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Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Sandalwood 150g)Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Sandalwood 150g)
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Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Sandalwood 150g) Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Sandalwood 150g)

Taylor of Old Bond St Shaving Cream (Sandalwood 150g)

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Luxurious lather, a fine scent...the perfect shave!

Luxurious lather, a fine scent...the perfect shave!

From the mystic east, we take a complex rich woody blend of exotic sweet scented Sandalwood and Cedar, add Lavender and Rosemary with subtle floralcy and Jasmine and Rose, for a vivacious, enticing, confidently masculine bouquet.

Taylor of Old Bond Street's reputation for creating luxurious shaving cream is unsurpassed. A rich creamy lather that will soften the bristles ready for that perfect shave!

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50 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr John Nye
Oct 1, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very disappointed with this. The lather is great, as expected, but the scent is too perfumed, makes me want to retch tbh. This one's going in the bin and it's back to Proraso or Jermyn st for sensitive skin.
Mr David Cunniffe
Jul 30, 2020
I bought this because of the rave reviews and was a little disappointed. The Taylor’s cream produces a fantastic rich and silky smooth lather but smells nothing like sandalwood. If you buy Proraso or any other soap with sandalwood oil they all smell about the same. This stuff doesn’t. The smell is citrusy, a little synthetic something I don’t like. Think I’ll try a different scent next time won’t buy again.
Dunc Gordon
May 11, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
First time using Taylor’s products and I have to say this cream is fantastic, it is very easy to lather from a surprisingly small amount, the lather does exactly what it says on the tin and smells great.
Will definitely get this again but I think it will last quite a long time, so great value for money as well.
Mr jason slavin
Mar 13, 2020
Read the reviews of this and decided to buy it,glad i did the scent is lovely and gives a nice smooth shave.
Mr Llyr Mercer
Feb 14, 2018
I adore this stuff; indeed everything by Taylor’s but this fragrance is my favourite. I use the sandalwood pre shave oil, this cream and the aftershave and when combined the scent lingers literally all day. Wifey initially thought it smelled too “old” but she now loves it so happy days!
Nov 11, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
very good shave cream good and easy to lather nice smell and protects your skin when u shaving best shave cream ive used cant fault this cream.
Mr Leo Scarlino
Dec 27, 2016
I have re-ordered this after trying a few brands and creams.
Cyril Salter's Wild Rose is lovely for example but this is simply traditional and it smells just right.
It lathers up nicely and the smell lingers for quite a while.
A good & creamy....I think I will stay with this one !
Recommended !

Mr Adam Povey
Aug 17, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
After using Truffit and Hill west Indian lime shaving cream for the last few months I was convinced that you couldn't get better than that. How wrong I was. Taylors sandalwood cream is a joy to use and lathers up fantastically. The scent is very pleasant and not too over powering and the lather I get with my bk4 brush is just stunning and very rich and creamy, a very small amount of cream goes a very long way making enough lather for at least three passes. My nest purchase will probably be the cologne to go with this great cream.
Mr Nick Sorrell
Jun 3, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is my first shaving cream (previously a soap user), and purchased it purely on the strength of the scents and the fact I'd seen TOBS talked about in high regard. I can see why. The cream is an absolute delight to use. Very little is needed on the brush (highly economical), and lathers incredibly easy, even on my cheap brush. A small dab in the bowl gives more than sufficient thick and creamy lather for at least 5 passes when used in a bowl. There is plenty of lubrication on offer here, and a delicious scent wafts during use. An ideal range to consider for users in harder water areas, beginners and advanced users alike. Superb value for money, now to decide which other scents in the range to try next!
Mr Matthew Price
May 29, 2015
This was the first cream I purchased when I started DE shaving. Since that time I've tried a number of other creams and soaps and I have to say that so far this remains my favourite.

The scent is very nice, noticeable but not over-powering, just the kind of level you want to provide a clean, fresh scent without significantly over-powering your cologne or making it unpleasant to shave with. However it's not so diluted so as to be unoticeable, which can be the case with other brands. Perfectly balanced in my view.

The cream itself is excellent, a dream to lather either in bowl, hand, or directly on the face. The cream lathers up almost imediately with a brush, so much so that I imagine it could also be used by hand.

Shave quality is also excellent. Since honing my technique I've noticed little or no irritation when using this cream, lubrication and protective qualities are both excellent.

