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Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89L – Lined Handle


Performance to rival it’s looks!

(57 customer reviews)

Performance to rival it’s looks!

Edwin Jagger are an established English brand who produce high quality shaving items. These double edge razors are no exception, utilising a chrome plated precision head that rivals the quality of some of the more well known German manufacturers. This lightweight razor exudes class sporting the Edwin Jagger name on the collar of the razor and a stylish lined chrome handle providing excellent grip.

Length: 9.5 cms

Includes a single Double Edge blade.

Press coverage

Mike Sandoval, from

Side by Side: EJ DE89L and Merkur 34C
“Two of the leading double-edge safety razors have a lot in common. First, they are both well made with respected manufacturing and quality control processes by fine European companies. Both are widely available from many shaving retailers and stockists. Finally, they are both reasonably priced so that they are attractive to new and experienced wet shavers alike. However, there are many differences between the Edwin Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty, from the overall design style of the razors to the dimensions and assembly. This article offers a side-by-side look at these high-quality and popular safety razors.”


57 reviews for Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89L – Lined Handle

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Ed S

    All that has been written about this razor is true. It’s a beautifully made piece of art and it looks stunning in my bathroom. The handle is a good size and it’s very easy to use. The quality of the shave I got was amazing. It takes a bit of getting use to if you’re coming from a multi blade cartridge but perceiver as you will be rewarded with a much better shave.

    For the money, this thing is a bargain. Get it now!

  3. Mr Colin Fenwick

    I started Double Edge shaving with a Timor butterfly razor and after a couple of years, thought I would step up. The Timor was very mild, but I didn’t want anything too aggressive and this came highly recommended as a medium to mild razor.
    It is a fantastic looking razor and a solid quality and weight to it. The lines give it a touch of understated class. A nice weight and a good length on the handle too. It is a mildish razor, which is what I was looking for and I found it very easy to shave with. Excellent with Feather blades, though I did find it worked best with Rapira blades, though everyone has their own choice of blades.
    Overall, a lovely looking razor that is also a pleasure to use.

  4. Mr David Weir

    This is a review after having owned the razor for a couple of years. I purchased it off the back of reading positive reviews by others and wasn’t disappointed. I have sensitive skin and moved to DE shaving to try and eliminate razor burn and have never looked back. I wouldn’t describe this as an aggressive razor and I can get smooth shave in a 2 – 3 pass shave. It works well with a variety of blades. I like the longer handle compared to my previous merkur as I feel it allows me better control of the razor and less prone to dropping. Only negative is that I’m now about 2-3 years in to ownership and there’s some playing come off the underside of the head. It’s purely cosmetic and is hidden when the the razor is fully assembled. All in all the razor lives up to its reputation.

  5. Harry G

    Just lovely! This was the first proper DE razor that I bought after trying out a highstreet own-brand and a couple of cheap vintage razors. Frankly I can’t see why anyone would want to buy another razor after this. It’s got a lovely weight to it and fits nicely in your hand, which allows you to shave confidently. It manages to be mild and yet very effective, my number of nicks dropped to almost zero as soon as I started using it. It looks wondeful too and the chrome is gorgeous. Mine did lose a bit of plating on the cap, but Edwin Jagger replaced this immediately under warranty so top marks for customer service.

    I really can’t recommend this highly enough, it’s the best GBP22 I’ve spent in a long time.

  6. Mr M Hender

    This is a great razor! I was genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised with the quality of this razor. Right out of the box it looks and feels far more expensive that it’s modest price tag would imply. It’s obviously very well made. The finish is excellent. The chrome plating is absolutely flawless. The weight is good. It’s well balanced and although it is a little bit top heavy I personally think that’s a good thing as it helps you to “let the blade do the work” rather than applying unnecessary pressure while shaving. I have quite large hands, but I still found the handle to be a decent length and comfortable to use.

    Sometimes it’s said to be less aggressive than its Merkur rival, but I have to say this razor has provided me with some of the closest and most comfortable shaves of my life. I really could not believe just how smooth this is and I find myself opting for this now as often as my straight razor – even when I’m not in a hurry!

    I use Wilkinson Sword blades, but really that’s just a matter of personal preference. As you would expect, this razor accepts any standard DE blade. Used with a good quality brush and shaving cream it will give you an incredibly close and comfortable shave. If you’re still using a multi blade razor such as Mach 3 or Fusion, do your face a favour and switch to one of these. In the long run you’ll save money and right from the first shave your face will thank you for a very close, smooth shave and the lack of razor burn.

