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The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil (125ml)The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil (125ml)
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The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil (125ml) The Bluebeards Revenge Pre Shave Oil (125ml) Box

The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil (125ml)

(26 reviews)  

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Designed to moisturise your beard prior to applying your favourite Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream, the pre-shave oil helps your razor do all the hard work providing a smoother shaving experience and doing it's own bit to eliminate nicks and bumps.
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Real men get oily first! Moisturise your beard the Bluebeards way!

So you have had a great shave, you're feeling good. Next time, ramp it up a notch or ten with The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil. Designed to moisturise your beard prior to applying your favourite Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream, the pre-shave oil helps your razor do all the hard work providing a smoother shaving experience and doing it's own bit to eliminate nicks and bumps. To use massage a splash of oil into your beard until it is barely visible as just a sheen, then get to work lathering up with a quality shaving cream. Shave and enjoy.

Beginning with The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury shaving cream. The Bluebeards Revenge range of products were developed by a real life ‘Blue Beard’ (defined as those who get a five o’clock shadow by lunchtime), who became fed up with the inability of the current crop of mass produced stuff to do a half decent job. So not satisfied with the status quo, got of his backside and created The Bluebeards Revenge ‘For Real Men’.

Please note the ingredients below, if you are sensitive to any of them, best leave alone, eh?

Ingredients: Ricinius communis seed oil, olea europaea fruit oil, benzyl benzoate, coumarin, hydroxyisohexyl, 3-cyclohexene, carboxaldehyde, limonene, linalool.

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(26 reviews)  

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26 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Jonathan Page
Jul 7, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Never used a pre shave oil before but this feels luxurious and will last forever as you only need a tiny amount
Mr Alex Hargreaves
Apr 8, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Wanting something to supplement my shave cream I chose this as I have always found Bluebeard's Revenge to deliver on all their claims. First thing to say - yes, it is oily. But as something sold as an oil this is surely to be expected. Yes, the oil is think but this means that it isn't removed when brushing your shaving cream/soap on so also makes sense. These features are not unpleasant but just how it is and this leads to a much better and smoother shave. A fantastic product and like all BR products fantastic value as a little goes a very long way.
Rob Day
Oct 11, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
It does what it says on the bottle and does help with razor glide, but at the expense of being greasy, smelling of cooking oil and gunking the sink up. I have to spend time cleaning the sink afterwards with a bathroom cleaner just to get the residue off. Not good after having a nice shave.