Currently my go to cream, highly recommended to all wet shavers.
Musharaf Hussain
Feb 24, 2015
lovely smell!! after using this the almond shaving cream, I thought I'd try the Sandalwood range.. Cream lathers rather nicely, you dont even need that much from the bowl just couple of dabs with a shaving brush then lather up and you get a nice genorous amount out of it. price may seem steep but it pays for itself in no time. inface i'd say its way more cheaper then the gillete foam.

Highly recommended, you guys wont regret it:)
Christopher Winspear
Feb 24, 2015
Great cream, gives a lovely lather, smells nice, clean and manly. And will last for ages. I love the feeling after the first pass it feels really smooth and fresh, covers well with a good brush, really looks like merange in the bowl when you get it whipped up nice and thick.
Mr Simon Ghent
Jan 6, 2015
I received a tub of this as a Christmas present and I'm most impressed. Up till now I've always used a hard soap, but I think I'm a convert to this. Using a bowl & badger brush this stuff very quickly takes on a lovely whipped cream consistency. Highly recommended.
Paul Jennings
If shaving foam in a can is like ‘squirty cream’ then this stuff is akin to real, organic, Devon clotted cream. It smells so good you probably could eat it on your scone!

Just dab your damp brush into the cream and apply, in a circular motion, to your wet face and it will produce a fantastic, thick, aromatic lather. The blade of your razor will glide over your face leaving it feeling smooth and supple with a subtle smell of sandalwood. I use a Merkur 34C, but using this stuff with any old disposable would enhance a shave.

My only gripe is that you need so little cream on your brush to get a really good lather that I reckon it will take me years to use up the whole tub and I really want to try the other ‘flavours’.
Liz Edwards
Smells fantastic on my boyfriend's skin, I might nick it!
Paul Clarke
Superb cream.......... couldn't get it to lather very well by taking a fingerful into a separate bowl but hey, lathering on the face is great, keeps the face very hydrated and smells great
Andy Dingle
Well I'm converted, I've used foams, gels & oils & a combination. Nothing compares to a badger brush & this product for the best shave ever.

If you want to smell great afterwards then you can't go far wrong with this.

Andy Finn
I got this to go with my first razor and waited till i had the hang of the razor to give it a go. I had used a soap bar prior to trying this which lathered better than any foam or gel and figured it would be similar. IT's FAR BETTER...smells great and feels so creamy and lathers very quickly . I only need the ligtest of dips to get a lather which lasts for more than 4 passes and touch ups. The 150 tub i got is going to last an age and maybe thats the truth of value for money. Your face stays hydrated and the razor glides through it. I dont have enough money waste on cheap products anymore. Highly reccomended
Mark Woodcock
This shaving cream is excellent. It produces a very rich lather with a great fragrance. The tub will last for months as you only need a very small amount for each shave. A very smooth shave can be achieved with this cream. Highly recommended.
Jamie Quan
Great product lathers very easy with a pea sized amount and a wet shaving brush. Leaves you with a clean smooth shave and smelling great all day.
Christopher Dixon
I Bought 3 of these with 3 for 2 offer. Ive use prorasso and Windsor before & liked both. So sitting in the bath i try brush in Mr Taylors finest. Gods teeth man, i open my eyes to see my whole face covered in thick creamy foam. Never seen anything like it, two eyes staring out of shaving foam head looking at me. Needless to say i am truly converted to the rich thick foam of Mr Taylors.
Paul G
My first foray into the 'real' shaving creams market and I must say I'm impressed! Although I cannot compare it to similar 'real' shaving creams it runs rings around the brightly coloured 'gels' and 'foams' that I used to use (even the King of Shaves stuff which is actually pretty good!). Lathers up easily on the face and only requires a dice-sized amount for a full shave. The only downside is that the smell is a bit too "mature" for me (22yo), so next time I'll be trying a different scent.
Aleksis Gailans
This is a great cream. I am now officially hooked on the Taylor of Old Bond Street range!

It has a lovely traditional scent - which lasts all day. It gives a great lather (although I find it needs a bit more moisture to get it going compared to Old Eton) and allows for a very close shave.