    All in all, this is a great “beginner’s” Double Edge Safety Razor (although I’m sure seasoned wet shavers would also enjoy using this too). It’s made in England, is an absolute pleasure to shave with and at less than GBP25 it is truly excellent value for money. Well done Edwin Jagger!

  7. D King

    I bought this razor as my first dive into DE shaving. A great mild razor at a great price and a good looking piece of kit too. Highly recommended.

  8. Paul Fitzsimons

    Having been bitten by the DE shaving bug, I decided to try another razor (I already own the Merkur HD 34c) The Edwin Jagger is a well made bit of kit, nice and heavy in the hand and is every bit as good as the Mekur, I would advise any beginners out that to try either.

  9. Andrew Singh

    What a joy to use. The finish is flawless and perfectly balanced. An instant classic.

  10. MisterG

    After decades of multibladed razors I went old school. So glad I did! My first shave went really well… only a few nicks, and I’d get that anyway. The razor (with a new Feather blade) was a joy to use. The only reason I’m not giving it full marks is I dropped it! The handle is very smooth (Read “slippery when wet”!)

  11. James Rayner

    Can highly recommend this razor to anyone looking to start DE shaving. It looks superb, the pictures don’t do it justice. Highly crafted work of art which is weighted beautifully in the hand. Had the best shave ever, so easy to use, will never use a disposable razor again!

  12. Paul Tiernan

    Excellent quality and value for money. Recommend the lined chrome finish as I could imagine the smooth chrome being quite slippy when wet. No need to spend more.

  13. Clive Pepper

    The quality of this razor is superb, the craftmanship throughout suggests it is something costing many times the price, it makes you proud to be British! It is my first DE razor – wish I’d done it years ago! On my first go, the weight balance and everything about it meant I was comfortable to even shave against the grain with it on my third pass – I watched many videos which I linked from the Shaving Shack website.Truly fantastic, great service from the Shaving Shack, goodbye cartridge razors, hello shaving pleasure! Just do it, you won’t regret it!

  14. Iancho Hristov

    I bought it for Xmass and today i got my first shave with it-:)From 2 months i’m into wet shaving, first i was using Wilkinson Sword plastic safety razror, than i found from my dad and old one safety razror and i always got cuts, i don’t know if is from the razor but today i did not get any cuts at all even i went against the grain this time and belivee me this is the closest shave i got until now after the one i got in barbershop when i was in Turkey. It is really great value, in first was a little bit havy for me but i got used to it after 5 minutes and i really loves it!I recommend it for everyone new to wet shaving.

  15. John Emerson

    After using a shavette decided to give DE shaving a go and opted to buy the Edwin Jagger. On opening the box was surprised at how weighty the razor was, but without feeling unwieldy, feels like a quality product. Tried it with a Wilkinson Sword blade that I already have and found the weight of the razor allowed it to gluide over the skin with ease. Found it to be one of the best shaves i’ve had. Very impressed with the Edwin Jagger and would recommend it.

  16. Flaviano Brandi

    My first DE razor: simply stunning. Very well made, easy to use, perfect fitting head. Combined with a sharp blade it gives you a smooth excellent shave with no effort at all. You could even forget you need an aftershave. Highly recommended.

  17. Neil Ord

    As a new DE shaver, I opted for this after deciding between the DE89L and the similar Merkur 34C – I was not disappointed! You can feel the quality, and the lined version is easy to grip with wet hands. It’s short enough to hold comfortably in one hand, but heavy enough that you don’t need to apply any pressure to get a good shave. I partnered it with some Derby blades, but have just ordered some Feathers and Israeli blades to try out.

  18. Carl Pearson

    Decided to try the traditional way of shaving and bought a poor WS DE razor. After a couple of shaves my face felt good so I thought it best to invest in a proper DE, settling on the DE 89L.
    It arrived within 3 days and upon opening the package you can see and feel the quality it holds. Teamed up with the Derby blades, I can’t see me ever using a multi blade, expensive cartridge, razor again.

  19. Graeme Fraser

    Beautifully made razor with stunning chrome finish. When you hold this razor in your hand for the first time, you are left in no doubt that this is a high quality item and a fabulous addition to any bathroom. The pin stripe within the chrome is very elegant and adds just that little extra grip. It also shaves as good as it looks and given the cost, is absolutely fabulous value for money. Get off the cartridge razor merry-go-round and into real shaving with this stunning piece of British engineering!

  20. Philip Parkes

    This is my first DE razor the only thing I regret is not doing this sooner. The razor feels nice in the hand and with the Derby blade I have had the best shaves ever. If your thinking about making the change do it you won’t look back.

