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The Shaving Shack Raptor Stainless Steel Cut-Throat Straight Razor (Uses Replaceable Blades)

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Prey on your stubble with this stunning razor!

Prey on your stubble with this stunning razor!

Made of stainless steel, this razor not only looks and feels the business but delivers a great shave. The talking point is the handle with the "Raptor" claw logo and feature talon shape apertures.

Length open: 22cm
Weight: 48g

Note: To fit a standard double edged razor blade, simply snap the blade in half (lengthways) - click here for the blade replacement guide (PDF)

For guidelines on how to shave with this type of razor please see our "How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor" section of our FAQ, remembering that you won't need to strop or hone!

Blades may need to be purchased seperatelyDo you need to buy blades for this item? Razors don't always come supplied with blades so, unless otherwise stated, please assume that you need to buy them separately. If in doubt, please get in contact and ask.

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(19 reviews)  

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19 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
S Madi
May 5, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Excellent Value!

I decided to switch to a straight razor and I wanted to buy a cheap one before investing in a high quality one that requires stropping (incase i didn't get on with it) etc. I couldn't be happier. The quality is incredible for the price.
Mr David Palin
Aug 24, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I purchased the "Raptor" recently just to take the total cost over the free p&p, I was surprised when it arrived, what a good looking well made shavette and the performance is just as good, very good value for money
Mr Neil Hulme
May 15, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I have this a try after using a de razor for a couple of years and fancied giving one a go, got it in sale as well at a bargain price (4.99). First couple of tries i got a few nicks, third go today managed to get a shave with no nicks (had to finish with my de as I'm still getting used to this one). It's a nice size & weight for me, sits comfortably in my hand. Looks good too.
Once I get the gang of the angles are it should be a good one to shave with
Jan 21, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is a great shavette, its the third one I have owned and used it on and off now for a couple of years. It has a nice balanced weight to it and I find it easy to control around the trickier spots of the face because of this. It looks really cool with the little cut out holes in the handle and has a great brushed finish all round. Over all a great razor for the price, very happy with it.
Mr gavin wright
Nov 1, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Having been a De convert for some years and wanting to see what a cut throat experience was like I bit the bullet and took my first step towards truly being a man. The service from shaving shack was excellent as was the packing. I excitedly opened the parcel and inwardly grinned, my wife inwardly groaned. Today I used the raptor for the first time and found it comfortable and easy to use. The hardest part was getting my face and head into positions to see what I was doing in the mirror. I found confidence and fear worked well for my first shave. I tried to let the razor do the work as all the tutorials tell you and managed a blood free first shave. With practice I am sure I will get better but a job not to be rushed instead enjoyed and done at leisure.
I used the raptor with the free gift from shaving shack of blue beards revenge shaving cream and found the whole experience to be enjoyable and thrilling. The shave cream produced a good pleasant smelling lather which helped the flow of the raptor which I had fitted with a feather blade. I finished the whole experience off with a splash of Taylor sandalwood aftershave.
As a novice I would recommend the raptor not only for its name, it's looks and most importantly it's ease of use.
Mr Ross Alcock
Sep 14, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
A nicely balanced shavette with a nice weight little heavy at first but shortly becomse most comfortable. Once its twinned with feather blades it just glides through anything you ask it too well worth a look at and would highly recommend
Mr Lee Ng
Sep 1, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is a good quality shavette. It's got a bit of weight on it so no pressure needed or used when shaving. This razor looks and feels of a better quality than some of the other shavettes I've used before.
Colin Rowland
Aug 11, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Wow, what a close shave. I've recently got hooked on using the D/E Muhle R89 (which is a great razor) after using triple bladed cartridges for years. The R89 gives a great shave, but I must say that using the shavette on my first attempt got so much closer on a 2 pass shave. Just watch the video included in the product description and give it a go - you won't regret it.
Mr Chris Silverton
Jun 14, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This was my first venture into straight razor shaving. On first impressions the shavette looks great! I found the blade very easy to fit aswell! My first shave was excellent, only the smallest of little cuts but nothing to put me off!! The only downside I found is that with this being my first attempt, it took me about 25 minutes to complete the shave, and the design of this razor, with its square edged "scales" was beginning to be a bit uncomfortable to hold. I'm sure with time as my shaving quickens this will become less of a problem. But my advice to anyone buying a first razor would be to go for one with more rounded scales. However for someone who is thinking of trying out straight razor shaving I would say definitely give it a go! It's not nearly as scary as you might think!
