Shaving Shack "Buccaneer" Pure Badger Shaving BrushShaving Shack "Buccaneer" Pure Badger Shaving Brush
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Shaving Shack "Buccaneer" Pure Badger Shaving Brush Shaving Shack Buccaneer Pure Badger Shaving Brush Shaving Shack Buccaneer Pure Badger Shaving Brush Shaving Shack Buccaneer Pure Badger Shaving Brush Shaving Shack Buccaneer Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Shaving Shack "Buccaneer" Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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Distinction and performance in this quality brush!
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Distinction and performance in this quality brush!

The shape of the handle is distinctive and is similar to the design of much more expensive brushes. It is filled with the highest quality pure badger hair, which has been carefully graded for use in hand filled brushes.

Pure badger hair is regarded as the quality benchmark by many shaving brush manufacturers, and the hair used in this brush is dark and silver in appearance which immediately identifies it as being pure and above average standard.

Slightly firmer to the touch, this grade of hair gently exfoliates the skin prior to shaving, it has excellent water retention properties and will provide you with quality shaves for many years to come.

Bristle Diameter: 60mm
Bristle Length: 50 mm
Overall Length: 98 mm
Handle Diameter: 34mm

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Mr Christopher Craig
Jan 29, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Bought to use for travelling so used on an irregular basis. Used less than 10 times now and it's loosing hair on a regular basis and is now struggling to lather properly. Don't buy this for longetivitiy because it doesn't last. Will look to more established brands in the future.
Jan 4, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.

"The Buccaneer" Pure Badger Shaving Brush Review

Aaarrr! Me Hearty. A little context first before the review; I used to lather Simple Soap in my hands and apply to my face directly before shaving with a Gillette multi-blade razor. Due to sensitive skin and many, many alergies I did this for about 30 years, not wanting to risk another reaction to shaving soaps, shaving cream and so on. In the early days I tried a couple of different canned shaving foams and found them to hurt my face - hence the hypoallergenic Simple Soap instead.

Anyway, a few months ago I developed a nostalgic desire to shave with a DE safety razor, remembering the couple of times I had seen my late Grandfather do so (in the kitchen sink, for some reason). This sparked a journey into DE shaving for me, initially using a Jaggen David branded Weishi butterfly razor, Astra "greens", a 49p Palmolive stick and a Wilkinsons Sword shaving brush. That brush was £3.49 - worth a try, for something I might not persist with... So there I was, shaving like my Grandfather. Who'd have thought that pampering myself in front of the bathroom mirror like a bloody girl could feel so damn manly? And to top it off, the shave was close. Just as close as before, but with a couple of nicks thrown in for, em, authenticity. I enjoyed the ritual; I was hooked.

Contrary to all the DE advice I've seen, this habbit won't save you money - yes, multi-blade plastic billion year landfill fodder is expensive, but now we're talking about an addiction here. There are LOADS of DE blade types to collect from a well known auction site (I like the names and packets), loads of soaps and creams to buy and try and a once-in-a-lifetime, hewn-from-solid-unobtainium, DE saftey razor could easily become a monthly purchase... (mmm, I want the Gold one next - reminds me of C3-PO)...