  21. Richard

    Absolutely one of the best razors to start with. Well crafted, Excellent price! This Edwin Jagger is worth every penny. Don’t try to start with a vintage razor. This piece of art is cheap enough to give DE shaving a try without a high starting price.
    For experienced shavers, it’s a good all-day razor! Not to mild, but absolutely NOT aggressive.
    During my use, I prefer some more aggressiveness, but it’s one of my favorites.
    Now I use more often my R41 Grande & 39C, my wive uses this Razor for her experimentation with DE shaving with great enthusiasm. Preferred for girls too!

  22. Simon Daniels

    To begin: The Edwin Jagger DE 89LBL looks very English and racy, perhaps Aston Martin-esque.

    This is an exceptionally beautiful item. The chrome is immaculate, the fluting on the handle flawless and the “EDWIN JAGGER” etched on the collar screams quality. Being English however, it screams it quietly. I compared the build quality to a blue Merkur 38141 belonging to a friend and the Jagger was, not much but just, better built.

    So, to the shave: the razor was a Christmas present from my wife,having despaired of a five blade Azor as being incapable of shaving anything to any degree of satisfaction. I conducted severe research into DE after 30ish years of cartridge nonsense. The I sold her the idea and waited (patchily shaved) until Christmas – thanks Shaving Shack for delivering.

    In my house it s traditional to drink too much so on (late) Christmas morning when I said “Time to shave!” the party was well under way and the assembled throng, I think, expected me to arrive back after an encounter with Freddy Krueger.

    So, to the shave, again: the razor felt comfortably heavy in my hand – always an indication of quality, cheap things are light. Fitted the (free) Derby blade and had the best shave I can remember . No soreness (I have very sensitive skin), no missed patches. The Jagger, described as medium aggressive,delivers an excellent shave. It feels very mild to me in terms of not feeling like I have had hairs pulled/ripped from my face.

    Overall then this is a superb razor at a remarkable price, far cheaper than Merkur, Bluebeard’s Revenge and so on. God bless you Mr Jagger, carry on the good work!

  23. Gary Sheppard

    Just bought this as my first Double Edge after years of multi blades and I’m so glad I did. It’s a very comfortable razor, it feels solidly built and sits nicely in the hand. The shave is smooth and irritation was considerably reduced compared to a cartridge razor when paired with a Wilkinson Sword blade. I would thoroughly recommend this razor to anyone.

  24. Callum Strachan

    The DE 89L arrived this morning. After years of shaving with a poor multi blade cartridge razor I decided it was time to venture into the world of DE shaving. I’m glad I chose this as my first razor as I have just finished my first shave and it was magical. I would highly recommended this razor to anyone starting out!

  25. Allan Mackay

    This is my first DE razor and after using it for 3 weeks I can safely say it’s the best shave i’ve had in years. This is a beautiful razor with a decent weight behind it.

  26. Sam Ray

    Used this razor for my first ever DE shave today, was very impressed. Excellent finish, weight and performance. Only one nick, the flow of which was easily stemmed with a styptic pencil. Highly recommend this razor- I’m converted.

  27. Gurpreet D

    Super razor with good solid feel and balance, which looks stunning. My first use with
    Gillette 7o’clocks (yellow) was quite simply sensational. Would highly recommend.

  28. Andrew Kitchener

    I bought this razor on a recommendation and I am very pleased with it easy to handle, very well made and excellent balance. This is an excellent buy highly recommend

  29. Ryan Martin

    This is my first DE razor and I’m glad I decided on this style. I won’t be looking back at cartridge razors unless I really have to at some point. At first when I opened it I thought it was a bit short but when in use it’s a perfect size and nicely weighted. The grip is also very good. I used derby razors today as it was my first shave with it and my skin has never felt smoother, proper job!

  30. Terry Matthews

    Love this razor. Feels great in the hand. I returned to wet shaving after years of using an electric shaver. I bought a cheap butterfly DE razor and cut myself to ribbons on it, was going to give it all up as a bad job but after a recommendation I got this one and you just cannot compare it to the cheapie one. Brilliant smooth shave, hooked now.

  31. Matthew Taylor

    I decided to have a look at the hype over DE shaving and decided to take the plunge. I read loads of reviews and watched loads of videos as to what razor was the best for a beginner/newbie. This razor always came highly recommended, All the recommendations of this razor are true. The build quality is superb and the chrome finish is amazing. It has a nice weight and is just about the right size. Have only had a few nicks but nothing major like i was worried about.