Marc Pocock
Feb 24, 2015
Really nice little razor. Well machined and much more solid feeling than many other shavettes.
Martin Rix
This is a perfect little travel razor
Martin Taylor-Douglas
This is the first time trying to "cut throat" shave. I stumbled across this website while looking for a good deal and found The Raptor shavette. As im still very new to this type of thing this is just my opinion, this shavette is brilliant and looks the part. And a quick note on service too, perfect, came to my door fast and packaged well. Already made another order from this site and will continue to use the shaving shack
OK, so I'm still alive and kicking after trying the shavette for the first time this evening, it having arrived in the post today very promptly from Dan and the Team.
The razor itself is a pretty nice thing, well made and whilst not in any way heavy, not flimsy or insubstantial feeling either. It was with some trepidation that I set about the shave this evening, having watched a few YouTube videos and read some reviews here and there. To state the completely obvious, this is definitely a tool you need to be paying 100% attention with – a hung over, hurried or otherwise careless shave will see the bathroom looking like an accident in a Butchers Shop in very short order. I would say I’m a reasonably experienced DE shaver, (7 years or so), and found that taking things nice and steady, paying attention to the angle of attack, (30 degrees or thereabouts), and being light handed, produced a comfortable, close and blood free shave. The key is to move at the elbow rather than the wrist and to draw the razor down the face avoiding any lateral “sawing” movement that will undoubtedly end in blood and tears. The blade exposure is pretty keen and so I found it gave a very good result with a couple of passes – certainly when the technique/level of confidence is improved it should be ideal for anyone with sensitive skin who prefers to avoid many/multiple passes on a daily basis. I’d rate it as well worth a try and with care isn’t as scary as you might think.
kyle rees
first time using a straight razor and using the raptor its a excelent little razor can be a little tricky to get the blade seated perfectly at first but once you figure it out its good to go
Luka Murn
Firstly shaving shack has an excelent custome service as said before. 0 complaints and they will remain my only shaving shop site i will use.
off to the razor review. it looks amazing, and i fell in love with it when i saw it. it was my first shavette after shaving with a safety razor. its built really solid and firm. The downside i saw was that the metal handle is a bit too heavy and i didnt find it appropriate for learning to shave with a shavette. so i swapped to bluebards revenge shavette with a nonmetal and lighter handle and learned with it. after i learned to shave properly i swapped one with another, and the weight wasn't a problem anymore, so i wouldn't recommend it for begginers from first hand experience. the blade changing mechanism is a solid fit, yet not too hard to open. Once you get used to it its amazing looking, solid built, fullmetal shavette that will get the job done well
Neil Jary
I've tried a no plumber of shavettes now; settling on the Parker sr1 as the go to shavette for me! However this new Raptor has changed my view!
If you've seen a Coolcut then the Raptor is very similar but the build quality is many many times better! In fact in surpasses the Parker sr1 with ease as well! The Parker has very thin scales which are clam shell design and easily bent out of shape, sometimes causing the blade to stick in the handle! No such issue here!
The a raptors scales are thin enough for lightness but feel sturdy and solid compared to the Parker or plastic handled shavettes. The cut outs in the scales add to the design whilst reducing weight.
The blades are thinner and lighter than the Parker, with a shorter tang and thinner shank. However they are sturdier and better fitted, the holding mechanism for a snapped DE blade is also tighter and seems more secure. The blade section itself is tapered almost to a sharp edge resulting in the fact that the angle of cut drying a shave can be adjusted far closer than on many shavettes which have a slight edge where the DE blades cutting edge is exposed.
Shaving with the Raptor is a pleasure indeed! It seems lighter and somehow faster than the Parker, it's nimble and agile, but because of this it might be a bit hard to handle for a beginner! The very lack of weight, the ability to reduce angles on cut far more,the short tang and it's overall lightness means it might take a bit more skill to master! It's a refined shavette, well designed and built, but that very refinement comes with a slightly less forgiving nature where more control and skill might be the order of the day!
All in all a truly superb product! Slam in some Bluebeards DE blades and your in for an awesome shave!
John McCrudden
Pefect! easy to use (i have never used one before)
Elliot Lowndes
Brought this as a nice cheap introduction to cut throat shaving, very nice to use and solidly put together - looks great too! Would certainly recommend it to anyone in the same situation.
Steven Marinho
Like some of the new "shave shackers" im really impressed with the raptor. The metal sits nicely inbetween the fingers and the balance is just perfect. Love the contouring and the look. Added my free feather razor to it, wow! What a shave, smooth and for a newbie to cut throat shaving im hooked. I can truly understand why dad stuck to this style of shaving. Sorry for calling you old fashioned. Dont be scared to give it a try as long as you allow the raptor to glide you wont be going back to safety razors. I also want to say thanks for the delivery was great and neatly packaged.
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