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Parker 31R Stainless Steel All Metal Cut-Throat Straight Razor - SR1 (Uses Replaceable Blades)

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£24.99  including VAT

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Affordable and unique design!
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Affordable and unique design!

Parker are well known for manufacturing double edge razors since 1973 and have used their shaving expertise to create this affordable yet stylish and distinctive razor.

This razor is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don't have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave!

Weight: 46g

Note: This will take standard double edged razor blades. Simply snap a double edge blade in half (lengthways). - click here for the blade replacement guide (PDF)

For guidelines on how to shave with this type of razor please see our "How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor" section of our FAQ, remembering that you won't need to strop or hone!

Blades may need to be purchased seperatelyDo you need to buy blades for this item? Razors don't always come supplied with blades so, unless otherwise stated, please assume that you need to buy them separately. If in doubt, please get in contact and ask.

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Average customer rating:
(25 reviews)  

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25 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Martin Iles
Apr 3, 2021
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Nicely balanced and professional-looking for the price. I use it as a finish using shaving oil to remove the 'fluff' left behind after an electric shave.
Mr Jonathan Page
Aug 29, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Beautifully weighted and crafted. Great value. Easy to use and clean. Now my go to shavette.
Mr Ben Harper
Feb 25, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Arrived quickly and undamaged, box was quite fancy for the price. Has a nice weight to it and the detailing for the price is quite neat. Nicely balanced and works a treat. My only upset is the handles are quite thin and rough but its built for purpose. Treat yourselves, add to cart :)
Mr Ashley Crane
Jul 13, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I purchased this product around 48 hours ago and could not wait to try it. Having never used one I looked at many how to videos that recommended starting small and working up to a full shave with patience and practice mastering the technique as I go. Being Northern, I employed advanced ignorance and started on my head. All went well initially giving my balding dome the soft silky smoothness of a pornstars front bottom. As my confidence grew I began to tackle the sides. Its worth noting that modern blades are so sharp its difficult to detect a cut until I saw the tidal wave of claret scorch down my neck behind my ear. I watched in horror as the sink of hot water dispersed to a muddy brown as my stubble and blood combined to a scene from Sweeney Todd. I did not feel where the many many more cuts and feeling of light headedness came from until I applied my free gift of Bluebeards post shave balm. Being a combination of Alcohol and water I found all 27 shaving cuts to my head and next door realised I was in fact at home. Excellent product and the best shave my face has had. Need to work on my head though before I get and ASBO or die from blood loss.

Buy this product it will change your life. My face is smooth and irritation free. Just listen to advice from seasoned pros or dont be Northern.
Mr Mirko Maksimovic
Jan 11, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I buyed this shavette about month ago and shave with that abot 8 times. This is my first shave with this type of razor and what i need to say is next:
1. blade is very good secured inside the shavette
2.grip in hand is not realy good
3.when you open and close few times you whill see scratches on it that is what i dont like.

For first trying to shave with this type of razor i can recommend becuse you whill learn how to take grip trust me after this one you can pick up what you want in hand :)
Mr Aarran Campbell
Jan 3, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I have recently purchased this shavette to replace my straight razor as I don't have time to hone it and all the other bits and pieces that come with straight shaving, I ordered the item on New Years eve and received it today. When I opened the box I was very pleasantly surprised it is a very neat and pretty looking razor, there are comments about the weight of the razor being to light but to be honest the weight is fine and it has a nice feel in the hand. I paired this razor with feather blades which I got as a free gift and I can honestly say I have never had a shave as smooth as I had this morning. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more manly shaving experience what a super addition to my bathroom.
Luke Parkin
Dec 14, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Great value for money razor. Been using this razor for over 3 months now and still looks as good and performs as good as the day I bought it. for anybody thinking of getting into shaving with a straight razor this is where i would recommend you start!

Great Product!!!
Mrs Janet Campbell
Dec 13, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
received this item in the post today very delighted held the blade tight. comfortable to hold nice shape and weight. well worth the money. The only down side would be the handle but nothing major
Mr David Strachan
Dec 4, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I'd long wanted a straight edge razor for using at home but was put off with the idea of honing and stropping, Then i found the shavette and thought i'll give that a bash!

I liked the look of the parker stainless and after receiving it I've not been left disappointed. Its lightweight and easy to use with nice clean styling, plus it comes in a nice wee presentation box.

I used the guide and it explained everything you need to know really clearly and really helped me achieve a good result for a first go!
Clarence Covel
I used this razor for the first time a few days ago...a razor with a very substantial feel yet light enough to be responsive around the tricky chin and Adam's apple area!! Mechanism held the blade very secure!!
Ben Watson
I have always been interested in staright razor shaving, having seen these razors in countless films and such, it always looked so cool. Plus the skill and time involved in maintaining and using these razors is obvioulsy something to take pride in.

However, the straight razors, and the strops and hones required are expensive. Plus I am cursed with sensitive skin on my face. I know, I should just man up and get on with it! But to see if the style and manner of straight razor shaving agreed with me and my tempramental skin, I thought I would give this Parker Shavette a try.

The shavette is quite light in weight although feels solid enough, and is easy to load up with half a double edged blade.

The first time I used it I took it slowly and managed to work it round the contours and angles of my face, although still managed to end up with so many nicks, nacks and then some more nicks that Spike Milligan could have done a poem about the experience! I have used it a few times since and I am getting better, although still getting used to it.

