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The Goodfella Chrome Safety RazorThe Goodfella Chrome Safety Razor
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The Goodfella Chrome Safety Razor The Goodfella Chrome Safety Razor The Goodfella Chrome Safety Razor

The Goodfella Chrome Safety Razor

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The Goodfella Safety Razor is a product of today's technology. Through computer aided design and selecting modern durable materials the manufacturer has rejuvenated the old school, classic shaving razor. The Goodfella Safety Razor is perfectly balanced allowing the weight of the razor to deliver the blade at the optimum cutting angle resulting in a smooth and close, yet mild shave.

The Goodfella Safety Razor is hand finished and built by Goodfellas skilled team who are passionate about their trades. Each head is checked three times during production ensuring strict quality control.

Weight: 2 oz (57 g)
Length: 3 1/4" (8 cm)

Made in New Zealand

Press coverage


"The classy, Sean Connery-Bond style of the Goodfella Safety Razor makes it look straight off the silver screen."


"This razor makes shaving fun again."


The magazine, which generally goes for an electronic gadget every time, said it "prefers the feel of blade on bristle than the lawnmower-like grind of an electric shaver".


Ian Knott, a reviewer for leading online men’s lifestyle magazine, said: "Straight out of the box the Goodfella screams of quality engineering with its 3 piece, back to basics chrome design. The Goodfella carries a healthy weight to it. Just holding the razor gives the impression that it’s built to last. I could never go back to shaving with anything else after using the Goodfella, it gives the best shave I’ve ever had – and believe me I’ve tried all manner of electric and retail brand of disposable razor. With good shaving practices and a simple rinse out afterwards, the Goodfella is the only razor you’ll ever need again."


"The Goodfella is a classic chrome Double Edge razor in a clean, almost clinical, design. At first, it struck me as a very small razor, but it actually handles extremely well and is perfectly balanced. The Goodfella was my first attempt at a DE razor, and I must say that it impressed me with its great looks and the gentle shave it provides. At first, I thought that the short and slick handle would be slippery and hard to hold once it got wet. It turned out to fit perfectly in my hand – and never slipped a bit! The centre of balance was perfect for me, but I will not guarantee that it will fit anyone just as good. Like it goes for any other razor, it really is a matter of preference. The Goodfella is not an aggressive razor – in fact, you have to try quite hard to cut yourself with the open comb design."

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