If you are looking for a traditionally scented shaving cream, this really is the cream for you.
Hans-Joachim Lehner
Great lather like used from Taylor creams. Also the smell is good “Sandalwood”…. The only drawback: The smell is coming from “perfume” only… not from the essential oil of the sandalwood tree… so you can not expect the benefits of the essential oil (aroma therapy)… this is a little bit disappointing because of the statement “herbal aromatics”… but like mentioned for the shaving procedure itself this has no impact.
Ash T
Bought this back in march for my dads birthday - gotta admit I've used it just as much as he has.

Only just now starting to run out after 4 months of us both using it every day - pretty good value I'd say, especially compared to the cans of colourful gel I used to buy.

The scent from this is spot on but I'm looking forward to now trying the others!
Nicholas Lambert
I am now a huge fan of Taylor of Old Bond Street thanks to this wonderful cream! The amount of lather you can create by just swirling the brush around in the pot then lathering in your bowl is crazy! The smell is really nice as well, imagine a barber's shop back in the early 20th century and this is what I can only imagine it being like! Brilliant price and will buy more!
Angelo Maiorano
Extraordinary cream is easy to assemble with a pleasant fragrance. I believe without doubt that it is one of the leading products of the Taylor of Bond. Rating very good
Paul Ash
got this for my birthday the box set the brush n creme the sandalwood smell is heavenly and the creme gives an excellent shave leaving your skin smooth but with this refreshing yet manly fragrance the brush took a little getting used to as was a real hair brush and felt quite tickly/ prickly upon my skin but now calmed down and use this with my creme well worth a buy even if you just buy the creme or the box set its worth the money and great value
David Kirk
Like Hans-Joachim, a little dissapointed the smell is not derived from the essential oil. However, that said it does make a fantastic lather, and razors just glide through it, even a mach 3 blade that's had about 3 shaves too many. . .
Far nicer than the gel in a can, and look how small the tub is compared to a can, plus you can re-use the tub. Try re-using one of the squirty cans. . .
Makes a really rich, thick, creamy lather and smells wonderful. Moved onto this from some cheapo Pecksniff's soap and the difference in quality between the two is astounding. Even got some compliments on how I smelled after shaving with this. A great cream.
A very good cream, it's easy to lather and you don't need a lot a cream. it protects your skin from the razor and the smell is very good
Stephen J Baker
Creamy. Lathers very easily. Before trying the TOBS Sandalwood, I used a cheap shaving soap bought at the supermarket. Mistake!

By contrast, this shaving cream whips up so quickly in an aromatic flurry of bubbles and cream. It feels great to apply with a badger and it smells amazing. I love stepping out of the bathroom and demanding "smell me" I can't wait to try some others in the range. (the only problem is which one shall I try next!).
Andrew Robson
Great product, lathers very easily and allows a very smooth shave. Having just bought my first cut throat razor I have just used this item this morning for my first "real shave" and it was great, managed to complete my first shave without cutting myself! As others have said it smells great and feels great on your face.
Mark C
A must for anyone. The cream produces an excellent lather that results in a smooth shave. I am now on my third pot.
Adam Lewis
This stuff is amazing! I can get a top lather even in this hard water area! Pop a bit in small bowl and it whips up a treat! Great smell too!
I've only recently converted to shaving with a double edge razor, and this was the first 'proper' shaving cream I tried. I opted for this based on the reviews both here and on other sites, and I'm very pleased with the product.

I've heard many people saying that it can take some time for your skin to become used to DE shaving, but I found the transition to be no problem at all. I think this is due, in the main, to the TOBS shaving cream. It gives a really good lather with only a small amount of cream, and provides a very comfortable shave. The smell is also nice and makes a nice change to the supermarket gunk! Highly recommended.
Dean R
It's will last you a very long time! It smells good, lathers up immensely, buy it
Martin Petersen
Great product lathers very easy with a pea sized amount and a wet shaving brush.

The scent can be picked up after the shave, and is very pleasant and light.
Like any tobs cream it wil produce the thickest and richest lather available out there.
Try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Mr Dwayne
There is a reason why this is so popular on this site.


This is my first stab at wet shaving with some proper cream and boy oh boy is this stuff GOOD!

The smell of it is simply bliss. When I opened it for the first day I could not walk past my shaving shelf without going back for another whiff! I will be trying some of the other scents this brand has to offer 100%

As for the quality of the lather itself. Brilliant!
Disco Dave
This is my first attempt at shaving in a more traditional way. My previous experience is what you'd expect from someone who has grown up watching Gillette commercials and being bombarded with marketing saying "Our product is the best ever shave!".

