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Astra Platinum Double Edged Razor BladesAstra Platinum Double Edged Razor Blades
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Astra Platinum Double Edged Razor Blades

(21 reviews)  

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A fantastic Russian blade with FREE UK Postage!

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A fantastic Russian blade with FREE UK Postage!

Made in Russia, the platinum coated Astra Superior Platinum gets great reviews amongst the wet shaving community.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.

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Average customer rating:
(21 reviews)  

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21 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr David Cunniffe
Jul 30, 2020
I’ve use Astra SP blades from day one when I converted from cartridge razor to DE razors and I’ve never had a bad shave using them. I like to try other blades but also seem to go back to them because nothing comes close to them. They are sharp, yet smooth and last at least 3 shaves with ease. I’ve use them in; R41, 37c, Fatip Grande and my first razor the 34c. They’re just a good all round blade you can count on for a great bbs shave.
Mr James Johnson
Dec 2, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I bought these and the stainless steel version. Very sharp and reasonably smooth however i felt the stainless steel version just has the edge over the platinum as were a tad smoother. I used the blades for two to three shaves with 3 passes per shave with great results. My go to blade is feather which i feel give a better shave than these
Mr John O\'Mahony
Apr 15, 2018
These are great blades, I have tried a bunch of other blades and these are one of the best. Very reliable and sharp.
Mr Paul Woodcock
May 18, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I love these blades, very sharp and smooth, with just a single pass they remove quite a lot of beard, with a second pass across the grain, they leave you baby's bum smooth. I have tried a lot of DE blades and these are my go to blade for great results.
Mar 28, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Used these today for the first time as I am new to De Safety razor shaving and they are amazing the best shave I have ever had
Dr Lyndon Dudding
Aug 3, 2015
Had these blades sitting around in my bathroom cabinet for quite a while. Finally decided to try one out in my Merkur 34C. Great blades, not as sharp as Feathers, but didn't nick myself once. Kind on my neck which often ends up a little red.
Mr Neil Proudfoot
May 11, 2015
Received these blades as a free gift, good blades, very sharp, they last between 3 and 5 shaves and they don't irritate my skin.
Fraser Wilson
Feb 24, 2015
after using Derbys with medium success and loving feather blades. I decided tom give the astras a go. Very surprised with the smoothness of the shave. My hair is dark and coarse so needs a sharp blade to cause little irritation. Give them a try what have you got to lose?
Peter Summersell
I got my first set of these as part of a large sample selection pack of blades a few years back. All the other brands are still in their packets on a shelf because once I tried these I never looked back. Less likely to decapitate you than the feathers and excellent value, especially in the large pack.
A great blade, sharp (agreed not as sharp as Feathers) and smooth. I also find these last as well as any. These are much better than Derbys in my opinion and I suspect would work well with most razors and faces. I keep a few in my washbag for travelling as performance/cost is superb.
Eric Maurey
First, I would like to say that this blade is quite soft. I use it with a merkur 37G which is very aggressive and I never had cut. The blade slides very well on your face and I would recommend it for newcomers because the shave are really comfortable.
Peter Edwards
These blades did the trick. Felt nice and smooth and a good close shave in my usual 3 passes. Paired them with my Muhle R89. Whilst I've still a few other brands to work through, these could well be a blade I'll keep coming back to.
Mark Woodcock
I found these blades very sharp and smooth and they give me a very close,comfortable shave in both my Merkur Future and 39C Slant Bar. They also last longer than other blades and I get a weeks shaving out of one of these making them good value, Overall an excellent everyday blade.
Stephen McCartan
Poor blade,not recommended for those with thicker stubble,left me with ingrowing hairs.
Chris S
I thoroughly recommend these affordable blades for beginners to DE shaving. They are forgiving of errors and give a close enough shave to learn with. Personally I find that these blades last slightly longer than most other blades, but that's just me. I do recommend switching to Feather's once your technique is solid.
Robin Hughes
Sharp and long lasting these blades are good. Shave shack are selling these at very good price for the quality of the blade.
Ian Cryer
I am really impressed with these blades. I got a couple in a sample pack, and when used in my Merkur Slant, I think I prefer them to the feathers. They are very sharp, but appear to be softer on the skin. I haven't nicked myself at all yet. Overall a very smooth comfortable shave. Very pleased.
Luke Stanwick
These blades will be at the top of my list of recommendations.
I have sensitive skin coupled with extremely thick coarse facial hair, which make it hard for me to get a good shave without getting either, shaving rash or slicing my face to pieces.
These blades make that possible, my shaving rash has gone and i get a perfect shave each time. Amazing
Neil Goodhead
After so many recommendations I just had to give them a go. So glad I did, these give a a very smooth shave with no dragging, pulling or nicks - a very smooth shave and highly recommended. I have found my blade!
Chris Maguire
I have just used my first astra. I thought feathers were my favourite but maybe these have just pipped them to the post.
Seem a lot smoother and only got one knick and a bbs.
Deffinately would recommend these blades.
I found the Astra blades to be incredibly rough and somewhat inefficient on my face. A big disappointment since another Russian blade, the 7 o'clock, is possibly my absolute favourite blade.
Still blades seem to be such a horses for courses item that it's worth ploughing through the excellent selection at the Shaving Shack to find your personal favourites.
Earn 15 points (equivalent to £1) for every product review you write that gets published on this website. Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject reviews and there is no guarantee if and when a review is published. Only registered customers are allowed to add review, please sign in and share your experience!

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