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Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin (100ml)Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin (100ml)
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Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin (100ml)

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A pre and post shave cream that refreshes and softens!
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A pre and post shave cream that refreshes and softens!

This is an ultra sensitive version of the famous Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream. It works like the original Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol formula, much loved in Italy since the 1920s, but with ingredients carefully chosen to be kind to sensitive skin during shaving. Refreshes the face and softens the beard when used as an 'undercoat' beneath the shaving cream and reduces stinging and irritation when applied after.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy's most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Note: The labelling on this product indicates pre-shave only but it is for both pre and post shave purposes

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(35 reviews)  

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35 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Daniel Fletcher
May 25, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Love the smell of this stuff and iadded with the Proraso shaving cream it gives me at close shave with no irritation.
Mr Peter Dickens
Feb 14, 2018
Bought this along with a safety razor starter kit. Imagine 1920s italian barber and you won't go far wrong. A little bit rubbed over stubble before a shave softens hair and gives a close, non irritated shave. Would highly recommend
Mr michael archer
Nov 5, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I use a little of the cream on both hands and rub on the face it feels great unlike pre oil I then use a Google quality shaving cream like proraso or bluebeards revenge and don't have any nicks or cuts or any irritation a very good product highly recommend
Mr Steven Sutton
Mar 9, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I brought this with the soap and found it to be very, very good. firstly, it is very cooling and you can feel and smell the menthol secondly, id didn’t hinder the lather at all and I hardly got any pickups. This will be on my renewal list when I have run out.
Rob Day
Oct 11, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Not really sure what to make of this. As a pre shave it is great. Lovely smell and it softens my stubble and face nicely. Just makes your face feel like it is ready to be shaved.

However post shave it is a different beast. It dried my skin, left a sort of sticky residue and caused some irritation. Shame as I really like the fresh smell it leaves. There are much better products to use post shave.

I give it 4 stars because I think saying to use it post shave is not a good idea for those with sensitive skin.
Mr Aaron Cooper
Jun 22, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Great place to start when picking up double-edged razor blade shaving! Preshave is an absolute must in my opinion. Of course this varies from person to person on the importance of using a pre-shave treatment, but for me I can't do without it now that I've used it. Shaving without is just too painful. Anyway, what's good about this particular one?

The smell is the first thing- wow it's FRESH! And it lasts. Pair this up with Proraso's shave cream of the same sensitive type and it's a great combo. It's menthol combined with mint and a little musk (only very subtle though) and other subtle tones... Ok, I'm not an expert on scents, but all I know is I like this one a LOT.

One thing I was curious about was the claim that this is a pre AND post shave cream. Mmmmm personally I wouldn't use this post shaving. It's not got the moisturising properties of a proper post-shave cream. I'd recommend getting a good quality face moisturiser (doesn't even have to be specifically designed for after shaving) and use that for a post-shave treatment.

Speaking of which.. This cream can be slightly drying. Really you need a pre-shave with a good amount of slickness offered, which this does very well at first, but after a few minute's shaving time it starts to feel like the razor is sticking to the skin slightly. It doesn't tug, but it's that feeling of rubbing in moisturiser too much and the skin starts to take on a slightly sticky surface. Not a deal-breaker, and if you use a shaving cream with lots of slick lather then this may not be an issue.

