Ask Aaron Q/A: The Importance of Alum Blocks

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Ha-Jo Lehner, from Germany, asks:

“Hello Aaron, After an alum block is applied on the wet skin… is it washed off after some time or is the alum dried and kept on the skin? (while aftershave or balm is applied).”

Alum Block
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“Herr Lehner,
Generally the alum is left on the skin and an aftershave is applied over the alum. I don’t know of anyone that uses the alum application then washes it off. The purpose of the alum is to use the natural salts to close the pores and any nicks/cuts that might have occurred during shaving. These natural salts are good for the skin and washing them off would not be beneficial. I would recommend keeping the application on the skin and applying an aftershave balm over it for the best benefits.

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