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Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edged Razor BladesFeather Hi-Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades
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Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades

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World's sharpest double edge razor blade with FREE UK Postage!

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World's sharpest double edge razor blade with FREE UK Postage!

Made in Japan, the platinum coated Feather is obscenely sharp but will reward you with the closest shave.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.

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135 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Branislav Stojkovic
Aug 11, 2020
These are super sharp, but don't be frightened by them if you are new to double-edged razors. I got them with my first razor and they are great.
Mr David Cunniffe
Aug 7, 2020
I’ve been DE shaving for a while and from the start used Astra blades because they’re good quality, long lasting and deliver a great shave. I always considered Feather very expensive. At the time you could buy 100 Astra for £6.50, Feather were well over £20 for the same amount, being a cheap skate they weren’t for me. However I like to try different things and eventually bought a pack of Feather blades.
I first tried them in something safe my Merkur 34c. They completely transformed what I thought was a great razor after the first pass. Finished off with a very smooth, irritation free shave, something I get from from my R41. I next used them in my Merkur 37c, didn’t need a third pass just the odd touch up. So I decided to try them in everyday razor the Muhle R41 and the results weren’t as good. It was a nervous shave and during the second pass I got too confident and nicked took a chuck out of my chin, something I’ve not done for months.
I truly believe Feather are the sharpest blades on the market but are they best, I can’t say. I DE shave because I enjoy a relaxed close shave, using Feather blades wasn’t relaxing, so I think I’ll stick with Astra. If I only had a Merkur 34c or they were cheaper then they would be my first choice.
Mr Daniel Fletcher
May 25, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
These blades are sharp. Tried other blades and these give me the best results. My stubble on my chin can sometimes be a pain to shave but with these I’ve had no issue.
Mr Chris Peel
Apr 28, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very sharp. Very smooth. I can get 3 full 3 pass shaves out of half a blade in my Parker shavette. Been using a single blade shave for over 3 years now, and this razor combination with Prorasso pre shave cream, Cyril Slater shaving cream, rose water then Prorasso after shave balm works for me. After years of electric shaver and cartridge multiblade rip off drudgery this 52 year old really looks forward to a shave these days. Thanks Shaving Shack.
Mar 10, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
These blades are very sharp, bordering in too sharp but I am using them to shave my head, not my face to be fair. That said, they last a good 3-4 shaves. Only real downside is they come in a plastic case/blade bank. I switched to a safety razor to cut down on plastics so I think my next order I'm going to try the Gillette 7 o'clock as I've been told they come in a cardboard box.
Mr Suhaymath Nasser
Dec 24, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Curiosity and the pursuit of an overall better shave than the one I was getting brought me to these blades, and the switch was definitely worth it.

Unbelievably, I actually find this blade to be more consistent on a daily basis than the last one I used. What I have here is a true seven-day-a-week blade. That is, I am every bit as pleased with the results I get after seven days of straight use as I am after the first use. I can't think of a better compliment.