    This razor and the 5 blades it comes with definetly give me a far superior shave compared to my electric and the Fusion razors i used to use.

    Highly recommended product, you will not be disappointed.

  32. Phillip Whitehead

    I am new to DE shaving, and the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DEL89L was recommend by a friend. The build quality and weight are excellent… and gives the best shave I have ever had. It is not a overly aggressive razor, which suits me.

  33. Alan hughes

    Wow! What a product for the money! The finish will blow you away, much better than much more expensive razors! Very nice balance and feel, hugely recommend!

  34. Seo Wook Kim

    Denotation meaning of the word Comfortable is a perfect description of this razor. I have used Feather, Derby, Gillette and Dorco blades with this razor and it all works well except with Gillette 7oclock. Glides well, for giving, no experience of single nick, and no irritation. Even with less aggressiveness to Merkur 34 HD, I prefer this one. I have sensitive skin type with dense and medium thickness facial hair.

  35. David Hull

    I recently decided to enter the world of DE shaving and bought one of these (I prefer to buy British if I can), and a Progress Vulfix brush along with an alum block. The razor (with Derby blades) is excellent and is a nice object to own, let alone use. Delighted with the products and the service – don’t think I’ll be going back to cartridges again.

  36. Nik Phillips

    This was my first foray into DE razor shaving. I’ve used pro glide for years but fed up with the cost. I was worried about getting a close shave with the de razor but this Edwin Jagger is excellent. I’m getting great results and because the blades are so cheap I can change them regularly so I always have the closest shave. Highly recommended.

  37. Charlie Rodgers

    i bought this razor as my entry into the DE world, and i can happily and easily say i regret nothing, i absolutely love it, gives a fantastic smooth and comfortable shave, i can’t stop myself from stroking my baby smooth face throughout the day. It can be used with a variety of blades, Feather and Derbys are my favourite. if you are an entrance into the DE world i recommend picking up an alum block too as it will help the the cuts you get while you’re learning. Saying that after 3 weeks of use i haven’t cut myself since (3 months down the line)
    All round fantastic razor and definitely recommened

  38. Tim Bird

    I graduated to this from a wilkinson sword safety razor (with black plastic handle) after looking around at other razors for a similar prince I decided on this one and from the moment I opened the box and held it in my hand I knew I’d made the right choice, its not heavy but it has a weight that screams quality and the finish and grip are the same.
    As for the shave, its brilliant! a great razor at a great price from a great site! added to which its a great beginners razor!

  39. craig dodds

    I ordered this razor Last week and had my first shave on the Sunday with it and over a weeks worth of beard. Thought this is going to be fun. How wrong went through the beard like it was not there. Would say if you are wanting to go into wet shaving this is the razor to get. Better than the WS i had and kept nicking myself with. I admit i did have one nick with this razor but hey wish i had got this razor ages ago. By the way am fairly new to wet shaving

  40. Geoff Hinchliff

    Excellent razor with some feather blades!

    Not keen on the free derby blades included as they don’t seem reduce the beard much but stick a feather blade in and it’s a dream.

  41. Gregory Berry

    Fantastic razor! First dab into DE Shaving and I think I picked the right razor. This, coupled with Bluebeards shaving cream is such a delight to use. No way will I be going back to disposables. It feels perfect in your hand, it is easy to take apart and put a new blade in, what more could you want?

  42. Rachel Waine

    Brought this for hubby and he loved it. Great for getting used to shaving with a blade.

  43. Mr Anatoly Yuzefovich

    Oh! This is a perfect DE Razor with excellent chrome finish. At this time it is a best DE Razor for me. It’s not too heavy or light, just right. Strongly recommended for newbie and common DE Razor users. Edwin Jagger it’s a really finest brand who care about their name. I think you should try other products of EJ too. I will! 🙂

  44. Mr Tony Seulanto

    My second DE Safety Razor. Couldn’t be happier, very balanced and neat finish. Liked it most with Sputnik razor blade.

  45. Mr Lee Clint

    Got this razor & I must say it ouses quality & the shave was excellent with a polsiver blade. It gave a smooth nick free shave. Compared to my Bluebeards scimitar(which are almost identical) with a polsilver blade, the Edwin Jagger was a little bit more aggressive but comfortable & smooth. Highly recommend this razor. Oh & the lined handle gives excellent grip for more control.

  46. Mr Colin Goodwin

    My first de razor, and wasn’t disappointed. A slightly more aggressive than a mild razor, and technique improves the closer the shave. No problem using a feather blade once technique is good. Ideal razor for daily shaving.

