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Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream (100ml)Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream (100ml)
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Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream (100ml)

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A pre and post shave cream that refreshes and softens!

A pre and post shave cream that refreshes and softens!

For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. This pre and post shave cream containing Eucalyptus Oil will refresh the face and soften the beard when used before shaving and will reduce stinging and irritation when applied afterwards.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy's most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Note: The labelling on this product indicates pre-shave only but it is for both pre and post shave purposes. Please also note that some batches have indentations at the top of the cream which are part of the production process.

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Average customer rating:
(59 reviews)  

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59 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Ian Rigby MBE
Oct 19, 2021
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Bought this to try a pre shave product as hadn’t used one before and certainly not disappointed. Great smell and feel, preparing the face before lathering up. Certainly noticed a difference and got a much closer shave.
Mr David Cunniffe
Jul 29, 2020
I actually prefer the a Proraso Pre-Shave cream as a post shave balm. The menthol and eucalyptus smell is great and it soothes and protects the skin when it’s cold. This is one product I would be without.
Mr Neil Hulme
Apr 21, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Decided to treat myself and get this to see if its any good - yes is the short answer, smells nice too!
Mr jason slavin
Mar 13, 2020
Bought this on recommendation,glad i did nice cooling sensation before and after shaving with nice scent.
Mr Daniel Dorsz
Oct 21, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
All Proraso products are amazing and so is this one. I always come back to it. Green is good for summer time and the red one definitely autumn stuff. If you can not decide what pre/post/shave to buy. Buy this one !
S Madi
May 5, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
My first venture into pre and post shave products. I can't believe what i've been missing. My Skin feels so great when used after a shave, i can't stop touching it...

Being a pre and post shave cream is a bonus as you don't need to buy two products. Seems like the jar will last awhile too, as not much cream is needed for each shave.
Mr Simon Watkins
May 5, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
A fantastic pre and post shave cream. An essential part of my shaving routine
Mr Dennis Bailey
Sep 28, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
An essential pre shave addition-super cooling, fresh and makes the razor glide. Also feels great post shave using a small pea size amount. long lasting jar
Mr Gari Mclean
May 23, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very refreshing for the summer and great when paired with the Proraso shaving cream for the extra tingling feeling. Would be careful not use too much pre-shave as it can easily make the face slightly too slippery to handle when shaving, so make sure to massage in well. Excellent product though.
Mr Murray Barnett
Nov 17, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I never put much faith in pre shave products. I just thought they were a bit of a con to get more money out of you. But oh my god was I wrong!! This product is fantastic and I wouldn't think of shaving without it now! The feeling you get using it almost sensual and makes it 1000 times easier to shave too witch makes your skin feel even better! My only regret is not using this sooner!
Mark Pereira
Oct 13, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
My partner often gets me to do the role of prep chef in the kitchen because I seem to be able to better handle chopping onions. So I thought I'd be pretty immune to this pre and post shave cream (and being a big Proraso fan). Blimey I was wrong... rubbed it in to my face and my eyes felt like they'd been maced. Once the vision came back, it turned into quite a nice and powerfully fresh feeling on my face. It seemed to do the job well enough, but... meh... it didn't leave me feeling quite right during the shave. It did, however, work and feel nice as a post shave, but again, a bit meh..

I reckon the red would be absolutely sublime, so I will definitely try this at some point soon.
Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
Jul 3, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Not long had this and only used it a few tines but biy does it work. After a shower and exfoliate your face with a decent face wash apply this and stand back! Wow! Feels great smells great and dies the job. Only use a a small bit as a post shave but feels and smells great.
Mr Peter Jackson
May 20, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very Nice.
For the price it's fantastic. I've tried all sorts of lotions and potions of varying costs but this is by far and away the best. Skin feels clean and alive.
Mrs Janet Campbell
Dec 13, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I thought my eyes were going to melt out of my skull at first. Bloody brilliant stuff smells like vicks and my skin feels bang on good value for the money
james _Death
A lot of product for your money.
Can be used pre and post shave, i think its at its best as a post shave balm.
Can feel a bit gritty on the skin post shave but this seams as though its drying your face and as such your fingers feel grippy on your skin.
Smells great and feels good.
If you fan your face with a cloth etc you get a continued cooling facial buzz/blast from the post shaving balm you have put on a real buzz very nice.
Paul Darcy
Wow my face is alive!! Just applied this post shave and it feels amazing. It smells like Vicks Vaporub. My skin feels really cool and the sensation lasts for about 20 minutes. You've gotta try this!!
Very good pre-shave cream.

I have used various different oils before, including the Taylor Of Old Bond Street Essential Oil which was expensive. This cream is a lot better, and you get the menthol 'burn' on your skin which really makes the beard hairs soft.