As long as I don't overdo it and keep the blade clear between passes, I end up with what I have to call the smoothest shave of my life. I didn't think I'd need or want anything more than my previous blade, but it's now very difficult to picture myself using anything else other than these Feather blades. Outstanding.
Oct 22, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very, very sharp. Little too rough for my taste, but still very good blade. Recommended unless you have sensitive skin.
Mr Daniel Dorsz
Oct 21, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Definitely top quality razor blades. Super sharp, last for a long time given I shave everyday - 3 passes - I can go on them 5-6 days. Funny thing for me they feel much better on a shavette than my DE razor. On DE they seem to be more aggressive for some reason.
Aug 10, 2019
Sharp, closer shave than any muliblade. I use each blade only once. Much cheaper than a muliblade.
Miss Pezzetti Cristina
Mar 5, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Per ora le lame che preferisco. Mi durano anche una settimana. Ottime
Mr Andrew Young
Feb 18, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Still quite new to DE razors, tried these in my journey man super sharp but too aggressive a combo few nicks and lots of sting. Didn't want to give up so bought an adjustable Qshave. What a difference, lovely close smooth shave no sting or burn the odd weaper now n then but overall V happy with this combo. I've also shimmed my journey man with a cut down old blade, getting good results. So a great blade but maybe not in an aggressive razor.
Mr Antony Naylor
Jan 17, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
The best, and the sharpest, blades I have ever used. They are now the only ones I'l buy, despite them being amongst the most expensive. In a Feather razor, these just glide across your skin. No cuts, no tugging or scraping, just an effortless shave. I have the unfortunate combination of a rather tough beard and soft skin. With the Feather blades, this isn't a problem. Highly recommended.
Mr Martin Conley
Dec 15, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I've not been using double edge blades very long so spent time reading reviews of many different blades. Decided to try these. Very pleased with the result, no nicks, cuts, sore areas of skin. Feel confident using these blades. Great blade, great price. For me, they are on my favourite items list.
Oct 29, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
thought I'd try these to see what all the fuss was about, have to say I dont think they are any sharper than the Wilkinson sword ones I normally use which are cheaper.
Mr Phil Townsley
Mar 16, 2018
Maybe I got a bad batch but the beard on my chin is like a wire brush and these blades don't remove it but still manage to take skin grafts. I think they must flex too much because they are certainly sharp but for me at least they are not comfortable. Sorry to be the voice of dissent but they are not the panacea everyone thinks.
Mr Llyr Mercer
Feb 11, 2018
They won’t kill you! They are certainly sharp but need no special treatment other than the care one would take with any other blade. They last well and they give a lovely smooth shave. I have very sensitive skin but these don’t aggravate me like pretty much every other blade. Highly recommended
Mr daniel clark
Jan 16, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Being new to DE shaving I brought a variety pack of different blades to see what suited me and the honest answer was these. I'm no expert in shaving but contrary to what many have said on here I didn't have a problem with how sharp they were. If your new like me take your time, go nice and slow and you will probably still have a face at the end
Mr Liam Foley
Oct 10, 2017
I’m pretty new to this type of shaving but having quite thick stubble I found a lot of blades were not up to the job a was pulling. These blades are by far the best. They glide so easily and I rarely nick myself. The best blades hands down for me. Great service by shaving shack as always. Thanks
Mr michael archer
May 9, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Fed up always nicking myself I remembered my younger days working in a barbers shop and the importance of a sharp blade so I tried feather blades with a feather razor now getting the best shave ever I can't recommend feather blades in a feather razor enough thanks for a great service
Mr ross leather
Jan 22, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Just thought I'd add a slightly contrary view to all the macho guff about 'Feather' blades. Having tried them I can safely report that I haven't accidentally chopped off my head or removed a finger whilst using them: sure these blades are sharp, but they're not samurai swords, just high quality blades that cut better than most. You don't need to 'work up to them' or refine your technique before using them - they're razor blades, albeit obviously good quality ones, and we're men who've spent all our lives shaving so just try them if you want to. Personally I prefer 'Shark' blades: they're just as sharp but more flexible so give me a better shave.
Mr James Lewis
Dec 3, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Oh.. my.. word! What a shave! I was using Derby blades before this and the difference is incredible. Astonishgly sharp and smooth. I can't recommend these blade highly enough. Amazing. Yes, I had a few nicks but that's because these things are so much sharper than the Derbys. Impressed is an understatement. And kudos to shaving shack fir the ultra fast delivery. Will return!
Mr Lawrence Davis
Oct 12, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
They are very sharp but in a feather razor there fine no cuts or nicks
Mr michael archer
Aug 9, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Feather hi stainless blades are great blades very sharp I would not recommend in a aggressive razor but I would highly recommend them in a feather razors both available on this site from this fantastic company
Mr Stuart Gray
Jul 12, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
These are so good that I buy them at 100 at a time which lasts me over a year I use them with a DE89 and do a 3 pass shave with the proraso green range and I get no irritation. I have tried other blades from selection packs but found that these gave me the best shave with the least irritation
Mr Alex Halliday
May 27, 2016
Used with Merkur 23C Long Handled Classic, shaving every other day. Certainly are sharp. Too much so for my skin for a regular shave. Great if you need to remove 5 o’clock shadow before going out in the evening. Perfect for removing several days beard growth quickly and smoothly. Occasional use only.
Mr Nick Polwin
May 26, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
These are the only blades I use now. Amazingly sharp. Best results when using a new blade is to submerge your whole razor in hot water for a few minutes, use a good quality shave oil and the blade just glides over with no effort at all. Superb quality.
Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
May 6, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Phew! Be careful these babies are SHARP. I'd recommend that if your new to wet shaving you have spots etc give these a wide bearth. Having said that once your comfortable.....great to use if you have a few days growth too....preparation use good quality products and just be careful....
Russell Smith
Feb 24, 2016
These are the best blades I've tried so far. They are supremely sharp and when used in my Edwin Jagger DE89L give an effortless shave.
Feb 4, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Bought these after using the wilkinson sword brand DE blades as they were cheap and readily available from my local shop.
As good as they were in my shavette they didn't quite cut the mustard, at least not very well, this was noticable under the jawline and around the moustache area. I decided that for the price it was worth seeing what are commonly known as 'the most aggressive blades' on the market were like. After the initial cut (yes, fresh out of the packet they are surgically sharp almost!) I got used to the angle required and had the closest shavette shave I've managed since taking it up a month before. Even with my begginers skill they last around a week shaving a few passes every day, needing a close shave for work.
Having then gone and bought a DE 34c from shaving-shack (quick and excellent service) I also bought 60 more of these for £20. A years worth of blades (using both edges at one fresh blade a week) for £20. What a change from cartridge blades. The first shave using the feathers in the DE was exceptionally close after two passes, one with and one against. No cuts, nicks, nothing. With the shavette it's a similar story, cleans up edges, under the jaw and the moustache area perfectly owing to the sharpness.
Would reccommend taking the one to learn the technique with these.

