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The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge RazorThe Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor
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The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor

The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor

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£34.99  including VAT

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Slice through stubble the Bluebeards way with this stunning double edge razor!
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Slice through stubble the Bluebeards way with this stunning double edge razor!

Totally stunning, bespoke, precision engineered double edged razor - the epitome of traditional shaving instruments.

The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar is a prime example of the brand’s modern and whimsical designs. Immediately noticeable is the skull and crossbones Bluebeards Revenge logo laser etched onto the top plate of the cutting head. This ups the "cool factor" because it is masculine and unconventional, but presented in an upscale way.

The chrome plating is evenly applied and smooth with no areas of unevenness or imperfections to be found anywhere.

Length: 9.5 cm
Weight: 67g

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(30 reviews)  

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30 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Sean Chawla-Duggan
Oct 4, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is a revisit really. In 2011, dan was extremely helpful with sorting me out with my choice of a safety razor for the weekdays, as I like a straight razor shave at the weekends when time is not a limiting factor. I also have a Muhle R41 open tooth, which is great when I've left my beard for 5 days or so, which I frequently do, either through laziness or laziness. However I needed something apart from the usual mulri blade razor as my thick beard just blocks those things with one stroke, so I ended up with a Scimitar, which enabled me to get through 1-3 days stubble and still stick a white shirt on and not worry about blood spotting. The razors been great, and shaves well with practically every blade I put through it.

Sadly it is now a basket case as the head continually falls out of the handle, as the interference fit or bonding has degraded and the razor is useless. When I was 19 my Dad gave me his Wilko Sword safety that he'd had for around twenty years, and I only stopped using it when multi blade razors started to be popular in the 80s, So buyer beware if you think you're getting a razor for life, which as an engineer, I know isn't a difficult thing to achieve. I'm not saying don't buy it, as it will shave well, but be aware to buy in the future. For now I'm just carrying on with the Muhle, albeit a bit more carefully, as it's quite aggressive. Shame, I loved my Scimitar with it's Deaths Head
Mr Justin Singleton-Campbell
Mar 2, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This was my first step into real razors. It was initiated by signing up to an "amazing" cartridge subscription club. The club shipped me a set of razors which were just so useless I figured there must be something better. After searching and searching I discovered this website and read loads of reviews. This razor seemed like such a good balance between price and looks and I decided it would be my first of these razors. I LOVE this new (to me) way of shaving and have just bought my second razor today. I think this ,any become addictive LOL. If you're looking to try proper shaving then hit buy now and try it for yourself - you won't regret it!
Fredrik Modig
Feb 24, 2015
Since I am new a this I am not as experienced as others but I just have to share.

After using a cheap "no name" de razor for a very short while I decided to go all the way and buy a real one...

After browing the internet for a couple of weeks (yes I am one of those people that have to compare everyting to be sure), I based my decision on pure vanity and gut feeling.
I just couldn´t resist that skull. It is just so cool, no I am not 9yrs old, you have to add another 30yrs to that.
Now I have used it for a while and I cannot belive why nobody told me about this before. For 25 years I have hated to shave.
Now I love it, the close shaves and the fact that I don´t have to worry about irritated skin anymore.

Try this one, you will love it, I use it with Bluebeards Revenge´s shave cream and post shave balm and the result is amazing.
Mr Joe Turner
Jan 26, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Being new to DE shaving, I did a lot of research and found that everyone was very complimentary of the entire 'The Bluebeards Revenge' range so I went all in and purchased everything required!

As my first DE razor, I don't have naything to compaire to in terms of weight or blade angle. But, I can say that is very well machined, it feels nicely balanced in my hand, and is heavy enough to be able to let it do all of the work. The packaging of 'The Bluebeards Revenge' range is amazing, and the razor arrives nicely wrapped inside a very well designed box.
Mr Simon Ghent
Dec 23, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I'm really quite annoyed.

I've been shaving for the best part of 30 years, using the normal Gillette and Wilkinson Sword cartridge razors, they really aren't a patch on this razor. I've always hated shaving, it's been a chore, something to avoid. This razor has changed everything. I actively look forward to shaving now. The shave is closer, no razor burn, it's a complete revelation.