Well now I've dipped my toes into shaving with a DE razor and seemed to enjoy the experience, I've decided to expand my inventory away from Shaving foam and gel in a can. Firstly i tried products from Lush and BodyShop and then decided to buy this product.

I got to admit even though this is my first "real" shaving cream and I have no experience of other premium brands, this product definitely works very well.

Firstly the packaging is very basic but it does the job. Upon opening, the glorious smell of the product nearly filled the room. My only critique of the smell is that it has a certain "old age" quality, I would have preferred if there is another sandalwood smell from the range that is more modern.
The consistency resembles clotted cream and easily lathers up.
The shave experience is like non-other can cream. The razor just glides over the skin, feels like I'm not even shaving. So comfortable.
After the shave the smell of the product is very subtle and the old age smell does give a luxurious spice that doesn't smell too out of modernity.

I am very happy with this product. I am happy with my new found shaving experience. I am happy with the service also.

Excellent! Can't wait to try other fragrences.
Ddamian Bloomfield
Great soap, beautiful scent that fills the bathroom and leaves you feeling fresh. the lather just appears out of no where and fills the bowel nicely, paired with a good brush it delivers a lather that helps produce a fantastically close shave.
Highly recommended.
Andy M
Luxury in a bowl! This shave cream lathers up easily even in hard water. It gives a lovely smooth shave, and smells great too
Janne Taanila
Best shaving cream that I have used so far. It's surprising how long one jar lasts. Lather stays moist longer than many other products, and that is a good mark for quality in my opinion.
Seo Wook Kim
This shave cream actually brings my childhood memory back. The scent is not strong enough to stay all day on me, Also other products overlap the scents (shampoo, soap, etc.) However, I can smell it when I pass by where shaving brush seats. I lived with my grandpa for several years when I was little kid and he always took me to the barber shop. He would get a shave and I would get a corn dog. I remember, he would let me scratch my mosquito bites on his beard before the shave. After the shave, he said no more sctratch and let me feel his face. The barber shop smelled like this shaving cream.

It lathers very easily, about a minute! It dries on your face little bit, but problem solved by adding a drop (literally a drop) of water.

My girlfriend picked this one for me, but she did not enjoy the actuall scent (since she is more into citrus and floral scents). She told me it is differnet than what she imagined and it is different than female sendalwood products. I love it and I can only smell on me while I am shaving, so works both for us.

The bowl lasted me about 7 months. I shave 3 times a week and 3 passes at a shave,
Mike Johnson
Great cream love the smell of it..lathers up really well a little goes a long way..go for it you will not be disappointed.
Nik Phillips
I'd been using gel for years but when I got married last year I treated myself to a brush and this cream. I wish I had switched years ago. It makes my morning shave more enjoyable believe it or not. It smells great and helps to get a really close shave. I don't suppose you could ask for more. I won't be going back to gel.
Ben Mortimer
Very little needed on your brush simply explodes into a rich lather, by far my favourite and smells absolutely gorgeous!
Chris Theaker
Wow! This was my first proper cream and I love it. Gives a great shave and very easy to lather. The fragrance is subtle and I personally would like it to be stronger but that is a minor gripe.
Great price too
Ben Laidler
Strictly speaking I did not purchase this wonderful product from Shave Shack but its the product I am reviewing and not the retailer so hopefully this is fit for publishing!

This is my first bonafide shave cream having chosen to opt for something other than the usual marketing in a can available from Tesco etc so I may not have the experience that others on here do but I felt I would add my thoughts.

Firstly the packaging is average, nothing exciting but inkeeping with the companies image I believe. The product inside is very good indeed. A great scent, not too strong but certainly noticeable. You only need a small amount of cream to generate a good lather in my limited experience and it applies nicely onto the face.

One thing I found is my razor passed much more freely across my face using this cream versus a Gillette/Nivea shave cream resulting in less irritation. Another big thing I noticed is the hydrating effect it seems to have, I need much less moisturiser after my shave using Taylors cream. Before using this product my skin felt tight and dry after a shave but I simply don't get this anymore.

In summary, gives a great shave, reasonably priced, good lather, great scent, leaves my skin in good shape and without a doubt one to try if you haven't already!
Paul Atkins
Lathers up beautifully, using only a small amount, pea sized for a quick shave.
With a classic perfume that smells great.
And delivers a fantastic close shave with my Merkur 23C.
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