TL:DR sharper than the rest, games time to learn the required angle in a shavette, in a DE super easy. Both give excellent close shave.
Mark Pereira
Oct 13, 2015
Bit of an overrated blade tbh - yes they're exceptionally sharp and do the job incredibly well, but they are quite aggressive and unforgiving, and they drop off much faster than other blades. I can manage two guaranteed flawless shaves, the third shave gets snaggy and pretty nasty. And that's dialling a Gillette Slim to 4.
Mr Ross Alcock
Aug 13, 2015
Had these as a free gift best blades i have ever tried in both my DE and shavette razor close clean and smooth and surprisingly very few nicks given the sharpness Would highly recomend
Mr Paul Norris
Aug 10, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I took advice and tried various brands of blades but definitely found these to suit me best. They are very sharp and take a little bit of practice but well worth perservering with.
Mr John Nye
Jul 6, 2015
Sharp, certainly, but left my face in a bit of a mess. Used with a Merkur 23C Long Handled Classic they were too aggressive and after persevering with 3 blades, the rest have gone in the bin.
Mr George Christou
Apr 15, 2015
I've been using Feather blades for a few months now and I have to say that they've given some truly incredible shaves. No other blade can match their sharpness or give a closer shave. Having said that, keep in mind that they're rather unforgiving, so perhaps not suited to those with very sensitive skin or in an aggressive razor.
Apr 2, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Decided to return to D E razors after a long layoff, bought myself an EJ 89l tried different blades but coupled with a Feather Blade reminded me how good a shave can be.
These blades cut through whiskers like a knife through butter, no tugging and no discomfort, magic.
Mr Nigel Head
Feb 25, 2015
These blades do live up to the reputation they have. Unfortunately for me with sensitive skin, I find them too aggressive. I found another japanese brand to be almost as sharp but much smoother (shave shack please please please stock Kai blades). If you dont suffer with sensitive skin then these really will be the blades for you.
Feb 22, 2015
Added these to basket as a free gift. Very nice blades, now one of my favourites along with Shark super stainless, hard to decide between those two, however these feather blades come in a fancier plastic blade box whereas Shark are simply in cardboard, though I suppose that's reflected in the increased price.
Mrs Janet Campbell
Dec 17, 2014
used these blades today and nearly lost my finger very sharp and left me with a very good shave top product
Ian Cryer
A feather blade and my Mercur Futur I got my best shave ever. One pass with the grain, one pass across the grain and one pass against - WOW! My skin was so smooth, the shave has lasted 4 days so far, I'll be having another go tonight. There was no slight pulling when shaving against the grain that I'd experienced previously. Recommended, but very, very sharp - be careful.
Alan Shaw
thanks to shaving shack for now stocking feather blades which i have always wanted to try i was not dissapointed the conbination of my vision 2000 and feather blade gave me the smoothest shave ever i can recomend them to any commited d e shaver THANKS SHAVING SHACK
Gurinder Kular
I was expecting these blades to be sharp but they surpassed all my expectations. I had probably the closest and smoothest shave with the least amount of strokes ever. It was hot knife through butter stuff. I didnt cut myself once and it tackled the sensitive neck area extremeley well. I dont know why anyone would want a vibrating 5 blade razor that is an absolute rip off. These are 2.99 and i'm sure i will get around 30 plus shaves.
Edward Cracknell
Treat these blades with care and you will get the smoothest and most comfortable shave in you life. For me they provide a good 5 to 6 shaves easy, properly more but I don't want to push my luck. At 2.99 they me be more expensive than the competition, but i bet you would not regret it. Any way at that price its a bargain compared to the £5+ for just 5 cartridge razors.
Will Wheatcroft
I had been looking at these Japanese wonders for a while, before I plucked up the courage to try them. After all, Feather blades are as sharp as a traditionally crafted samurai sword, according to the hype. I bought a few packs to keep me going and I have not looked back since. They are the only blade I use now. You will not find a sharper, better made blade. Yes they are more expensive than the Israeli or Merkur blades but you'll know why as soon as you have your first shave with one. I have a Merkur 38C and these Japanese blades are the perfect partner for it. Add a Kent AP12 brush and some Mitchell's Wool Fat soap (available from the guys here!) and you will struggle to get a better shave, even if you go to a professional barber shop! Take your time using these Feather blades (30 minutes plus for a really careful. close shave!) and you will notice the difference. Rush it, and you will bleed...profusely! You have been warned!
N B Panikker
I've been using these for a fortnight now in my Merkur 38c and have stopped wondering which blades to use. I was slightly apprehensive because of their much-vaunted sharpness but, now that I'm more relaxed about them, I'm routinely getting no nicks at all. 1-2 passes give an excellent fuss-free close shave. Slightly more expensive than the others but most definitely worth it.
Ade Manning
Going to have to buck the trend here and say that after using one of these, I prefer the Israeli blades. Used a Feather blade twice and had more cuts than in the last 12 months even when using lightly as per my daily routine. I'm trying a fresh blade tomorrow and will see how it goes. It is possible of course that they are superb, and my skin is a little too sensitive for! Isn't rugby great?!
Tim Knight
Brilliant blades work for 4-5 shaves for me and give a sublime close shave far better than the mach 3 razors excellent service for the website aswell. Will buy again as it is excellent value!
These are fantastic blades.
In the past I've used both Derby and Israeli blades with my Gillette Super Speed. But these are noticeably different. They've given me my closest ever shave and not a single nick! The first time I used a Feather, I couldn't stop touching my face - it was smoother than I've ever felt!
Yes, they are slightly more expensive, but definitely worth it - your face will thank you!
Timothy Allen
Tried these after years of using a certain "5 blade brand" OMG they are sharp. Took 2 weeks to get used to how to shave with these and a few cuts as well. But the shave was fantastic. It was slow close that I could easily only have to shave once every 2 days. These are all I use now. A good razor Merkur decent brush and cream and the results are amazing. If you are thinking of going down this route using the above you won't be disappointed!
Marvellous blades! I received a gift pack of these with a recent order (thanks Shaving Shack guys!) and gave them a try. Wow. It's the only word that sums up the immediate difference I noticed. These blades are far sharper than my old Merkur blades with no tugging whatsoever. I have a fairly stiff growth and no other DE blade gives me as close a shave as these. They are the only DE blades I have tried that get anywhere close to a straight razor smoothness.
I use with my travel setup when I can't take my straight: T&H pre-shave oil, Mitchell's Woolfat Soap, razor and best badger brush from D.R. Harris, alum block and Geo. T Trumper Skin Food. Smooth.
Jason Haigh
I chose these blades as a free gift (purchased parker 98R) and cannot believe their sharpness. I have now had 3 shaves (just using one side of the blade so far and shaving every other day) and it still shaves well - these blades will last a long time - far long than the 5 blade gillette cartridges I have been using. Highly recommended and worth the price. Have ordered some Derby blades so will be interested to see if they match up to the feather ones. Looks like I may have been spoilt with the best ones from day one so lets wait and see.
Carl Pollington
I've tried about 20 different blades from tens of manufacturers from around the world and these are the best in my opinion.
They have the greatest reputation and with good reason - nothing I've tried is as smooth or as close. They seem to glide through several days' worth of stubble as though it wasn't there and if you don't rush the shave you won't get on their wrong side! For a careful shaver these cannot be beaten.