I no longer get shaving rash and this cream makes ever pass smooth, against and with the grain.
Marius Larsen
It says it's both a pre and a postshave product. In my opinion, it works best as a pre. Consider an aftershave as post.

I like to use my cream/soap of the day as a preshave, but if you like a designated preshave product then this is a good choise. It's mentholated, so keep that in mind when considering buying it. Proraso pre/post works better then most oils in softening the beard, and is much cheaper.
Ade Manning
Startling! Put enough on and it makes your eyes water! Great product, used it as an after shave balm and it does certainly feel fresh and invigorating. More of a 'paste' feel, rather than a classic after shave lotion ( normally use a Proraso or Dr Galen - now obsolete - with grape seed extract ), but rubs in well and keeps the chin smooth. Starting to use this daily now.
Dennis Bailey
Instant impact when opening the jar!!!! I like the strong menthol style and a little goes a long way. Kept my skin supple when used as a pre shave when my face lather started drying a bit. No nicks, no iritation highly reccomended!
Russell Burton
I am not usually impressed enough with anything to bother writing a review, but for this I'll make an exception. Having used pre shave oils, and find that they improve the shave but not by much, this really does help. I used to make three passes with the razor, with, accross and against the grain. With this product I only need two, with and against. Leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed too.
Mikko Fallenius
I used to use only shaving cream when shaving. When I use this as a pre-shave cream, it makes my shaving a lot easier and safer. I don't get razor burn anymore. I carefully rub small amounts of Proraso Pre Shaving Cream onto a wet face until it feels slippery. Then I apply shaving cream with a shaving brush and start shaving. A 100ml jar of this lasts surprisingly long when you remember to use it sparingly. A great product.
Michael Ernstoff
I shaved off my beard about 5 years ago and since then I have been on a quest to get a decent shave without hurting my skin. I have tried electric shavers, DE and cartridge blades, various different soaps and creams (cheap and luxury). Using this as a pre-shave has made more difference than anything else I have tried. I wish I had found it earlier.
So good it has made me want to write a review (for the first time ever).
Never used a pre shave balm before but after reading many reviews ordered this little jar of balm.

In short its like rubbing acid on your face and is awesome. Needless to say it wakes you up in the morning. It only requires a small pea sized ball rubbed into your face before applying shaving foam. No need to say much more as many already have. Does what it says on the tin

I would like to add that i wouldn't ever use it as a post shave balm. This is due to its relative expense and i am currently a great fan of alcohol free face moisturiser as shaving soap tends to dry my face out.
Nicholas Lambert
This has a little bit more of a menthol smell than the proraso shaving cream but used before and after the shave it feels great, a tiny amount will be plenty, so i suspect this will last for ages!
Michael Vitalis
I use this a preshave cream and really like it. It smells great and the menthol ting gets your face going! It also softens the bristles, helping make your shave smoother.
Andy Woolley
Amazing stuff, made getting that close shave so much easier. Leaves you feeling invigorated after with a fresh sensation. Use only a tint amount, before and after.
Arsalan Karimi
This is the most amazing product i have ever used. i have been wetshaving for the past 5 years and it has only been a year ive used he proraso pre/after shave cream.
i was amazed the first time how good it smells, feels and the awsome protection it gives.

This product is soo good that i give samples away to friends to try and most of them have baught the product and are now HOOKED on it hehe!!

i use this with the proraso shaving cream and aftershave balm. i use it before i apply the shaving cream with my brush, EVERYTIME i apply the shaving cream i use this cream before. and then i was my face with cold water, let it dry, apply the cream again. leave it on for 5 min and then apply the aftershave balm

makes my day, EVERY day!
I have been using this cream for about 7 months now and I love it. You can use it as a post shave cream and it does an OK job as one but I consider this as a pre shave cream only, if you want a good post shave cream I would recommend Proraso's aftershave balm. What makes this cream so great is that it's cheap, gives your skin a nice cool feeling since it's mentholated and in my opinion the best pre shave cream that is out there and is much better than many more expensive pre shave creams on the market.
Alric Horne
one of the best pre/post aftershave i have used am believe me i have use a few as i suffered from ingrown hairs since using this product with the proraso aftershave i did not get any excellent product
Harry Hornsey
I was given a tub of this a couple of weeks ago and have been using it since. It's great, really fresh and enlivening. It also protects your face allowing the razor to glide over surfaces leading to a seriously close shave. However, beware, it is so protective the first time I used it I shaved way too close with the result of some pretty bad razor burn. all in all though a great product, I can't imagine shaving without it now!
Stephen Donnellan
Ok, there's not a great deal that hasn't been highlighted on the Shave Shack Reviews regarding the performance of the Proraso Cream; of course as both a pre and post shave cream, it's utterly amazing. However, when I first entered into DE shaving, it was one of the first products that I purchased, but has anyone actually told you how to use it correctly?