My advice is to get to know your face, learn how your beard grows. For me it's the neck that's tricky. The hair grows in all kinds of directions and it''s really important to learn where it's going. Let your beard grow for a few days and have a good stroke, feel the direction and shave with it; it makes all the difference.

Look - shaving with this razor is like listening to music on vinyl rather than on a CD or MP3 - you put in the effort, you concentrate on what you are doing and the end result is so much better.
Stephen Crook
Bought the scimitar because I liked the look of it and the name and I was not disappointed great shave.
I will now enjoy shaving every day for a few good years to come
Dan at The Shaving Shack
Not only does this look cool and oozes quality, the shave is fantastic. Near enough the weight of a Merkur 34C and the finesse of a Muhle R89, this razor combines the best features of our most popular razors.
Gary Stanton
I have just taken delivery of the new safety razor from the shave shack crew . I wanted to start using a safety again after a few years of using a straight razor and a shavette (the shavette more due to long prep work need in a normal straight) . I have had a parker for years but was never taken by its look nor weight , but now a few years down the shaving line I decided to invest in a new “grown up” safety . I wanted a good quality well built razor so was looking to spend a bit more because it would be my last for a good few years . After reading many reviews on this site and others I had made my decision on a rather expensive brand that had great looks and at the ideal heavier weight I prefer. But then as always I come to my senses regarding money and started looking at a more cheaper model , that is about the time bluebeard brought out the Scimitar DE razor , I read the few reviews I could but in the end just took the plunge as the price was more than half the one I was going to buy. Well the first shave was a little sore which was down to me getting my skills back and also getting used to the heavier weight . but the second , third and now just after my forth shave it really has the feel and shave of a executive DE razor but over half the cost .The build quality is second to none as all the parts fit nicely together . The weight is about twice of you standard mach 3 which gives it the legs to cut the stubble off with little pressure to the skin thus leaving no sore skin. I love the jolly roger on the head and the look is very classy. If you are taken by proper shaving razors but don’t want to spend the earth on expensive razors then this is the puppy for you . well done bluebeards!!!
Sean Chawla-Duggan
Bought this to compliment my straight razor so I can have a quickie during the week. Am also using a Muhle R41 and found that to be slightly agressive, however was using an Astra blade, and using a the supplied Derby with the Scimitar, I was able to shave, quickly, blood free and the shave was as smooth as I've ever known, topped off with Bluebeard after I felt and smelt a million punds Sterling:)
Thanks Dan and Bluebeard
Michael Roche
I bought this razor on a whim (Liked the Skull and Cross bones) and I am so glad I did. I have been using the Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Classic for the last two years and to be perfectly honest didn’t think I would ever change. This feels so much better in your hand the slightly longer handle makes all the difference. Together with the Israeli made Double Edged Blades a truly remarkable shave.
Ed Neville
This razor is pure excellence. The weight is perfect, the size and shape of the head is perfect and it just rocks.

My wife bought this for me as an anniversary present and I absolutely love it.

One thing that I've noticed with this is that the curve of the blade inside the head is of much sharper angle (or smaller circumference) than the curve of the blade in a cheap off-the-shelf boots model, personally I find it far more comfortable than the others and the pirate logo makes it more comfortable on the face.

If you (like me) have previously had budget razors then you'll be surprised just how much better your shave can get. I strongly recommend that you buy this as you'll definitely not regret it.
Gavin Rowntree
This is my first D/E razor after many years of mach 3 abuse! I have the feeling it will also be my last! This is because its perfect. Nice weight,nice design and great price!!!!
Paul Seymour
Best shave ever, skin baby smoth, been using a Parker 60r for a number of years but this is even closer. A good weight and length, the blade is held at tje perfect angle.
The engraving of the skull and cross bones is amusing and serves as a warning to cartridge shavers.
The handle is a little slippy but you soon get used to it
Jamie Adams
I should really begin the review by pointing out that up until Saturday (3 days ago) I had about as much idea as using a safety razor as I do taxadermy (incase your wondering its not a lot) but I decided to take the plunge. The reason for this was simple, I quite like my face and following suggestions the Scimitar was aparently a good investment for it.