Among my upgrades was "The Buccaneer". Aaarrr.. sorry, that one slipped out. My £3.49 brush never shed a hair, not one, but it felt it's price and it didn't have that many to start with. I searched around and found out that Badger Hair Brushes had mythical properties (like a Unicorn without having to be a virgin to use one), but baulked at the cost of them - "F*cking how much!" was my reaction to some. Hence, The Buccaneer entered my shaving routine. The knot is more than adequate and the handle is easy to hold in various ways. It's big, soft enough, only sheds a hair now and then, soaks in water well and can easily lather the hard soaps I've tried as well as lathering beatifully with creams in a few seconds rather than the minutes folk seem to go on about on YouTube. In short, it's great at what it's meant to be good at and feels just right on the sliding scale of too soft to too prickly. I like it a lot. To be honest, I'd be amazed if you can get anthing better for anywhere near this price. OK, if you spent scores of pounds on a super-duper one then you might not like this as much, but I don't recon you need to. Sixteen quid, Mate - get it.
Mr Adam Povey
Dec 7, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Bought as a present for my father, I'm very impressed with the quality of this brush. I use a BK4 which I personally think is the best brush on the market, but this brush really is up there. It's a bit stiffer than the BK4 but not unpleasantly so. This brush really is cheap quality which is something you don't find very often in this world.
Lyndon Dudding
Aug 3, 2015
Great brush, fantastic price. Creates a nice lather. Lost a few hairs the first couple of times I used it but that was all. Certainly recommend this for an entry level brush.
Mr Peter Jackson
May 20, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Cheap Luxury.
I wanted a 'proper' brush but alas have a budget. This is a brilliant brush, it holds water well and lathers superbly. It's nice in the hand and for the cost.....incomparable
Leigh Turner
This brush was recommended to me & so far I'm not dissappointed at all. It has a good shape & produces a good lather to get you up & running for a perfect shave. It works well in tandom with the Proraso Shaving Cream Jar. Highly recommended. A+
Brian Binns
I've been using a cheap brush I got in spain, when this one arrived in the post I was very pleased upon opening the box. Lovely firm feeling dark and light badger hair. It's a nice weight for it's size and the handle is well shaped too. Just don't get any luxury with shaving foams so a brush and lather is the way to go. Comes in a nice little box, I also chose the white drip stand. Recommend to anyone wanting a good brush for a low price.
Graeme Couttie
Larger than it looks in the picture. Loses a little hair at the start but soon settles down. Has a nice solid handle with a nice seamless finish. Very pleased and would recommend to all!
Mert Ilhan
I was hesitant first to order the "Buccaneer", but after seeing the difference with the synthetic shaving brush, I am just glad that I ordered. It holds the water in large amounts (which is crucial for creating a voluminous lather) and as I use it with a proper drip stand, there aren't any visible hair loss.
I highly recommend it as a starter to "Badger" Shaving Brush
Gary Whittles
Solidly made with minimal hair loss. The Buccaneer holds water well and releases just enough to ensure a thick luxurious foam. The artificial brushes I have used simply repel water and smear shaving cream across your face. The Buccaneer is a cut above and a not too expensive foray into the pure Badger shaving brush world.
Dan Armour
Fantastic brush at a fantastic price, this brush has a an extremley high quality and is great value for money. The quality of this brush is easily comparable to brushes £10-£20 more expensive than this, it has great water retention, the bristles are nice and soft which is a big plus for me having sensitive skin; however the bristles are prominent enough to get a nice thick lather with a lot of moisture.

Handle is nice and firm, brush just looks simple and stylish.

Thanks again Shaving Shack!
Henrik Fredriksson
I gave this to my father in law for a christmas present. He stated this was a VERY superior brush and was still raving about it after a couple of months. If this is your first brush and you HAVE to decide between others I would start with this brush. Very much brush for your bucks indeed.
Matthew Broadbent
This is my first badger hair shaving brush and so far I am impressed! Produces a good thick lather when used in conjunction with a good soap. Initially loses some hair, but stops after a few uses. Comes well recommended, especially for a beginner who may be sceptical about these type of brushes.

Thanks Shaving Shack! Another fine product without the price tag!
James Dabir
received this today,this brush is incredibly soft for pure badger,I also have a vulfix 660 which is pretty scrubby on my face and mainly suitable as a soap brush,if you are looking for a decent inexpensive badger brush this is it.
David Corcoran
This is the perfect brush to use, whips up a lather with ease. Stay's so warm. And works along side Mitchell's Wool Fat soap.
Gary Stanton
Ah the shave shack buccaneer pure badger brush……the first thing I brought from shave shack a few years ago and it has remained the foundation to my shaving routine. The weight and shape of the handle is ideal for creating and maintaining a good level of lather on the direct to face way of lathering up that I prefer to use. The pure badger hair has the feel of one of the more expensive brushes and the water retention quality it has is second to none. A great pure badger brush at half the price as the other brands. Why spend lots when you can have the shave shack buccaneer.
Peter Depledge
Having used synthetic and bristle brushes in the past, I had ignored the badger option as an expensive luxury. How wrong I was. Not only is this brush reasonably priced, but it's a whole step change in lathering up. It holds much more water than my previous brushes, which makes for more, and finer lather. It's comfortable to use, and matches the ivory drip stand. First use sees a couple of hairs coming loose, but after that it's fine. If you've never used a badger brush, then it's time to move up. And priced like this, there's really no excuse.
Richard Bradley
It's well worth the money, but then it isn't expensive. I've had mine for 10 months now and it hasn't stopped shedding hair (though I will admit there is still plenty left to shave with). It's a little scratchy and may be uncomfortable for someone with sensitive skin, but it's a good solid starter brush to use for a year or so before upgrading to something a little better.
Stephen J Baker
This is a very smart brush. It looks good in the bathroom and performs well. The handle is easy to grip, making it quick and easy to whip up a lather. I have not noticed any shedding of badger hair from the brush. On the contrary it is well made, stylish and great value.
Lassi M
My first brush ever, i like it alot. It makes good lather and feels pretty good, it is little pointy feeling at first but i think that it softens in use. I like it and i recomend it to others in need of cheap brush.
Matthew Allen
My first badger hair brush. I was a bit sceptical upon ordering as it is such a low price compared to other badgers but my negative feelings were all wrong. It's bigger than it looks in the picture and has a nice soft feel (compared to synthetics anyway). The handle is very solid and nice to hold. Water retention in this thing is incredible and it holds enough lather for a few passes (good for 'face latherers'). It had some hair loss at first but it is holding well considering I'm quite rough with it sometimes. I have to squeeze it after a shave to remove the high amount of lather it holds and although it looks a bit beaten after, a quick shake under the tap it's good as new. I will invest in a larger more expensive model but out of curiosity only because I can see this lasting a very long time.
Dr Porridge
Just switched from a synthetic brish and can't believe the difference. It's great quality for the money and whips up a mean lather - even with hard water... Well worth a try...
Craig Williams
This is my first brush to go along with my first order of DE razor supplies.