What's more, I've searched high and low and Shaving Shack's price is the lowest I've found, particularly when you buy them as a 3-pack. I always claim one pack as my free gift for spending over £10... am even tempted to spend £10 on Feathers and claim another pack free - it is worth it!!!!
A very unforgiving blade. So they weren't for me. In my personal opinion they don't even come close to Merkur's double edge razor blades, which unfortunately, Shaving Shack don't sell.
Leo Hyry
I received a pack of these blades as a free gift with my order. After about a month of De shaving I wanted to give them a try since every other blade I had tried seemed not to be sharp enough to shave ATG. Feathers gave me the smoothest shave ever but also some irritation and blood the first time. During the following shaves I was more careful, remembering to apply absolutely no pressure. My shaves improved a lot and even the 4th shave with the same blade gave me BBS. Feathers are good since they teach you the right technique right away.
Atir Akram
An extremely sharp and fine piece of metal this razor blade cuts through even the most stubborn stubble. Perfect for those difficult to remove hairs under the chin or your whiskers. However there is a drawback - you must use these blades with care otherwise you will look like a bleeding mess afterwards! Be gentle and remember no pressure - you will be rewarded with a perfectly close shave. Far more useful than Derby blades. Compared to pricey Mach 3 blades these are a bargain and they will do a better job - another reason why DE blades trump cartridge shaving.
Nicholas Lambert
These were my free gift on my last order, not the only DE blade I have tried, also tried some of the Gillette and Wilkinson blades. People tend to be very scared of these, but if you concentrate on the shave and use gentle strokes like you should, you will get one almighty BSS! Seem to have very high quality control. Will be purchasing more! Wish they had packs of 100 to buy...
After swearing by Fusion Power razors for so long I thought I'd give DE shaving a go after rave reviews from a friend of mine. I decided to go for a Timor razor and feather blades and I have to say - I don't think it matters at all if you're new to DE shaving and want to try these blades! They are incredibly sharp but after a few very slow, cautious shaves I've cracked it and I'm getting the closest shave I have ever experienced. Truly brilliant quality and although I have no other blades other than Fusion cartridges to act as a benchmark I don't think I will even bother trying any other blade. In fact I've just ordered my fourth pack! Although I don't think I will ever swap my Fusion for a DE when shaving my head - with these blades I might lose a bit more than stubble!
Have to agree with most of the other reviews on here, have stubble like steel wool and one pass leaves it smooth as... again as others have said use the weight of the razor (merkur 38 here) and don't rush! finish off with proraso for perfect shave.
Steve Somers
Wow, they're not kidding when they say these blades are sharp! I've been DE shaving for about a year so I thought I'd give the Feathers a go. My face is smooth as ever after my first go with these blades but I managed to nick my chin without even noticing when I used to get by just fine! Otherwise a fantastic shave! So handle these with care - they're not joking when they say they're ninja sharp!
Jamie Hardy
After plenty of warning about how i should learn on other blades first before going on to feathers, i decided to just take the plunge! No regrets! These blades although very sharp and easy to cut yourself with if you get too complacent, have helped clear up my irritation and red bumps on my neck! Have already purchased again!
Ian Morewood
Like the blurb says the sharpest blade in the world, these fabulous blades give a smooth comfortable cut with minimal effort but you have to be careful not to rush or you will probably cut yourself!
Peter Holt
There is a motto we Yorkshire lads uses, "buy cheap you buy twice". We are not a culture of people to waste money and I for one detest waste. I have been trying a few blades recently which range from average to good. Now when it came to purchasing these Feathers, I discerned that being made in Japan would be saying something.

I am proud of my city of Sheffield, and our quality steal steel industry, but along the way I have also developed respect for steel from Sweden and Japan. These blades did not disappoint my expectations.

Less is more, (something we should learn in our modern world) and these blades really are light, yet incredibly strong and Ninja sharp. Normally I have encountered 3-4 shaves before I need to change a blade, with these delightful blades, I have managed to get 10 shaves from a single blade and they still can produce a few more. They are excellent value, great performers and kind to the skin.

I am off to New Zealand for a three month tour immanently, I know what is accompanying me and my Merkur Travel Razor; three packs of these wonderful blades.

Apart from such quality, I also commend Shaving Shack to you. A great company, selling high quality with great prices. You will not go wrong here lads!
Joe Robinson
Tried every type of blade on this site. These are by far the best.

I suffer from razor burn from every other razor i tried. Some say these may be too sharp but i think they are the perfect. They remove all stubble.

