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Timor Double Edge Safety Razor (Gun Metal)Timor Double Edge Safety Razor (Gun Metal)
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Timor Double Edge Safety Razor (Gun Metal)

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A mild, great looking starter razor!
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A mild, great looking starter razor!

These are great little butterfly opening razors with a superb finish. Ideal for beginners as it is not particularly aggressive meaning less chance of getting cut! The twist to open butterfly is also the safest way to change razor blades.

Length: 85mm
Weight: 63g

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(17 reviews)  

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17 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Colin Fenwick
Aug 16, 2018
This was my first double edged safety razor. I really like the gun metal finish and the simple butterfly opening. It is a very mild razor, so don’t expect a super close shave without at least three passes, but it is a great starter razor. It was my go to choice when my son started to shave (got him the brushed chrome finish). Although I’ve graduated onto a more aggressive razor, I still use this for a final pass. Well worth it.
Mr Peter Jackson
May 20, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Superb little razor.
Arrived quickly. The build quality is superb, and it looks quite cool in Gun Metal. Comes with a Timor blade in the pack. Shaves beautifully, I've been using cartridges for many many years, so bought this to give DE shaving a go, no rash, no sore spots easy to use. I am very pleased with this razor. I bought it as a starter but will keep it as a travel/backup razor when I get a more expensive model for a 'significant' birthday. At this price you really can't go wrong.
Mr Derek Martyn
Apr 1, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I've been shaving for over 50 years, 40 + of them with multi-blade mediocraty. I returned to DE 3 years ago with a Merkur 1904 and wondered why I had wasted my time since 1972!!. Sadly, the female thread on the handle of the Merkur wore out rendering the 1904 US, (but the handle was somewhat reluctantly replaced by Merkur). This made me look for a change and that change was the G & F Timor. It arrived in a couple of days and I was immediately impressed by the quality of build and finish. It is truly a fine piece of equipment. As stated in the description and other reviews, it is not at all aggressive and shaving with it is for me, as smooth as silk and as close as a close thing.

For those who may be put off by the mild characteristics, there is a simple remedy. Take 2 or 3 used blades and file or grind say 2mm off each cutting edge and end tab. Remove any burrs and then use one or more as shims under your blade. In this manner, you can have your razor as mild or aggressive as you wish.

In this world of imaginative pricing for mundane objects, the G & F Timor could hold up its head amongst razors costing twice the price, or more.

An excellent choice for beginner or with the mod. the more macho amongst you and great service from Shaving Shack.
Jamie Currier
Feb 24, 2015
This is so much better than my old Gilette Fusion. My only piece of advice being that it's better to go for presentable, than baby smooth - otherwise buy a styptic pen.
Mr michael crowhurst
Feb 22, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
As described it is a good razor for someone who is new to safety razors like myself.(Been using disposable razors for the last 20yrs), When I shave I first of all use proraso preshave and postshave for ultra sensitive skin, then I use proraso ultra sensitive shaving cream, then to finish I use proraso liquid aftershave cream,Ialso use timor razor blades for a nick free and irritation free shave. Thank you shaving shack for a great product, will defiantly be ordering more items in the near future. thank you again
Andrew Benfield
Great price item with excellent german engineering quality. I bought this as a back up for my Merkur Futur, and you can tell the difference. A much less aggressive shave but if you are used to a Merkur can seem a little blunt in comparison. All in all a great value starter or back up razor.
Robert Marsh
This is my first Safety Razor since I was 20 (too long a go to mention), so I decided to go for a not too pricey model. Happily surprised at the build quality and weightiness which was just right for me. The sahe seemed much closer than my old cartridge system and with less rash. I am now a definite convert - i might try the Bluebeards Revenge cream next...
Ricardo Pacheco
This is my first DE razor. I'm still learning on it and it is really easy to shave with. It provided my first rash free shave in a long time. I use it everyday!
Massum Ali
A superb introduction to DE shaving for me with this Timor. It's less aggressive than other brands and I find I can get a close shave with two passes. It's shorter than it looks but I found this not to be a problem. It's also quite weighty and well made. The gun metal finish looks classy.
Very pleased with this product.
Andrew Savin
My first introduction to DE shaving.
What a revelation! Why have I been shaving with a cartridge for all these years.
Such a close shave, no rash, no bumps. Looks stylish and economical as well.
Karl Cushway
An excellent choice for someone who is new to the double edge razor world. The razor is inexpensive and of good quality which I'm sure will last me for years. Much better shave then the cartridge razors and cheaper blades too. Would highly recommend this to anyone new to DE razors
Gianni R.
This razor is an excellent choice for beginning. I bought it to try the DE shaving and I'm very satisfied. The butterfly system, the finishing and the color, make it very elegant and beautiful.
Alex Gittings
First DE razor for me and never going back to cartridge, Best shave I have ever had.
James Lloyd
Lovely quality and finish to the razor plus a good weight too. Very fast delivery, very pleased with the product and shaving shack.
Brian Pytlak
well this is my first razor and it is absolutely amazing, Great for a first double edged razor love the finish on it, performs really well with any blade inserted, Great first buy very pleased.
Leo Davies
A really lovely razor with a satisfying weight and feel. It's really easy to load the blades using the butterfly mechanism. A treat after years of permanent five o-clock shadow using an electric shaver. You do need to pass over twice but I'm really delighted with it.
Gary Quick
After reading the reviews for this razor I decided to buy it, for my return to DE shaving, on the grounds of it not being to expensive and a mild shave. What an excellent choice. It's a nicely weighted razor and the quality, for the price, is really great and the gunmetal finish a nice touch. I bought a sample pack of razor blades at the same time. This enabled me to perfect my technique without to much collateral damage. My preferred combination of blade and razor was the Timor and Feather. The mildness of the razor and the aggressiveness of the blade complimented each other giving a comfortable close shave
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