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FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor (Chrome)FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor (Chrome)
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FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor (Chrome) FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor (Chrome)

FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor (Chrome)

(7 reviews)  

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An aggressive Italian razor for tough beards!

An aggressive Italian razor for tough beards!

The Italian made FaTip has an almost cult status amongst the wet shaving community! At 80mm long and a weighing 70g this three piece razor is ideal for those who want a more aggressive shave than your typical closed comb. The lined handle ensures a steady grip on this beast!

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(7 reviews)  

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Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
Jun 22, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Only had this for a short while but boy it's Amazeing. Only used with a Lord (Blue Label) blade but it gives you a really close shave,for me one pass will suffice and I've got pretty tough stumble.Use an Alum block afterwards and then your favourite aftershave it really does feel fantastic.Downsides? Handlle us a bit thin for my big hand but I can get over this to gave an exceptional shave.Treat with respect though or it will bite you.Worth buying? Yes you bet ya! A great price and well worth the money.
Mr Nick Jessop
May 4, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Absolutely love this razor. It's my first open comb razor despite wet shaving for thirty plus years. Personally, I didn't find it such a great difference from my normal razor, just a little closer, but nothing savage.
The look and feel are spot on. It has an industrial feel to it, rather than a work of art. Less refined in appearance but rugged. It feels like a tool in your hand rather than something you'd be afraid of dropping and damaging.
Great value for money too. I'd absolutely recommend this razor to someone with at least some experience of a safety razor.
Harry Weatherall
first off congrats to the dispatch team at the shack, ordered my FaTip Piccolo Open Comb Double Edge Razor on tuesday, knock on the door on wednesday it had landed outstanding.

now the razor, what a piece of work small but then my paws are huge good grip on the handle , i was aware it could be a close cutter so i loaded a feather blade and latherd up, first thing that struck me was that satisfying rasping sound as the razor took on my overnight growth, the kind that knackers a feather blade in two days, normally i need a three pass shave and
several other passes on the chin area to clean the stubble off, but this little beast did it in two with no chin clean up, also when i used the alum block to finish i became aware of the tingle once again,

so to sum up this is a razor for men and grizzled veterans and not for boys , outstand shack outstanding.
Mark Edney
A great razor as long as you use a very light touch you will be rewarded with a BBS
shave with less passes.
Craig Williams
I have a EJ 89 and bought this to experiment with something different. At this price its hard to go wrong. I often go 2-3 days between shaves so wanted something to cut through longer beard growth. I was a bit wary about trying an 'open comb' but after reading around was assured to read that I souldn't be any more concerned than with my edwin Jagger closed comb.

First of this thing is definitely petite...but looks great, chrome no where near the level of the EJ but what is....

Loaded up with a shark SS and a full Proraso treatment (green pre/post cream and shaving cream) and off I went. WOW, this thing is close...two passes was equivelent to 3-4 with the EJ the blade angle is almost set for you but extra care with the pressure....

Happy with the purchase!!
Simon Daniels
How you shave and how skilled you are at shaving depends on you. The Fatip piccolo is a brilliant razor if you can apply minimum pressure and you can handle an aggressive blade in an aggressive razor. Result best shave ever, be careful! Shark blade, Fatip piccolo equals bliss for me.
Jonne Nieminen
Bought this from Shaving-Shack when i was looking for super aggressive open comber. Loaded the Piccolo with brand new feather blades for ultimate carnage and got decent results, its not as aggressive as i initially thought but quite the more aggressive than your regular closed comb DE razor. However if you are me and suffer from vicious stubble and want to get that REAL close shave id go for something else in the open comb market.
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