I always get this stubble on my upper lip which grows back within 2 hours and this eliminates this problem for me.
Gary Arter
I purchased a pack of feather razors after using another brand for the last 12 months.Wow can you notice the difference with these.All you need is the weight of the razor to get the closest shave youll ever have.Highly recommended.
Andreas Andell
I'm using these for both my safety razor and my shavette. Super sharp, long lasting blades and by far the best ones I've tried soo far.
Jonne Nieminen
Got Feathers as a gift from Shaving shack and they were awesome! Dont let the price intimidate you they are totally worth every penny(and more!) you spend on them. These babies give you 8-12 very sharp and burn free shaves and after that you will never go back to use any other blades.
Gari Mclean
Fail to see the fear factor these come with. Yes they are good but not as lethally sharp as they are made out to be. Treat them with respect and found them to be fine, smooth, sharp and no cuts.
Steven Phythian
Have just been introduced to proper shaving about 3 months ago and jumped in at the deep end and was given a pack of these by a work colleague. All I can say is wow! Have nicked myself a couple of times but that's due to me being a bit of a Muppet. Just purchased a Parker 90r and these two are like a match made in heaven. So impressed at the closeness and ease of very early morning shaving. Definatly worth recommending, as I do to everyone I know.
Tod Hunter
Unbelievable shave especially when paired with my new 34C. These are seriously sharp blades.
Lars Karlsson
Simply the best blades arround. Really sharp, and stays sharp a lot longer than most other blades. Just let the blade do the job without any pressure and you will get an awesome shave.
Steven McGregor
After trying various cheaper brands and getting adequate results I finally worked up the nerve to try the feathers after a shave or two with them I decided that trying to save a few quid over the course of a year was false economy and bought a few packs of these instead.
Simon G
Easily the sharpest and smoothest blades I have found and Shaving Shack have the best price too ! You just have to try these,
Jesper Wirden
The blade that provides an extremely close shave with my Merkur Futur.
Craig Carroll
The most important thing I can say about this blade is...treat it with respect. When new, they are incredibly sharp, so be light and gentle, otherwise cuts and irritation abound. Days two and three are the sweet spots for these though, and are a pleasure to use. However, be warned, they do go dull suddenly, and day four could be a rough time if you don't watch out.
Jesper Wirden
As a new DE-shaver my lip trembled the first time I used the Feather blades, since I had heard a lot about them.

As everyone else has said, they should be treated with respect and they will serve you well. Just like a sharp japanese knife and sword.

Great blade, and I only need 2 passes with light touch up to get a BBS. With Derbys, I also get a smoot shave but need 3 passes with lots of touch up.
All i can say is WOW, what fine blades! Paired with my Parker 31R, they gave the best shave in years. A little more expensive than some but they are truly worth it
A supreme blade.
Having rediscovered DE shaving I've experimented over the last 5 months with Gilette 7 O'Clock, Derby, Israeli and Feather blades. The Feather wins out narrowly over the Gilette 7 O'Clock in my opinion (and in the very important opinion of my wife!). I consistently get the smoothest, closest shave with this blade. A fabulous feeling after a shave. However, as many have said this blade does demand respect and I wouldn't want to rush a shave with it.
Lyndon Dudding
Wow! What fantastic blades these little babies are. I'm prone to getting a rash on my neck with other blades, but not with these. Very smooth and easy to use, last a few shaves and not a single nick!
Adam Povey
After using Wilkinson swords blades and for ever getting nicks I switched to these after reading the reviews here. OMG what a difference. These blades give a truly stunning shave and so far with no nicks or razor rash. These are the choice blade.
Tony Stubbs
The first time I used these blades it was a little scary, they come with a reputation for being sharp and that is exactly what they are.
I returned to my Gillette adjustable (Slim) DE razor having used Mach3 and Fusion razors for some while with many happy shaves but the rising cost of blades and the inherited Gillette Fat Boy looking at me gave the impetus to start fresh.
I tried a few different makes before coming to these Feather blades which I have now settled on as my blade of choice.
I am thoroughly pleased with my choice and would recommend anyone to try these for themselves.
Sag Aslam
Like a scorned women these blades can be unforgiving. Treat her well and you shall be rewarded handsomely. So sharp I've been nicked and not known about. My favourite blades.
Darren Rothwell
I get seven to eight shaves out of each of these blades. And even on the eighth shave with a three day stubble these give me super smooth shaves. Impressed!
David Hemigway
These are fantastic blades. I get a BBS shave every time, without nicks. I seem to be smoother for longer, which is great as I shave at night. The blades also seem to last for a few more shave's making them more economical.
Steven Wallace
extreme caution to be taken while using these blades my god they are sharp. saying that they cut so close and easy at there price there a steal..
thank you shaving shack super fast delivery I love the free gift idea and you have saved me so much money thanks once again........all that's left is for me to buy a new soap bowl......
If I may be controversial and go against the grain (no pun intended), I found these to be one of the worst blades I've used. Maybe it's because I'm used to another type but first time out I got razor burn, irritation and a lot of nicks and to top it off, the shave wasn't as close as my electric which I'll be using to tidy up my shave when the soreness dies down. I'll give the blade another go with a different soap but first impressions aren't good.
Andrea Perotti
Buongiorno, trovo queste lamette fantastiche precise molto affilate perfette...