It works but there are better products available that don't create such a greasy mess.
Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
Jun 19, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Quality works very well. Use every time I shave which is most days an when I haven't used it us noticible. You don't need a lot either so economical.
Mr Ian Marlow
Jan 7, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Wasn't keen on this at first at it seemed too gunky but have tried it again and am pleased I didn't bin it as I have experimented and worked out how to best use it. It is thick and yes, oily, but 10-15 drops rubbed very well into a dry(ish) face and then lathered on gave me the glide I require as I have to shave ATG with pressure to get BBS. It does leave a 'heavy' texture to my face after - but I'm OK with that.
Stephen Crook
What can I say another quality product that really works
Richard Tuxford
I bought this product for the first time having not previously used a pre-shave oil/lotion and based on the reviews.
However, whilst I think it added to providing a smooth shave, I wouldn't use it again because it smelt and felt like I was applying chip oil!!!
Robin Hughes
The first pre-shave oil I have ever used. It is easy to apply, protects the skin against nicks and cuts and provides a brilliant shave. I do not use this every shave as I like to alternate my method but when I do use it I am always impressed.
Pierre-Yves Claudon
A good pre-shave oil. Really protects the skin from burns and nicks. However, as every oil I've tested so far, it has a very oily (sic) consitency and let your face and your razor oily. You're good for a fashwash afterwards !
Rob Grey
I have never used a pre-shave oil before but I bought this when I bought my straight razor a few weeks ago and I am really pleased with it, I used it every shave and it really does help protect the skin and gives a great shave.
Neil Jary
Picked this up to add to my collection of straight razor shaving goodies!
Didn't know what to think about oiling my face up before a shave but it was really worth it!
The product smells nice, with an almost zesty citrus undertone.
Following guidelines its just a case of applying the oil sparingly to your beard before you apply the soap. You really only need a very small amount in the palm of your hands and away you go; probably about half a teaspoon, maybe less!
the product will last ages!
I did find that the first couple of times I used it the shaving crème I use didn't foam up quite as well as it did without the oil in place (real shaving co; and I wouldn't recommend it over anything you can buy here at The Shack!!) but if you apply a little bit more then it works fine. Im awaiting some bluebeards cream to test with that.
regardless; the oil really seemed to help the smoothness of the shave; the overall flow of the blade over the skin and helped a bit with shaving rash/redness as well.
great product all in all!
Not that great. A normal moisturizer does a better job.
Arwel Jones
This is a brilliant product, i put this on after i have put my Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream on and it works great.
Just a small amount required on your hand to rub together and apply to face, goes on easy and does not smell to bad. But the most important thing is this really helps me get that really smooth effortless shave. Leaves my face feeling moisturize after the shave, will be using this all the time in the future.
Adam Cockerill
First and only pre-shave oil I use, have not tried others because this one does a great job, have tried it with a few different shaving creams and soaps and it works well with all I've used so far. Like another user mentioned you will need a quick rinse before using any balms etc.
Steve Sinclair
Excellent pre-shave oil, great to use before lathering up on the luxury shaving cream. Cuts down on razor burn and always gives me a smooth close shave. I recommend it highly.
Lee Willis
This is the first pre-shave oil i've used. I decided to try it as I get a bit of razor burn on my neck. Using the pre-shave oil along with bluebeards shaving cream helps the razor glide so effortlessly, and reduced burn.
Kevin Lear
Great product,would definitely recommend this for newcomers to de shaving.I get no irritation when using this oil,but suffer some without it.
Tom C
I'm ashamed to say I was completely taken in by the marketing scheme for this, making me think this would be the solution for my thick beard.

Despite all the hype I guess my beard is just too thick!

I would also echo other reviews saying this stuff has the consistency of chip fat.

Cheap, nasty smelling, avoid.
Adam Povey
Being a paid up member of the Carl Sagan school of sceptics I'm always wary of claims made by various products as they rarely ring true. But after using various products in the Bluebeards range and having great results I though I'd give it ago and yet again I wasn't disappointed. I was getting a nasty patch of shaving rash and burn on my neck and no matter how careful I was it still occurred. I switched to derby blades which made and improvement and a few days later started using this oil and the rash/burn has gone. This is a great product and a little goes along way. The smell is great and it's quite thick so it doesn't goes everywhere. It also leaves the skin feeling moisturised. to be honest I haven't experienced any problems with this and can't understand why others have. This oil is now a must have before any shave for me and I'll carry on using it.
James Lewis
Have tried this before shaving and without. This quality of the same was vastly better with this oil. The razor glided over my chops like a swan on a lake. Awesome. Can't recommend this highly enough. ESSENTIAL for your shaving kit. I won't be without this!
Alan Hughes
always use this oil if I leave my beard un-shaved for a couple of days, makes a huge difference! adds to the pleasure of shaving too. Helps avoid rash and burn also, i'd recommend
Aidan Yeomans
Top pre shave oil, used this as I was prone to bad rash, sorted it right out and the razor just glides, it's a great buy.
Tobias Robinson
Only pre shave product I've used but compared to water alone I can clearly say that I shan't be going without again.

product is easy to handle and smells great, being absorbed quickly and easily.

My only concern is the effectiveness of this on a longer growth since it has a thin consistency
Fiona Kierans
This pre shave oil is fantastic value for money. 3 - 4 drops are all thats needed per shave which means this size bottle will last a long time indeed. It smells great and is very slick when paired with Bluebeards Rvenge shave cream. Having tried various other pre shave oils, this one beats the lot in terms of performance and value for money. In my book, its a must buy.
Leo Davies
It seems to work pretty well, with no nicks or cuts this week. Perhaps a little over-priced.
A little drop goes a long way. the oil is quite thick but is easy to apply and has a great coverage. The oil definitely helps to give a nice smooth shave and easing the irritation and razor burn.

Great pre shave oil, will be keeping a stock of this in my shaving kit.
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