I wanted a badger brush as I have read that badger is the easiest to whip up a lather with. I also wanted to try to keep costs down and not do my normal approach of upping the budget and ending up with something I probably didn't need. So pure badger it was..

Not having used a shaving brush before I didn't really know what to expect or have anything to compare it to...It seems to be a good quality item that can whip up a shaving cream very quickly. No hair loss and is soft while at the same time feeling strong enough to 'work' the skin a bit.

Very glad I was sensible and went for this as for now its all I need for a great shave.
Nick Done
I'm new to DE shaving so I have no direct comparison to make to another type of brush. However, I have found this brush to whip up a really good lather, very quickly. It holds a lot of water/lather and cleans up quickly when you've finished. I found it to shed a few hairs initially, but after a week this has stopped.
Mr Dwayne
This is my first badger brush purchace as I used a synthetic for the first time last week and wasnt happy one bit! I didnt want to fork out for one of the more expensive brushes available on this site and after reading reviews decided to go for this one.... GREAT DECISION!

It whips up my shaving cream (new to this also) in a couple mins to a nice thick lather! It retains moisture well and has a nice set of bristles.

If you are going to be getting your first/seconf/third brush... GO FOR THIS ONE.

Nice one shaving shack! 5*
Simon Daniels
Quite simply the best value brush around. Looks beautiful,feels well made (and I think in England) and works a dream. Good work Shaving Shack.
Neil Jary
I've been using a wilkinson sword synthetic brush for awhile; then tried a bluebeards bristle...and finally decided to try a badger brush! So I search the Shack and found this. WOW! What a difference a badger brush makes!
Build quality is superb and the brush feels just right in your hand; it has a nice heft to it. The shaping of the bristles is spot on as well! I really can't say enough how good the quality of this brush is! I would suspect you would pay double for a similar brush with a brand name on it!
If you've never used a badger before; don't mess around! Just do it! And this brush is the perfect one to start with!
Andrew Cleeves
This is a much softer brush than I'm used to and at first I thought it was too soft.
After using for a week I found that it created a very smooth and rich lather very quickly.
It wets well and only has lost a couple of hairs in the three weeks I've been using it and those in the first few days.
Overall I'm glad I bought it.
Adam Clish
over the past couple of months of finally jumpng ship from cartridges to double edge shaving! if been quite happy with my shaving set up. ive allways heard about badger brushes ect.. but never realy considerd anything wrong with my simple synthetic one. till for fathers day 2013 i wished for a badger brush. naturally i did the searching, wich wasnt hard any more as i had personaly purchased items off shaving shack before! so i new were straight to come;)
but like picking the right cream or blade ect.. picking a brush can also be tad of trail & error.
i went for shaving shacks very own "Buccaneer" as i thought they shurely wouldnt put there name on a brush if its no good? buy god did i pick a beaut!!! maybe its because my skin was so used to the harsh feel of my old synthetic? but this brush feels like a dream on the face. super soft to the touch and whips up a lather spot on! and with the matching shaving shack clear "drip stand" dries nicely with no loss of the badger hair. with a hand on my heart.. i strongly believe you wont find better for under £25.
Paul Ewing
I keep mine on the drip tray and still it loses hair like phil Collins!! :) I always shake the brush and store on stand
Matija Turk
Just recieved mine. This is great! The foam is perfect and so much different than my previous cheap brush made. Recommend!
Samuel Richens
My first shaving brush so not had anything to compare it to but does the job i need it too with ease and at a great price. Great for a newbie!
Great brush that feels great on your face and should last a long time, give it a good rinse before first use then your good to go.
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Tips on caring for your shaving brush

  • Use warm water! Hot or boiling water can cause damage, ultimately resulting in shedding. Hot, in brush terms, is usually considered to be anything above the 50 degree Celsius mark.

  • Go easy with your brush! The core of the brush is where the magic happens and mashing down with your brush can twist and break the core hairs and over time cause hair loss and a dimpled effect in the centre of the brush.

  • Rinse and dry after use. When you are done using your brush shake or flip it hard a few times to remove all the water and hang upside down in a stand to dry. If you don’t have a stand dry the brush thoroughly on a towel.

Why is my brush shedding?

  • Intermittent shedding is quite normal across all makes of brush. Please read our magazine article that explains the issue, its causes and how you can prevent it happening: Why is my shaving brush shedding hair?!!

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