Hello, I find this very sharp blades fantastic precise perfect...
Andrew Kerrison
I purchased these blades after reading many positive reviews.
I must say they are great. Very very sharp and after the initial tentative shave they gave me a great shave.
Don't be scared of all the sharpness warnings and give them a go.
chris maguire
Got these blades as i read that they are really sharp. Maybe too sharp for a novice, but i found the sharpness to be an advantage, as it cut a lot closer and easier and caused less irritation, if none at all. Feel like I should try other blades as these are the second brand I have tested but will probly stay with these to be honest.
Christopher Parry
I started with a DE in Nov last year. After reading about the mean edge on them I tried out 5 or 6 other blades before braving the Feathers, many of which were good, but these met my expectations 100%. A beautiful shave indeed, well worth the little extra cost. Minimal irritation, which in any case I know is down to my novice technique, and I feel the care I take with these blades will improve that. But shaving with these makes me feel like a pro.
James Wragg
Have used these with moth the 34c and the Travel Razor, work like a dream! Take care though, so sharp if you do nick your skin you wont even feel it untill see the red! Once mastered they make for a wonderfully smooth shave, with no need for repeated strokes, therefore less irritation! Great stuff! Treat yourself to some luxurious Taylors shave cream to go with your Feathers and it makes your morning routine that much more enjoyable!
I used some Derby blades to begin with but couldn't get on with them so tried these and for me the difference was night and day. Very sharp, but haven't had any bad cuts and feel much nicer and more comfortable being so sharp. I nailed down my technique using these so don't be put off by the fact they are sharp and what some people may say about learning with them. I found I had more confidence using these than the Derby blades so would highly recommend.
Craig Adamson
I have been using Wilkinson or Derby blades for the last 18 months with pleasing results. I decided to try these due to the sheer volume of positive reviews. Maybe it's just the way I shave, maybe they do not pair well with the Edwin Jagger razor I use, but these blades did not meet the expectation generated! I find I need about four passes to get anything remotely smooth, I struggle to get a close shave under the nose and I also seem to find a small later in the day that feels rough. I may be the fly in the ointment here, but I am going to give these a miss in future.
John Emerson
I think I have just found a new favourite blade. These things are so sharp you could circumcise a flea. I've just had the closest shave I have ever had in my life.
Keith Maton
There is no doubt that the Feather blade is the sharpest blade available but that doesn't automatically make it the best. Many new DE shavers think that they should be using Feather blades because they're the sharpest and will give the best shave.

That's not true. Yes, they're sharp but they're far from being the smoothest and most comfortable blade around and it's not always the sharpest blade that produces a good shave.

I get good results out of Feather blades but I prefer the smoothness of other types. I keep some Feathers in my collection but I don't reach for them very often. I certainly wouldn't use them on a daily basis.

Any blade has the ability to cut you badly and by the nature of their sharpness, Feathers are a little less forgiving than (say) an Astra SP, 7 O'Clock Yellow or Personna Med Prep so they should be treated with respect but not with fear. After all, you're rubbing a piece of cold, sharp steel on your face so you're always going to be careful, right?

I recommend that everyone should have some Feather blades in their collection of shaving equipment but don't consider that you HAVE to use them just because they're the sharpest.
Matt Copperwaite
These are fantastic blades. I tend to shave after around 4-5 days and previously I have been happy with most blades I've used but these blow all the others out of the water. You really do have to try them. They cut so smooth and very easily even on tough hair. Normally I would do 3-4 passes on my face with other blades but most of the time I can have a perfect shave in 2 passes. I can't recommend them highly enough. I've just bought a whole bunch of them with the multi-purchase discount because I know I don't need to buy any other blade again. I'm seriously impressed.
Sgt.Salvador Monteverde,USMC,Ret.Disabled
This is by far, the best blade that money can buy! A Retired United States Marine i always did and still do love a very tight, baby butt smooth and squeaky clean shave. If that is what your looking for, this is the blade! CAUTION!! If you are not an experienced shaver or are a bleeder, have very sensitive skin, i would be very careful, as these blades are very sharp, great for coarse,heavy beards, Last quite awhile. If you are like me and have a few good quality razors,again, use a lighter razor,as a heavier one 3 oz. could cause problems. does not require any pressure, just let your razor do the work and let it glide across your face. GOOD LUCK,and ENJOY!!!!
Martin Petersen
Cannot recommend these blades enough!
They are considered the sharpest blades out there, by many DE enthusiasts...
They are on the agressive side, so have that in mind.
These blades are among my personal favorites.
Paul Ensor
I call these my Ming blades because they really are merciless. I'm pretty much a DE virgin (less than 6 months) and took the advice of many when I first started by trying many different blades, however I tried the Feather Blade first and had a face like a major road accident. On reflection it was all down to technique and my inexperience. I changed to the Shark blade (which is much more forgiving but nowhere near as sharp) and mastered my technique, returning to the feather blade a month ago. I truly haven't looked back since. They are very sharp and give the best shave I have ever had when used with my Merkur 34C. If you're new to DE shaving and are used to pressing down on a cartridge razor in order to get a close shave I'd recommend you leave these alone until you've mastered your technique but once you've cracked that then these badboys are the right tool for the job!
Paul Fitzsimons
I opted to use these for my first ever DE shave, Id read about the 'ninja' sharpness of these blades online so I made sure I was careful and took my time, I was rewarded with no nicks or cuts... just a great shave, I applied no pressure and just allowed the weight of the razor to do the work, so much better and cheaper than a cartridge razor.
Mark Craig
I first tried these on my first safety razor, a Timor, and compared to the Israeli and Derby blades found them much too aggressive. I upgraded to a Merkur 34c (which I love) and continued to shave with the Israeli blades. Then I ran out of them, so, being a skinflint, and still having the packet of Feathers, I gave one a shot...