I can tell you now I was not disapointed, it has provided me with the three closest shaves of my life. I would advise anyone watch the videos on this page and also a search on youtube, I feel the tips I found really help with a rookie shaver.

The build quality of the razor is great and the brand is fantastic. Not only is it cool it feels really professional.

For me this is a product that could easily demand a higher pricetag and is a steal at this price.

Really pleased with my purchase.
Mark Kelly
Have never ever used one of these razors before, after finding this website and seeing this and reading some reviews i thought id give it a go to see what im missing. i bought some really sharp blades which i think i may be to sharp so will be buying the multi pack next time to find myself a good one, but this razor i love it. Will not be going back to them tv advert razors now which are just hype from celebs, this boy is the bomb.
Scimitar just arrived this morning and i've just had the best shave in over 25 years. Proper brush, proper cream - pre and post - and a great razor. It all takes a little longer but the results are worth it. This is my first DE razor so I can't compare it to anything, but it feels just right, and the videos on site really help with the technique. The main thing seems to be let the razor do the work and the extra weight just allows it to do the job. Excellent. Just wish i'd done it long ago!
Shane Forster
I have been shaving now for nearly 25 years and all of those years I have used disposable razors with the last 10 years using the Gillette Mach range. A mate of mine suggested that I try a more traditional "Man's shave" and after looking at loads of safety razors I decided to buy the Blue Beards Scimitar razor. The delivery was very quick and once unwrapped I wasn't disappointed, the razor oozed quality and had a surprising weight, I couldn't wait to get started. After three weeks of shaving I can honestly say it is a pleasure to shave now and it is something I look forward to (it was always a chore with the Mach Range!!!). It was a bit tricky at first as you need to let the weight of the razor to do the work but you soon get used to it. I also purchased a selection pack of razors which allows you to choose the right blade (I strongly recommend this to anyone who is new to this style of shaving). All in all I am very pleased with my new razor and shaving this way my only regret is not discovering this earlier!!!!
Harry Weatherall
once again outstanding delivery response time from the shack, blue beards simitar, what can i say ,i believe this is an outstanding little razor ,which allows a close shave ,but it is very forgiving and not at all agressive,i would recomend this as a great starter razor and looking at the kits ,its coming in and christmas on its way this is a no brainer . Well done the shack outstsanding
P Ward
I have received my new safety razor "The Bluebeards Revenge Simitar". I have always opted for cartridge type razors up until know, and wished I had tried a safety razor before as this is a fabulous razor no pulling or snagging. I wanted a good razor so after reading a few reviews & watching a review on youtube from geofatboy of this razor and decided to give it a try. The build quality is great as all the parts fit snugly together, the weight is very comfortable in the hand to shave with. The Price is good as its half way between the cheaper end of the range and the more expenseive ones on offer, a good place to enter the safety razor shaving market for new converts like myself. I love the skull & crossbones branding. Overall wonderful razor. Highley recomended.
Lee Willis
I received my new Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar a couple of days ago. I used it for the first time last night and I'm surprised to say, I rather enjoyed having a shave for once. I was expecting to draw blood, but no. I took my time with the preparation and using the razor. Had a 3 pass shave to see how smooth it would be, and wasn't left with a single nick, cut or irritation. I would recommend the Scimitar, its a great wee razor.
David Jones
Got this as I was unhappy with my merkur hd, had a problem with little flecks of chrome coming off....this on the other hand is a masterpiece. It's ideal for beginners and experts alike. Nice feel in the hand, good quality finish. What more could you ask for. Thanks to dan aswell for helping me decide, super fast delivery aswell (20 hours?!?!?)
Robert Fullard
Hi all,

I hope you take some time to read this review as its not just about the razor but about Shaving Shack in General.

Firstly im going to talk about my delivery mishap. I had a few things on order and one of them was this razor. For whatever reason it wasn't in the package. To be fair i was pretty annoyed at this as you would expect. I really didn't need to be. 1 phone call to the team and they sent out my razor the same day.

