, now living in a drawer, arrived broken – post’s fault, not Shaving Shack’s. It’s not the sort of box you’d want to take travelling anyhow, really – and my razor lives on a shelf, so…). A very hefty, solid feeling unit with a much greater sense of quality to it than any cartridge razor (or for that matter electric razor) I’ve encountered. I feel like I’m using a manly tool when I shave with this!

  16. james penman

    Ireceived my Progress from shaving shack about a month ago, along with Taylors Sandalwood soap in a bowl. and a badger brush made up the set.for a couple of shaves I was very warybut now I have the adjustment right for me and I am gettig shaves like I have never had before,Smooooth!!! At first I had a query about the Progress, the adjustment did not always tighten to the same spot , I quickly got a response pointing out the nick in the top part had to line up with the lower triangle , then it was sorted. Excellent service from shaving shack. I loof forward to dealing with them in the future

  17. Andy W

    Already a confirmed DE razor user, I wanted to see if a Merkur would do the business, so armed with a 570 I gave it a go. I liked the weight and although initially sceptical about the ability to adjust the razor, after some experimentation I did find a setting that was more effective (2.5) although apparently due to manufacturing tolerances these settings are not absolute
    To summarise, I liked it. I think to get the best out of your razor and this applies to any, you need to try different shaving soaps and creams and different settings until you find the combination that suits you best.

  18. Tony Esinov-Jack

    I decided to try the Progress after 10 months or so using my other Merkur razor. I really like my other razor, but I found it just a little too aggressive for my skin. I have sensitive skin and a thick beard. I chatted with Dan at Shaving Shack, who was very helpful, and he suggested two options. One was the Progress, and the other the Slant bar. I went for the Progress as I wanted the to be able to adjust the blade exposure to my skin. It arrived 1.5 days later. After two weeks of using the Progress I am very happy wit it! The build quality is excellent. Unlike my other Merkur, the Progress is a little heavier and has a little more weight in the head. This I really like. The shape of the head makes it very easy to shave in those awkward places. The razor gives me excellent shaves, and my razor burn, irritation and ingrowing hairs are gone. I would recommend this razor to anyone. There are quarks to it though, but you can find these out on the internet Forums, like Badger and Blade. I also bought Derby blades and Mitchell’s wool Fat Shaving Soap. I will write reviews of these two also. Needless to say, the combination is good for me.

  19. Barry Somers

    After reading a number of websites I decided to go with the progress, its a great value razor and it performs really good and I find it just the right weight although some people dislike the top heavy feel.

    As well as this it also gives a very close shave when used with the right razor blade and beats any Fusion or Mach3 razor hands down.

    This also comes in a nice clear plastic display box which is handy for storage or travel as it can store upto two boxes of blades.

    Tom’s Comment: Thanks for the review, just a note to say the plastic box is now a separate item.

  20. Daniel S

    This razor is amazing! You nee only this one and nothin else. I startet with a Merkur 34c, have a 37c, a Rotbart, a Gillette Adjustable and a few others, but the Progress is definetely the best!
    Greetings from Munich, Daniel.

  21. Mr Ray Smith

    I purchased this as a travel razor as I already have one of their expensive models and love the fact that you can adjust the blade. The shaver is excellent, I love the small size and I often prefer to use this razor than my more expensive Merkur. I have taken this razor on all my holidays except for two as I only had a carry on, I don’t think I am allowed to take them on as a carry on so have to use the old Gillette Mach 3. This razor is so easy to use due to its small size and can often get into those little areas that other razors can’t get into. I thoroughly recommend this razor and if you purchase the plastic case to go with it. The case has room for two packs of razors enough for a two week holiday or longer.

    The service from shaving shack is excellent, quick delivery and service and when there is a problem they sort it out. I have been using them since I converted to double edge as my only supplier.

    Great service, great prices and great delivery.

  22. Mr Maksim Bukhonin

    I’ve been shaving for 2 years with this razor already. Happy with this razor

  23. J Buckmaster

    This is the Tiger tank of DE razors, extremely heavy duty build quality yet delivers smooth, delicate & efficient shaves.

    Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.

  24. Mr norman stone

    Easy to hold I put my little pinkie under the plastic end to hold loading razor is easy I put the head in my palm then drop razor on it then put it in the body and screw shut blade alignment is spot on , the dial stops at number one ( so spot on) shave is smooth and clean.
    I put some shavings from my derwent ink pencil into spot on handle then very carefully wiped excess off and even more careful put t drop of super glue on it using a cocktail stick ( put stick in glue then put it on dot used an eye glass) when it dried I washed and it did not come off and now it is visable to line adjustment numbers up could supply pic to show it. plus it was delivered very fast thanks

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