Well, as I often ended looking like I had smeared my face in white paint with residue all over the place, here's my recommendation and it works for both your pre and post shave routine:

The essential requirement with using Proraso is to use it in tiny quantities. Certainly a pea sized amount is just far too much and I now use just a dab of a finger into the jar, with minimal product applied to each side of the face; less is better with this product. Secondly and most important for the post shave routine is to make sure that your face is wet when you apply the cream. Whilst your face should not be completely soaking, a cold splash to seal the pores after you've done your final pass and then by the time you've opened the jar it should be perfect. Finish it off with a waft of air from a towel, cupboard door or a hairdryer on a cold setting to get the intense hit from the ingredients, then some Proraso Balm and you will be in shave heaven!
Chris S
This stuff is excellent as a pre-shave; moistens the skin and bristles and leaves a protective coating below your lather.
I can't stress enough how little you need to apply though: the pot is small for a reason. Use it correctly and it will last a long time. Use too much and your face will have a strange, gluey feel...not ideal!

I must admit I have never bothered using this post-shave. There are better products for that.
Keith Stoneman
LOVE this.... but beware.. if you are not expecting or dont like the eucalyptus! This is strong stuff and really wakes you up in the morning, effective and as the ad says "does exactly what it says on the tin".

Might try the sensitive one next, to see what difference there is, but for now this is brilliant.
Craig Carroll
I keep trying this stuff on and off, but apart from the menthol aroma having a wake-you-up-quickly action, it really doesn't seem to have any effect on the shave. Rather pointless, really.
Daniel Warry
What a cracking product from the boys at Proraso !! it makes the only 30 mins I get to myself all the more special !!!
Luke Stanwick
You know what they say, the key to a really good shave is skin preparation.
This ProRaso with a hot towel prior to a shave is perfect. I have sensitive skin with very coarse thick facial hair. This soften the bristles making it easier to shave preventing shaving rash and cutting your face. A must buy
James Ashman
As I'm new to safety razor shaving (always used Mach 3 razor with whatever shaving gel/foam was on offer) i didn't know which cream, soap etc to use when I purchased my new merkur 34c classic. So I looked at reviews, best sellers etc and decided to by proraso shave soap and the pre/post shave cream. As I suffer from ingrown hairs (well I did until I started shaving with a DE safety razor and a good brush) then I was advised to put shaving oil on before gel/foam to work as a base layer. I always used a cheap oil from supermarkets but when buying my razor and brush from shaving shack I thought I'd go all out and buy the works. I'm glad I did as this cream is brilliant! It feels like all my pores open up when I massage it on and the razor glides over my face. You can still feel the menthol buzz on your face for a while after yous shave and if you wish you can use it as an after shave cream aswell which I tried. It is good as an after shave cream but I prefer it as a pre shave cream.
Can't wait for my next shave!
Erwan Dugelay
Having lived in France and Italy for many years I am well aware of this product. What can say that has not been already said? It is an excellent product that will make your skin feels smooth and soft as a baby's skin.

Much better to use as a pre-shave as it is a bit thick for me and tends to melt on the skin as a post-shave, especially in summer. The smell of menthol is not apparent after shaving and using an after-shave balm.

This product is truly great for the price, you won't find anything better. It makes me feel like Casanova which is a great accomplishment!
Anthony Richards
My first experience with the Proraso pre/post which I used as a post. Wow that stuff is refreshing. I love it. I wouldn't use it as a pre personally because I think it would numb your face a little but I apply it to a wet face after shaving and allow it to air dry and it's uber refreshing. Although it feels so strong, after 20 minutes it has done it's work and the fragrance dulls so you have no worries about applying your farourite aftershave. I've had it less than a week but this will form a core part of my routine for years to come.
Sam Bern
Great way to start the day the Eucalyptus really wakes up your skin. I prefer it as a pre shave to post.

I use a really small amount and spread it out over my beard after the shower. I don't wash it off and apply the shaving cream with the brush over the top. Feels really good for up to an hour after your shave.
Greg Hesp
Smell great and feels great on the skin. Only a pea shape amount so this should last a fair while!

Unfortunately it didn't prevent me from getting several nicks and cuts when using feather blades :(
Matthew Walters
As far as I'm concerned this knocks everything else into a cocked hat! Can't see me ever using anything else.
Made a huge difference to my shave experience. I was using Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream and a DE 89L with Derby blades and I was getting a good shave. With the addition of the Proraso pre shave cream I got no razor burn, no nicks, no redness and a fantastic close easy shave. I didn't think it would make a big difference but it did.
A must have addition to the shaving routine.
Arwel Jones
This is a must before you start shaving, just a very small amount is required and you feel it work as soon as you put it on. Your skin warms up as the menthol gets to work.
I leave it on for about 3 to 4 min then i put on my bluebeard pre shave oil before foaming up, it works great, does not clog up your blade and it smells great.
A pot of this will last you ages, it's exellent value.
A must buy. I wish I had found it earlier.
Craig Williams
This will wake you up in the morning! It smells like a turbo charged version of the Proraso green cream. Really works making shaving with the DE even better. Put it on straight after the shower, leave it for a few min's while you make up your lather, makes you face feel alive! I wouldn't be without this now...
Cameron McKinnon
Cracking pre/post aftershave, one of the best I have tried.

