Semogue Boar Shaving Brush Model 830Semogue Boar Shaving Brush Model 830
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Semogue Boar Shaving Brush Model 830

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A fantastic boar brush with a unique handle!

Great backbone for soap lathering and the bristle will soften over time to give you the best of both worlds. The acrylic handle is almost jewel like being multi sided and transparent to reveal a rich red core.

Bristle Length: 62 mm
Overall Length: 117 mm
Knot Diameter: 25 mm

Established in 1954, Semogue is Portugal's only producer of shaving brushes. Famous for their expertise in working with boar and badger hair, their stunning and unique designs are a balance between creativity, authenticity, innovation and tradition.

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Tips on caring for your shaving brush

  • Use warm water! Hot or boiling water can cause damage, ultimately resulting in shedding. Hot, in brush terms, is usually considered to be anything above the 50 degree Celsius mark.

  • Go easy with your brush! The core of the brush is where the magic happens and mashing down with your brush can twist and break the core hairs and over time cause hair loss and a dimpled effect in the centre of the brush.

  • Rinse and dry after use. When you are done using your brush shake or flip it hard a few times to remove all the water and hang upside down in a stand to dry. If you don’t have a stand dry the brush thoroughly on a towel.

Why is my brush shedding?

  • Intermittent shedding is quite normal across all makes of brush. Please read our magazine article that explains the issue, its causes and how you can prevent it happening: Why is my shaving brush shedding hair?!!

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