A revelation. Fantastically smooth and easy shave. I'm a convert. Partner them with the right razor, and you'll never use anything else...
Paul Renwick
I had read that Feather blades were the best out there but not for newbies, so I have been practicing my techniques with Astra blades and thought they were great. I picked the Feathers as my free gift and I must say that they give the best shave I have ever had and will be the blade of choice from now on. Been double edge shaving with a Merkur 34C for about 6 weeks and combined with these blades you will not find a better shave.
Stephen Maund
Got a pack of these as my free gift when I bought a Merkur 38C, very good and close shave although as people have said apply absolutely no pressure otherwise you will need that styptic pencil.

I will be purchasing more when these run out (in about 3 months by the 1st blades standard!!!)
Damian Bloomfield
These ultra sharp blades are of the highest quality, my go to blade that perform perfectly in my Shavette. They deliver a super close shave every time, be warned to treat them with the respect they deserve. Can not stress enough how sharp these precision blades are!
My favourite blades so far. The first shave with them is paradise: it glides and cuts close, just how you want it. Give 'em a go.
David Abram
Got these blades as a free gift when I spent over £40 and it was also my first order too. Absolutely fantastic, gave me such a close,smooth shave that I didn't have to go against the grain like I had to when I used those ghastly cartridge razors!
Stuart Rielly
Can't fault these blades. Have tried lords, bic, Gillette and astra none of these come close. They are nowhere near as scary as some people say and I can get 5 shaves at 3 passes out of them. Excellent product and excellent service from shave shack
Tim Dolder
Selected the Feathers as a gift from The Shaving Shack, whilst ordering the excellent wool fat shaving soap. The Feathers are extremely sharp and extremely effective. I was able to get a closer shave using these than I achieved with the Derby blades that I was using with my Edwin Jagger DE89L.10+ shaves per blade with no tugging at all. The Derby blades are definitely less aggressive than these, so will obviously be preferred by some, but for me, the effectiveness of these blades makes them a winner. Since getting the Gift, I have backed my confidence in the product by placing an order for more.
Love theese blades, used with the Prorasso range and my eg d89 I get the most amazing shave ever no need for any preasure the blade just glides through leaving my face smooth and rash free. Dont worry about trying them, once you use them you wont settle for anything else.
Alex Sep
For me the best Blades.
Super sharp and long lasting.
For me they last about 7 days
Best buy !
These are just superb.

I bought big 100 pack of these with my first DE and i think will last quite the while. I have also had couple ten packs of unmarked israeli blade and one Derby.

Had to do comparison with these three and Feather's felt clearly the best. Despite being very sharp, ive actually had the least nicks with these.
Andy M
Yes, they are sharp, but used with a bit of care in a Merkur 34c they give a lovely close shave, and last a decent amount of time too
Simon Daniels
Horses for courses. Whenever I tried a Feather in my EJ 89 DL I used to cut myself quite badly and so they sat unused for a while. Got myself a Lord L6 this summer (I'm hoping to do a video review of this great little razor soon) and decided to try a Feather - a truly excellent shave, three passes, not a drop of blood. They blades still have, in my experience, a limited life; four shaves max. I guess they lose their edge quickly because they are so sharp, and in the L6, very smooth indeed.
I wouldn't consider using anything else:

After using other blades and having problems with the blades catching and skipping, which lead to cuts and a poor quality shave I decided to give these a go. They are just so smooth. I hardly ever cut myself and don't suffer any irritation.
Matt Mckenny
Yes these are sharp blades but if you have experience at wet shaving then these will be joy for you to use. They are the sharpest blades I've tried to date and you can really feel the finesse on you face. I can't comment on the amount of shaves you'll get from a single blade compared to other brands as I always change my blades after 3/4 shaves. Razor blades are so cheap compared to cartridges who wouldn't want the Sharpest shave every time?
Daniel Gustafson
If there´s one thing all DE razor affiniciados know it is that Feather makes the sharpest blades around. However, as others have pointed out, that doesn´t necessarily make them the best of the bunch for you. If you´re a beginner you´d do best to stay away from these for a while before going down the Feather route since their sharpness is very unforgiving. The upside is that once your technique is sound these blades deliver a very close shave with minimal need for go arounds. Also, I´ve found these to be very consistent in quality which isn´t always the case for cheaper options.
Robert Fullard
I bought 100 of these to pair up with the Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar. I was using some cheap crap blade before and wasn't really loving the results. With these blades and that razor i am getting BBS every time. Far less irritation and they last at least 6 shaves per blade. 600 shaves for £23.99 plus as i spent over a tenner i got an extra pack to make 660 shaves. The value quality and sharpness cannot be ignored. Never ever using cartridge again.
Ian Richards
Returned to a double edge a few months ago, now used with these feather blades. The best shave in 30 years! These blades are the business but be very careful they are sharp. The care and attention taken will give you a shave that you would never have thought possible. Impressed very impressed.
Alex Purdon
For me these are the perfect blade. Using Feathers has removed any tug I get when shaving having used a variety of blade in the past (Derby, Personna, Merkur, etc.). I have very sensitive skin and that has also benefited. Due to the increased sharpness I like to team these with a very mild razor (EJ/R89). When I used these with a more aggressive safety razor (Futur) the result was no where near as comfortable.
Highly recommended to all serious DE shavers.
Always wanted to try these blades and as they are in the free gift selection for orders over £9.99 a total no brainer decision.

Having spent a few months trying out blades in my DE Razor i found these to indeed be sharp but not so much sharper than others as they are often made out to be.

Some blades can be so sharp to irritate as everyone needs to try out different blades to see what suits them.