Overall, great starter pre-shave. This was my first and I've purchased 3 jars of it and will likely in the future because that scent is incredible. I do however recommend checking out pre-shave OILS as opposed to creams too, at first I was dubious but oils from manufacturers like Taylors of Old Bond Street are gorgeous and give incredible comfort, slickness and protection, even after shaving.
Mr Joseph Martin
Jun 14, 2015
As someone who uses a DE razor for head shaving this stuff is amazing! I could not imagine shaving without it. No rash or bumps and a really cool sensation before and after shaving.
Leigh Turner
I pretty much own, or have tried the whole range of Proraso products & I recommend each & everyone. I have quite sensitive skin & a tough beard. I find their products don't affect me in any way & give me the best close shave ever. I have used this as a pre-shave & a post shave, after I have used my alum block & I'm not suffering in the slightest. Highly recommended!!!
Tom P
Use enough of this and it will make your eyes water, brilliant! I am using it as a pre and post shaving cream and it has given me a great shave. The cream feels great on my skin and has an amazing cooling effect, you really have to try it!
James Nicholson
This stuff is fantastic. I had been using Castle Forbes pre shave which is supposed to be the best there is, but as it smells and feels pretty horrible and costs a fortune I thought i'd try the Proraso. I have quite a corse beard and very sensitve skin (not a good combination). When applied it gives a nice tingling feeling and smells like lemon merangue pie which is certainly not a bad thing. I'm not sure that it softens the beard as much as the Castle Forbes but as it protects the skin much better I am left with much less irritation and a nice smooth shave. I use it with The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream which is outstanding and finish off with Trumpers Lime Skin Food (I wish they sold that here). I wouldn't like to use the Proraso as a post shaving cream as it would be a bit greasy for me. Also, the tub I have makes no mention of it being used as a post shave. In all I couldn't rate this product more highly especially as it is very reasonably priced.
Martin Norton
I have been shaving for about 15 years and have never been able to shave more than twice a week due to terrible shaving rash! Since I have been using Proraso sensative after every shave my rash has disappeared! I can shave everyday! the rash still appears after the shave but as soon as I rub in my proaso cream it disappears within minutes! love it so much have recomended to all my friends and it is now a christmas present for my father!
Nav Singh
I have used various pre shave oils in the past but this product without doubt is better than any oil. The cream applies really easily and little goes a long way. The scent is refreshing and helps wake you up in the morning. I discovered the product when visiting a professional wet shave shop who swear by it. I certainly would never go back to oils again.
Anthony Keedwell-Smith
I bought this as I suffer from very sensitive almost burned skin after shaving. I found an immediate improvement after using this. It was very easy to use and noticeably softened my beard. and left a great fresh smell and no buring or irritation. Thoroughly reccomended
Peter H
Being in my late 40s I have found that my face has become very sensitive to shaving these days. I have tried loads of various pre shave oils and creams. I took a gamble on Proraso cream & it paid off. top quality product that does what it says. I thoroughly recommend it.
Steven Carter
The first pre-balm I have used and it makes a significant difference to the comfort of a shave. I apply enough with my finger tips so my fingers start to glide over my face then my blade glides with no pulling or bunching of skin that brings can bring cuts.

It freshens my face, and only has a slight fragrance,and leaves it moist enough I don't need to re-apply after the shave. The tub is small, but is lasting me a long time.
Iain Sutcliffe
as others have said, its more a pre-shave than post shave product. small tub but will probably last a long time. agree this is much better than an oil and the tingling when first applied after a wash is invigorating !. Top stuff and glad i bought it here
Douglas Fisher
This is an excellent product, with a nice fragrance and lasts well. It quickly absorbs and I have used it as a pre/shave product and 'undercoat' for variety of shaving creams (applied with badger brush) such as Geo F Trumper, Proraso, Musgo Real. It works extremely well with all of them and offers a big improvement to overall comfort / shaving experience.
Excellent. It seems to get absorbed very quickly. I find myself rubbing it on to my face and leaving it around my stubble before it gets all absorbed.
Neil Goodhead
Just love this product! The smell is wonderful and it gives great tingling feeling on the skin. Massaged a little on my face prior to lathering and the shave was significantly more comfortable. Highly recommended! Did I mention the smell - out of this world, love it!
Antony Reekie
Simple, wonderfully effective, excellent value and smell is light enough not to interfere with your cologne.
Keith Stoneman
Just as effective as the Eucalyptus version. More subtle in fragrance and not as "In your face" but just as effective at what it is supposed to do. Think I will alternate between the two products, but will certainly be sticking with Proraso for pre shave cream. having said that I wouldn't use it as post shave cream though, there are better products out there for that. My last tub of Proraso lasted me three months. Good value!
Douglas Fisher
The cream is very pleasant, smooth and is easily applied to face and absorbs into skin well. I use this specifically as a pre-shave product, before using a shaving brush with cream. It definitely makes shaving with a DE razor a tad easier and reduces risks of cuts and nicks with additional skin protection. A jar lasts me over 3 months and that's with almost daily shaving. Excellent product and highly recommended.
Paul Wootton
this stuff is amazing, i have real sensitve skin but a tough beard, this stuff worked from the first shave and has left my skin comfortable and much much less irritated.
James Riley
Tried this as I was not overly keen with the Truefit and Hill oil. However, found that as a preshave it seems to make lather dry out (may be only when combined with TOB Eton College cream - that's what i was using when it happened, and not with other creams). I prefer the T and H, but use this as a post shave due to the awesome smell and lovely tingles it gives on the skin. Dries quickly too. Feels so nice I even use it when I have not shaved! Would like to try the standard version as i Hear this is stronger - Love it!
This stuff is superb both as a pre shave cream and an aftershave balm. Very nice scent and you don't need much so will last for quite a while. I find you really need to rub it in well otherwise I get left with a white residue on parts of my face, but no real issue. Highly recommended
Daniel Gustafson
Having shaved with a Mach3 for about 15 years I recently decided to move along to a more classic way of shaving. I was a bit intrigued how different it was from what I was used to and also my skin did not appreciate it. I decided to try the Proraso Pre-shave cream after reading the fine reviews on this site and am very happy that I did. You don´t need to use that much of it to get a great effect. The razor slides much easier, making it easier to shave and it has a nice menthol "zing" to it. It feels great. It smells great. It soothes the skin. a great product that I highly recommend to anyone.
Matt Mckenny
Sure this tingles on first contact but it definitely work..not sure how! I have really course whiskers so use it between each pass and no, it doesn't interfere with each lather.
Loving this Balm.

