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Wet Shaving Tips

Tom Trueman, your expert shaving advisor

The key to a painless shave is to use plenty of warm or hot water before shaving. Either have a bath, shower or use a hot flannel to soften the bristles and open up the pores of the skin. For gentlemen with sensitive skin or heavy beards, we suggest lubricating your whiskers with a small amount of pre-shave oil before lathering.

Make sure you massage your chosen shaving cream or soap thoroughly into your stubble or beard. Use your fingers or a decent shaving brush.

Slowly, and using short strokes, shave with the grain i.e. in the same direction as the hair growth. Failure to do so can cause razor burn, redness and rashes. Be especially careful around the neck areas which are particularly sensitive.

Rinse your razor often in hot water.

When you have finished shaving, rinse the shaved area with cool water.

Use the best quality razors with the sharpest blades. As soon as you notice the blade is not performing then replace it, otherwise you'll end up with an uneven shave and cause irritation to your face and neck.

Once you are more experienced with shaving with the grain, you may want to experiment with a second pass of the razor across the grain and then a further pass against the grain. However, please note that shaving technique is highly subjective and it is worth experimenting with combinations of with the grain, across the grain and against the grain to see what works best for you. For example, three passes of a razor may give a great smooth shave but depending on your skin, it may come at the cost of skin irritation.

Following this tried and tested approach will ensure a pain free and skin friendly experience!

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