Shaving is no longer a chore – How double edge shaving turned a daily chore into a daily pleasure

By Tom Trueman on February 22, 2013

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For many men around the world shaving is regarded as a daily, but necessary chore. You reach in the cabinet for your multi-bladed cartridge razor and foam or gel and shave the way you always have. You finish, rinse of your face and then clean your razor.

This was also the case for Christopher Maguire, who hated shaving so much that he only shaved once a week, sometimes only once a fortnight. But Christopher’s mindset changed overnight after he was introduced to the wonderful world of double edge shaving. Chris now looks forward to his daily shave, and wants more men to follow his lead and dump the multi-bladed cartridge razor and embrace the world of double edge shaving.

chris1 Shaving is no longer a chore – How double edge shaving turned a daily chore into a daily pleasure

Chris making a luxurious lather

Here is Chris’ story:

I stumbled into the world of wet shaving by accident, it started because by girlfriend bought me a shaving kit for Christmas. It didn’t come with a razor but it did have a shaving brush, shaving cream and a bowl to lather the cream. Seeing the brush took me back to when I was a little boy when I used to see my grandad shave with a brush, soap and a double edged razor.

That morning I used the brush and soap and had the most enjoyable shave since I first picked up a razor.
The following days I did more research into wet shaving. Learning that if you have sensitive skin, suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs, a double edged razor can significantly help to reduce these problems. Partly due to exfoliating with the brush and also by using a single blade, so less passes are made and thus reducing irritation.

chris2 Shaving is no longer a chore – How double edge shaving turned a daily chore into a daily pleasure

Chris gets to work on the shave

I suffer from really bad shaving rash on my neck which a lot of the time come out in spots, also I seemed the get ingrown hairs on my cheeks quite often which turned into boils. This made me not shave quite as much as I should, much to the disappointment of my girlfriend. Luckily I don’t have to be clean shaven for my job so I only shaved once a week, some times once every 2 weeks.

Another reason this type of shaving appealed to me was the price of cartridge razors. At least ten pounds for 4 cartridges compared to 3 pounds on 10 blades. Which is a problem when money is tight at times due to me being a part-time student and my girlfriend being at university, so often I would use blunted blades causing a painful rash on my neck.

After doing a fair bit of research I bought a Merkur 33c. When it arrived I used it straight away. I was a bit nervous at first, mainly because I didn’t want to cut my face to bits. It took me about 10-15 mins the first time and I couldn’t get over how close of a shave it was. I did have a couple of nicks but practice is all it takes to find a technique. Turns out I really enjoy shaving and do it more often, without the rash or ingrown hairs.

I’m glad i found this type of shaving as it will save me lots of money in the long run but also because it seems to have turned into a new hobby of mine. I now look forward to shaving, which is quite strange for me.

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About Tom Trueman:

 Shaving is no longer a chore – How double edge shaving turned a daily chore into a daily pleasure
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