I use solely as a post shave Balm, feels great on the skin spreads well so little needed.

No irritation from the cream very soothing and the lovely light citrus scent is really nice.

The scent even lingers for an hour or more after very subtle but very welcomed.
Ian Vincent
I had used a pre shave oil and a florescent shaving gel when I used a Fusion razor for many years. When I started to look in to a more traditional shaving experience the modern oils always seemed to hinder the lathering process, so I dutifully gave up on any pre shave process beyond soaking the brush and wetting my face. However once my face began to flare up and become sensitive and dry I felt the need for an alternative to the oils. Proraso Pre Shave Creams are wonderful products and perform equally well. My skin calmed down within a few days of using them. I also found the sensitive version doesn't carry that menthol kick that the original has, so in my opinion it doesn't over power the scent of the cream or soap you use. I can safely say this will remain in my shaving ritual indefinitely.
Andrei Sirbu
This cream is really fantastic . I combine it with the shaving soap . I use the shaving soap for the first two passes, then I use the cream for my third pass and it is extremely refreshing ! I don't have a very sensitive skin , I mainly use this cream for its refreshing qualities and I'm not disappointed at all.
Brian Pytlak
First pre-shave cream i have ever bought and i must say i love it this stuff is amazing, you get the tingling feeling you get off the shave cream proraso also sells, but this stuff really does exactly what it says on the tin (glass jar) really eliminates razor burn and tugging, coupled with the merkur you are unstoppable.
Really enjoying the feeling of this as a pre-shave cream, and the smell is incredible. I've finally found a soap that works with my skin and together there is no irritation whatsoever!
liam hannon
I love this stuff! It feels lovely on your face and smells great! Very refreshing and cooling which is just what you need after a nice shave. My only mild issue with is is that I'll put a bit on and rub it in, it'll feel lovely and soft but then after 20 mins or so it starts to feel...kinda grippy...? This may just be me using a bit too much but I don't think so...

Anyway, I would highly recommend to people starting out.
Les Brand
I've been using this for 5 months as still have loads of it left, exceptional value for money.

I'd not used pre-shave cream before I bought this and I've found it does make a difference to shaving. I generally only use it when I do a three way shave once per week and it works brilliantly. No soreness or rashes afterwards.

It took a couple of goes to get used to as it feels like you're applying a soft wax at first but then begins to apply easier.

It has a very 'fresh' smell and leaves your skin with a slight tingling feeling.

Apply this, then your shaving cream, carry out a three way shave and then some post shave. I often use Proraso products at all steps and your skin will feel smoth and alive.

I highly recommend this product.
brandon finney
I got this product with a shavette, perfect for sensitive skin, and has a very fresh smell to it.

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