Having tried many blades these are good blades but apart from a few other blade types to try out before hanging up my DE razor as i personally find my 100 year old, but new straight razor gives me my best shaves.
Andy Blake
I purchased these blades and used them for the first time yesterday. Once mounted up to my edwin Jaager and my sweaty palms dried, the blade gave me the closest shave ever. Highly recommended.
Steven McNeill
I can see why these blades have such a good and slightly fierce reputation. I am using Shark blades as my regular blade but got these as a gift recently and thought I would treat myself last night. All I can say is that the moment my stubble saw the blade it didn't put up a fight! I used this blade with my Edwin Jagger DE89 and the blade cut through my hard stubble like it a superheated knife through butter without too much irritation but gave me 2 minor nicks, which I did not feel. I didn't have to make too many passes but may have overdone it as I felt slightly sore afterwards but no stubble rash today and I have a relatively smooth face still! The shave time was less than with the Shark blades as it required less effort or passes but I think these are not for novices or people with sensitive skin as they may easily cut and irritate respectively. Extremely sharp and effortless shaving though.
Super sharp! I have tried most of the other brands of blade and Feathers are by far the sharpest! Combined with a good lathering cream and a good quality razor these blades shave close ever time and without tugging or snagging. I have never had to repeatedly shave the same area as I have with other blades, clean close shave with every stroke and most importantly no resistance! Neat box too with used blade storage underneath!
Matthew Wines
By far my favourite blade, they're not as lethal as they're mad out by some. Yes, they're sharper than others which is why I presume they give such a good shave but you're unlikely to nick yourself if you just use your normal technique. Last longer than some other blades, my go-to option every time.
Ryan Cooke
As sharp as all the hype! Make sure you have a proficient layer of high quality shaving cream or soap, use a steady, careful hand, and the rewards are wonderful. Had my closest shaves with these.
Seo Wook Kim
I can only compare this product to Merkur blade, but in my experience this is better than Merkur blade.

I have thin, but high volumn of facial hair. Normal skin type I guess. I am using Merkur 34HD

The blade is very sharp so you do need to be careful. However, it does not irritate at all and gives a very close shaving.

My experience with this blade, it is alot more forgiving than the reputation of this blade. couple try is more than enough to getting use to.
Philip Parkes
I love these blade have tried a few different ones but nothing compares I put them in different razors and they never let me down. What you get is a close shave with no irritation perfect.
Top-quality, but very aggressive blade. Being a newcomer to wet-shaving and having paired it with the Merkur 34C, this blade just made my start too difficult. If you're still trying to get the angle right, this blade is not forgiving enough and can cause cuts. I've switched to Wilkinson-sword for the time being but as soon as I get more experienced and improve my technique, I'll definitely get back to Feather blades.
Stephen Milliken
I bought these razors to try with my Edwin Jagger Chatsworth razor. These razors are the sharpest that I have ever used, there was absolutely no tugging or catching what-so-ever. Although many reviews on many websites describe these razors as being lethally sharp; I would say that these razors are incredibly sharp but require no greater care or attention when compared to shaving in general with any razor. These razors give me a shave that is as good as when shaving with a cut throat, so if you are looking for a razor that cuts through hair like a hot knife through butter, that retains its sharpness for more than a single shave, does not tug/snag on hair and is not harsh on the skin (with respect to its sharpness); then look no further than these feather razor blades!
Andrew M
Been working my way through 100+ of these. They are my prefered choice in a mild razor. Sharp as they come and smooth wiith it. Great blade as long as you ahve your technique down otherwise they will punish you.
Paul Milnes
Having tried many blades over the years and never really getting the shave I wanted, Dan at shaving shack suggested using Feather razor blades. They are in a class of their own, very sharp and give a superb close shave, I would recommend them highly.
David Bell
Only just started shaving using a DE razor and this was the second and last type of blade that I have tried! Brilliant close shave, combined with my Muhle R89. No need to try any more.
Brian Lewis
I have been using these blades for about a year now and I am guaranteed a smooth shave every time I use them. I tried another brand a few weeks ago and although I had a good shave using them. My face wasn't left as smooth as when I use these amazing blades.
Joe Beeston
My second mission having choosen a DE razor was to decide on which blade to use. I started off with a big sample pack which had a whole host of different blades to try out. There was a Feather's blade included and I can honestly say that it was clearly the sharpest blade in the pack so it was an easy decision to make my next purchase a 10 pack of Feather blades.

They are very sharp so demand respect, but you will not be disappointed with the end result.
Jake Dougal
I bought these as my first ever DE blades, to use with my Merkur 38c, 6 months ago.

I had read about people being "brave" to try them, but I think they are fabulous. The whole point of a razor blade is to be unbelievably sharp, and boy, do these deliver.

I can't see any reason I would ever change the blades I use, these are just so fantastic.
Stephen Ansell
What a difference a blade makes! I've just had the best shave of my adult life, no exaggeration. I've used a DE razor for over a year but have always shied away from Feathers due to their rather fearsome reputation, however all i can say is don't fear the feather! Great close shave, BBS after three passes with no cuts, no redness, and no irritation (even in my normal problem areas). I only meant to try these out of curiosity but it looks like ive found my new go to blade for daily shaving! Also great service from Shaving Shack, items ordered arrived quickly and were well packaged and protected, good work guys :-)
Jordan Bird
Place these badboys in any razor/shavette and your in for possibly one of the best shaves you will ever have! Super smooth and super sharp!! Excellent.
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