It does give a smooth result, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to give straight razor shaving a bash.
Jamie Patel
Like Mr. Watson, I was rather curious about straight razor shaving, however, I am just downright lazy and really would not be suited to honing and stroping my razor if I invested in a traditional one, so decided to take the plunge and get a shavette.


First impressions when I got this razor out of the box was: wow this thing is light. Then the worst nightmare, the fear that the product is faulty! Be careful not to push the arm with the razor blade too far into the casing otherwise you risk jamming it in the casing, which I did unintentionally by dropping it!

Once prised out of the jammed casing, I quickly and effortlessly loaded it up with a derby half double-edged blade and began.... chopping my face to bits! I came out bleeding more than one of Jigsaw's sadistic "games" in the SAW movies.

Once I got the hang of it second time round, my face is as smooth as a baby's bottom and the shavette looks rather cool in my bathroom tidy. Would recommend this product for anyone wishing to break into this hobby.

Would sincerely recommend having a shower first to properly soak your face and open your pores (especially if you have sensitive skin) otherwise you definitely gonna cut yourself!
David Thompson
Got this razor to try straight shaving, after some practice its really easy to use and gives great . the blade holding mechanism looks flimsy but holds the blade very securly
Using for many times a DOVO straight razor, tired of leather stropping everyday and stropping, I decided to try this shavette (I ordered TREET blade too !). This has a very nice shape to be nicely hold. changing blade remain very simple.
This is really a great product.
I must add that the look is also very suitable in your bathroom.
Try this, you'll be pleased.
AJ Campbell
Picked up this shavette after wanting to give straight razor shaving a go. Like Mr Patel above I found that it was quite easy to jam the blade in the casing, but once you've done it once it's easy to remember not to!

On to the shave... Unlike the others here I managed not to cut myself up too badly, but it does take some practice to get a close shave in some areas (I also took the precaution of buying it with some alum block, which works incredibly well for whe you do get nicked).

Now after a bit of practice I actually find myself looking forward to shaving with this, whereas shaving with cartridges was always a chore.
For a few weeks have been using a Focus Traditional Blade Razor m friend gave me. a few days ago i thought i should treat myself to a new one, an this was my choice and i have to say i am very impressed of how it handles! using Feather blade there was almost no pull at all and it was the best shave yet! I recommend it.
Bhaven Pandya
Great product,great price!! Used is first time today no cuts no nicks just baby smooth skin,loved it! Product is solid build all stainless steel, very light. Practice without blade to get angle right and strokes and no pressure let the blade do the work. I reccamend this to anyone who wants the best shave! Spoke to DAN who gave me fantastic advice on this product. Fast delivery great website great advice! 5 STARS!!!!
First straight razor ever. I fancied trying the traditional shave but did want to fork out too much. The razor gave me a very close shave I'm very happy with it. It's easy to Load the blades and the build quality is good. I would recommend this to someone wishing to try a straight razor like I did.
Lee Ng
Ordered this shavette and received it 2 days later. I'm new to straight shaving so thought I try out a shavette before going for the real thing. I have to say, the razor feels and looks good. Not flimsy at all. Managed to cut myself 3 times while shaving but that was because of inexperience. I'm sure that will change soon enough with practise. Using this razor made my morning shaving ritual a real pleasant experience.
Neil Jary
First up superb delivery time! ordered at nearly midnight on Sunday and received it Wednesday!
New to straight razor shaving so I thought a shavette to be the safest way to go first time out. I have psoriasis and as such was kind of worried about shaving with a straight edge instead of a safety razor. I bought this shavette because it looked the part. there was a little disappointment when I first held the razor; it seemed light and slightly flimsy...but then I thought about it and figured..exactly what do you need in such a device? im used to the heavy lump that is a Gillette to hold a lightweight shavette came as a shock..and looking at it the build quality is acceptable and it does what it says on the tin!
I was mildly worried about snapping razor blades in half to use in the razor but having checked out the guidelines here it was really simple and I didn't lose a single finger in the process! :)
my first shave went without major incident and without a call to the paramedics and im sure that with practice I will be happily shaving away!
all in all a great product; at a great price from a great company!
if you have ever wished to try straight razor shaving then this is the way to start!!
Matt C
order arrived after 2 days, and gives a very satisfying shave!
It makes shaving a much more enjoyable experience as I am trying to learn how not to cut myself so much. It seems like a skill I can take pride in once i master!
james _Death
Simple effective and needs respect.
A cheap and very effective way to dip into Straight edge razor shaving.
However this can put people off straight razors. The fact these take salon blades, essentially half a Safety razor blade and you can indeed break a standard safety blade in half to make two Salon blades. The blades are near as surgically sharp and in a light case you do not have the protection of a safety razor in that you need to set the angle yourself. You would do with a traditional Straight razor.
However a shavette has a extra keen blade in it and is not as forgiving as a traditional straight razor.
These do make great bits of kit for hair detailing and the back of the neck etc.
Chris Steward
Nice looking razor - I personally prefer the stainless steel scales over other plastic models; however the brass rivet does let it down with regard to build quality & aesthetics. That said, you have to look very closely to notice.
Overall still rather impressive, nice weight, and comfortable to hold for a good shave.
Mark Burton
I a new comer to straight edge shaving (as my face will testify to). After reading around I found that this product got some very good reviews. And I know why. As I starter I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a straight edge razor, so I went for the shavette option. This is a good product which has a good feel in the hand. My challenge now is just finding the right blade for me.
Jordan Bird
Having learned to shave on a straight first, using this was outstanding! Used with the free feather blades it will calmly erase any stubble or bears with no problem!
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