I used to always suffer from ingrown hairs and Razor burn but has been load better since use this. Just ordered my second batch today ;-)
Paul Heron
This makes a huge difference to my shaving routine. A tiny amount helps to soften the bristles while I conjour up a lather. Makes shaving a very comfortable experience, and an area under my chin which was always very irritable is now longer irritable. A fantastic product.
Paul Fitzsimons
This stuff is magic in a jar and I only wish I'd discovered it sooner. Ive tried pre shave products in the past and never been impressed but I will be using this relegiously from now on, I thought Id discovered the holy grail when I switched to DE shaving, but this stuff has taken my shave to the next level, this has made my shaves super slick and eliminated any irritation. The cream itselfs smells like vicks vaporub and a tiny amount goes a long way, brilliant stuff.
Brian Allen
Just ordering my second jar. I am surprised that Gillette have not bought out this company and suppressed the product. On a pack of 4 Gillette Fusion blades it says "may last up to three months". I am getting a perfectly goiod shave in the FOURTH month of the FIRST blade from the pack, using the Proraso pre-shave (plus Taylor's Sandalwood cream applied with large Taylor's Silver tip badger brush) I shave to the bone virtually every day. It must be working.
Gary Sanders
I just had to write a review about this product. It really is more than I expected it could be. I'd heard a lot about Proraso and read the reviews so I thought I'd give it a try and it blew me away.

I normally shave every other day with a straight razor. My neck area and jawline won't allow consecutive day shaving as the skin just gets too dry and sensitive. But this has made all the difference! You really only need to dab a tiny bit on the end of your finger. Really small amount and then massage it in. It spreads so well and such a tiny amount really does the whole face with some left on my hands. The smell is lovely and the longer you leave it on the more you can feel the menthol effect.

The shave was absolutely incredible! First pass with, then across and then across/against the grain with the neck being done across twice. Afterwards there was no irritation or tightness in my skin at all. Stretching my jaw and neck around caused no discomfort and the skin felt smooth to the touch without any of the usual dryness. No redness or bloodspots. Normally it's a little bit red and very tight and stingy. I really didn't think it would be quite that good.

Shaved again today, another 3 pass shave. Normally even a 2 pass shave would be troublesome the day after but again, absolutely no problems. Skin feels moist and looks great. Well worth the price and will last a long time. Used a bit of Prorasos liquid aftershave balm afterwards as well but it really wasn't necessary on this occasion.

10/10. Every shaver should try this at least once. Fab!
Andy Blake
I use this cream both pre and post shave. No need for post shave oil anymore. The cooling sensation is wonderful. Shaving rash is also a thing of the past. I found that it spread better when applied to a slightly damp face. Smells great too.
This is a great way to start your shave (and your day). I use this pre-shave and then lather without washing it off. As well as being really refreshing after my shave I was left with no irritation or nicks. A brilliant product I highly recommend it.
Ross Peachey
I use this a preshave cream and really like it. It smells amazing and the menthol really invigorates your face. It softens the bristles nicely making for a better shave. I don't like it as a post shave treatment though I find it a bit dry. I prefer to use another moistureiser.
Jason Lafferty
After struggling with a couple of balms I reverted the the reviews on this site and bought this.

What a wonderful product. I personally use it as a post shave product and love how how fresh my face feels after applying it.

After finishing my shaving routine I leave my face a little damp and then apply a little into my skin, immediately the usual areas of top lip and neck feel soothed.

Smell could be a little overpowering if you're a morning shaver. I shave at nights so it's fine for me. Perhaps I'm applying a little too much of it.

Having used this I really cannot see me buying any other balm product. Love how this leaves my skin feeling
Smell and feel is great, definitely makes a difference to the shave when applied before. I like to apply it afterwards as well for the nice smell. It makes the skin feel very cool.
Neil Godbold
Can't get enough of this, love how it moisturises without leaving my skin oily. One pot lasts around 3-4 months, use it nearly every day. I have also found that combined with a good DE blade, I get no irritation after when I use proraso as a balm. Buy in now!!!!
Nicholas Clutten
This stuff really smells the business. Small amount goes a long way and when paired with feather blades will give a perfect cut. will make a difference to your shaves!! guaranteed.
I use this product regularly and its a great pre and post shave routine , its got a great fresh scent and tingles nicely, on a plus note, a little goes a long way so its excellent value for money
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