  47. Mr Martin Apergis

    I Have started using safety razors for about a month now because of the ridiculous prices of cartridge razors and the fact that I could not find one razor that suited my face and didn’t give me razor burn and make me bleed. Also it seemed like a nice thing to get into as a kind of hobby and an opportunity to take more time for our male grooming time!And so why not enjoy it? Starting off with a cheaper safety razor I then got the Merkur hd and finally now this Edwin jagger de89.
    The weight is perfect for me it feels as heavy in the hand as the Merkur so no pressure needed. Also it is slightly longer and even though I had gotten used to the Merkur s short length, this definitely suits me better.
    It looks great, feels great , all the problems i had from cartridge razors have vanished and this one shaves great! The build is strong and the chrome finish is amazing. It is something so beautiful that one can show it off to friends and family and be sure they’ll want to start wet shaving and using safety razors in no time!
    Overall very pleased and excellent service from the folk at the “Shaving Shack”.

  48. F O

    Excellent razor with perfect balance and length. For the price this seem to be the best one available, at least for my taste.

  49. Mr Matthew Robinson

    I decided to make the switch to safety razor shaving about a month ago now, as I did not want to keep spending high prices to replace my razor cartridges and felt that it would also be more environmentally friendly alternative. This has been my very first safety razor, and I have to say that I was impressed with the design and elegant appearance. On use, I discovered it has a nice weight to it and isn’t too aggressive making it a perfect razor for me as a beginner, I found the weight helps train you into the proper technique, whilst the low aggression will punish you less whilst your trying to break old habits. The 3 piece design makes it easy to clean and maintain that box fresh look. I would recommend this product to others looking to get into this style of shaving as it’s a fine razor worth every penny; the free razor blades are just a bonus.

  50. Mr Andrew Meachem

    Quality product

  51. Mr David Webster

    After a lot of research decided on the DE89L for my first DE Safety Razor after 30 years of cartridge razors. DE89L is a great razor, the chrome finish is flawless. purchased along with pre-shave oil, cream, brush, bowl etc. first time out gave really close shave, but did suffer from irritation on the neck. Read a few articles online and 2nd time out, perfect, smooth shave, no nicks, no irritation. User error, too much pressure. Would definitely recommend the DE89 to anyone and the service from The Shaving Shack was 1st Class.

  52. Mr john Lidgley

    I dared into the world of DE shaving and this was my first purchase, having spent a fair while on youtube channels searching for reviews and how-to’s, I decided on this model, and wow, it’s just a very nice experience. DE shaving is an art, and one best experienced at the weekend when time is not of the essence. I started DE shaving at 49 years old, don’t be late to the game like me.

  53. Mr Joseph Askew

    A great way to ease myself back into blade shaving. After using numerous electric shavers, they never seemed to quite get the hairs under the chin. Took the plunge and got myself a Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor (DE89L). nice comfortable weight and easy to use. Almost like a new razor when coupled with the Feather razor blades. Only given it 4, as not very nimble near the nose and round my ever spreading jowls, but a very good ‘first’ razor to get me back into the swing.

  54. Mr Matthew Tate shah

    Like most of the Edwin Jagger gear, this razor is suitable for any level of shaving. I purchased a DE89 for my first DE, and recently purchased this DE89L as a gift. The L version looks classier and more presentable than the knurled version, and grip doesn’t suffer at all. The weight and build quality inspire confidence, definitely looks and feels more expensive than it actually is. Shave is usual Jagger smooth with a variety of blades, cream used was Proraso red.

  55. Mr Branislav Stojkovic

    Got this as my first double-edged razor and it’s great. Got used to it fairly quickly and already after few tried getting better results than I ever had with cartridge razors. It’s maybe a bit more difficult to install and remove the blade compared to the butterfly razors, but it’s not too bad and being able to disassemble it makes it easier to clean. Feels good in the hand. It’s beautiful and don’t see a reason for it not to last a lifetime.

  56. Mr michael archer (verified owner)

    THE DE89L razor is a premium product as you would expect from Edwin jagger of Sheffield the razor gives a mild shave the finest of the razor is superb there is a slight overhang of the blade at each end which in my opinion is a small design error but overall a very nice razor I am glad I made the purchase to my collection

  57. Mr Ian Macdonald (verified owner)

    Disappointed with this the second razor I’ve bought from the Shaving Shack. Any consumer product is only as good as its weakest point , which I have found with both DE razors I have bought to be the screw thread between head and handle. After a moderate spell of use of perhaps twice per week, over just
    18 months this razor’s thread has worn so that the head now spins uselessly on the handle. Back to electric I’m afraid.

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