Ask Aaron Q/A: Parker Razors vs Merkur Razors: What are the differences?

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Paul Broadwith, from the UK, asks:

“I have a Parker Model 91R razor and I have a question about razor in general – what exactly is the difference? When you buy a razor, the blade is the most important part. With the double edged razors you can buy different blades so I’m thinking that the actual razor itself is less important but there are a loads to choose from so I am missing something. I know some of the Merkur razors have mechanics where you can angle them which I think would be a good place to start, but I can’t see what the other razors offer over what I have. So what is the difference, what should I be looking for and what will give me the best shave?”

Parker Model 91R Three Piece Safety Razor with Nickel Plated Finish
Parker Model 91R Three Piece Safety Razor with Nickel Plated Finish


“Mr Broadwith,
I’ll try to answer you question succinctly, because the nuances and differences of razors could easily fill the chapter (or two) of a book. However, in brief the biggest difference you will find between razors is the “mildness” or “aggressiveness” expressed in the differing blade exposures. Typically the more acute the angle the more “aggressive” it feels to the face. The adjustable razors on the market are built with mechanics to change the exposure gap customizing your razor and shave. The rest of the razors that are manufactured have just one blade gap setting. This is the major difference in razors. The rest of what separates razors apart from each other are just different options in physical characteristics such as handle length, weight, handle diameter, finish and other options. Look for what feels most comfortable starting with the blade then to each razor based on your own personal preferences until you find your ideal razor. (which for me at this point in time is the Merkur Futur) Best wishes on finding your ideal shaving equipment!

Happy Shaving!

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