For me this is truly superb. Every company on occasion makes mistakes but lets face it the fact that they dealt with their mistake so easily speaks volumes as to whom you are buying from. Customer service is a rare gem and Shaving Shack have been excellent.

On to the Razor....

Its weighty and holds the blade really nice and flat. Goes together a dream. Every shave i have had has been BBS quality with 3 passes. My one nitpicking complaint would be that the handle is a little slippy and could maybe do with a slightly deeper recess at the top to get a better grip of. But this really is a minor complaint.

After using Gillette blades for years then switching to electric this foray into DE shaving is never going to change. I love it and this razor has been the icing on the cake for me.

Quality company, Quality Service, Quality products.

Why buy anything else?
Ashley Howell
I got this DE razor as a gift for Christmas, after now using it a couple of times with the Gillette 7 o'clock blades i can say that it is a great razor, having used a shavette for a while and liking the shave a single blade gives, this DE razor does not dissapoint. It has a nice feel and blance. very easy to use and keep clean gives an excellent shave.

It also looks great aswell nice touch with the chrome look and etched Bluebeards Revenge logo on the top. Great product all round
Been using this razor for a few months now and now have quality shaves. It does take getting used to, and i've found that the razor is well built and will last a long, long time.

However, I have found out that through a year of battling through the wet shave experience, the ONE thing that makes the shave a perfect one rather than a nightmare is the LATHER!

So please, I know people bang on about a badger brush etc.. but seriously spend a little more money on one and it will save you a lot of stress!

Using this razor with a quality badger brush, with Proraso cream is a dream!
I bought this as an alternative to my Merkur Futur for travel. Assembling it I didn't feel it was as well thought out and as good a fit in my hand.

Then I came to use it - my Merkur is now my travel razor. This is much more comfortable in the hand and the head design makes swapping blades easier. I'm also getting a more consistent, better, shave - particularly with the Gillette blades.
Stuart Munro
I have been shaving with the Scimitar for a little over a week...

Aesthetics: Very pleasing to the eye - looks much better than the cartridge razors available on the market today.

Build quality: Very well made, nice tight tolerances. Being stainless steel, it should last a good while. The razor is suitably weighty.

Finish: The razor arrived gleaming with no visible scratches.

Packaging: More than adequate, nice box and tissue paper wrapping.

How does it shave: Very well. I have fairly sensitive skin, especially on my neck - just in line with my Adam's apple. The Scimitar resulted in noticeably less irritation in the area vs any cartridge razor that I've tried. With further practice, I imagine that it will result in a totally irritation free shave. The overall closeness is comparable, if not more so, to my previous cartridge razor when loaded with a Derby extra blade. The handle can be a little slippery but this can be overcome by drying your hand on a towel periodically.

Summary: A very nice product that shaves very well. I just wish I'd made the switch to DE shaving earlier.
My first DE razor, currently using Wilkinson sword blades with it and going well!!
Nicholas Clutten
Received this razor as part of a kit. absolutely brilliant best shave ever with feather blades.
Ben Laidler
After much research I decided to opt for the Scimitar as my first DE after 10 years of cartridge shaving.

When I received the razor I thought the packaging was quite novel and the razor looks very nice indeed. The plating is well done and it arrived with no marks/blemishes. As others have mentioned also, the motif on the head looks great.

After about 12-15 shaves I am really enjoying using this razor. I find it is best matched with a sharper blade as it is quite a mild razor. Even if I have 3-4 days growth on my face it takes it down nicely. For me the Gillette 7 o'clock yellows are a good match but your mileage may vary!

For a beginner I feel it has been very forgiving and it is nicely weighted with a fairly even distribution throughout the head and handle.

At this price point I know there are other razor makers out there with good heritage and I cannot comment on those is direct comparison but I can say this is a darn good razor and one I shall enjoy using for years to come.
Fantastic! After years of suffering horrible shaves using disposable multi blade razors I bought this as my first DE razor.
It has made a huge difference. Delighted with this razor and highly recommend it.
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