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Proraso After Shave Balm Sensitive (100ml)Proraso After Shave Balm Sensitive (100ml)
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Proraso After Shave Balm Sensitive (100ml)

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An alcohol-free formula liquid that soothes reddening and gives relief to just shaved skin!


An alcohol-free formula liquid that soothes reddening and gives relief to just shaved skin!

For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. This non-greasy, alcohol-free formula liquid after shave cream with Green Tea and Oatmeal soothes reddening and gives relief to just shaved skin whilst protecting and moisturizing the face. Leaves even the most irritated and sensitive skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

About Proraso
Born in the 1920s in beautiful Florence where the products are still made, Proraso has loyally served three generations of well-groomed men. Today it enjoys the reputation as Italy’s most venerable barber shop shaving brand. For eighty years Proraso has guarded its secret formula based on Eucalyptus Oil and, in a way that only a small family owned Italian business can, the recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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(20 reviews)  

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Mr michael archer
Oct 5, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I just gone back for a while to using my Philips electric shaver and had shaving rash the post shave balm I was using was very good but you always think there is something better so I tried proraso white it's not bad but for me not nearly as good as the one I was using and could not wait to go back to so the one I highly recommend is bluebeards post shave balm it's the best by far
Colin Burnhope
Wow i have just used this its brilliant
if like me you suffer from irritation
no matter how carefully you shave
try it you will not be disappointed
takes irritation away instantly
Daniel Kinlan
I first used this product on a trip to Italy and I've been waiting for someone to stock it for some time. This after shave feels fantastic on your skin, has a very pleasing scent and soothes any skin irritation you may have after your shave.
Atir Akram
Have used this after shave cream for a while now and I used to use the pre-shave proraso cream before that - brilliant results as always. The scent and the soothing feeling it delivers is still great and it can last a long time if used moderately - highly recommend this and one of the best after shaves out there.
Arsalan Karimi
Awsome aftershave balm. very soothing and gives a good protection after the shave. also very good to use with other proraso products like the shaving creams!
I don't have sensitive skin or been bothered by razor burn so I had no real reason to try this lotion other than just to try it out and I don't regret doing that one bit. With the other post shave creams that I have been using I had to re-apply cream after 10-15 minutes since it almost felt like I never applied the cream in the first place, not with this lotion. What I like about this product is that the sent is very subtle and not overpowering while keeping your skin hydrated and it goes hand in hand with the Proraso pre shave cream and shaving soap.
Thomas Wahlberg
Best thing I've ever put on my face! I have a very sensitive skin, used to get razor burn and irritation that lasted for days when using regular gilette shaving foam and 5 blade fusion razors. When I first switched to DE razor, I started to feel a bit of razor burn after finishing my shave. I'm a beginner so I think that's the cause. But after I put this aftershave on it felt like the irritation and burn went away almost instantly. Definitely a must product for sensitive skin. Will be taking home some Proraso cream also next.
Russell Ferguson
I’m not a frequent wet shaver as my stubble doesn’t grow that quickly, but like most men I tend to get razor burn & irritation afterwards, no matter how careful I am or how long I take.
I’ve tried numerous "high street" post shave lotions & balms with slight success but usually felt as though I’ve wasted my money. Then after hours of internet research the name Proraso kept cropping up. Purchased some Proraso pre shave cream & loved it! So thought I’d give the Proraso liquid after Shave Cream a go. Pure bliss! That’s the only way to describe this stuff with regard to the way it makes your skin feel. Takes any irritation away instantly & stays that way. Wish I had to shave every day!
Not a big fan of the scent though, which doesn’t last that long anyway. Expected a bit more of a menthol smell, like the pre shave cream but overall verdict; excellent stuff.
Ian Roscoe
You've got to try this!

Having used various aftershave balms with differing success, this one is a keeper!

Light, easily absorbed and supremely soothing. A couple of minutes after applying your skin feels smooth & comfortable with absolutley no irritation or redness. It almost feel like you didn't actually shave in the first place.

If you have to shave every day as I do then this is a godsend. I can't recommend highly enough.
James Wibberley
Great aftershave balm with a great smell. If you are going to use Proraso shave cream which is pound for pound the best option on the market for brush lathering, you may as well get this to finish your shave off with a complementary after shave balm.
James H
Excellent aftershave.

I use alum, rinse it off and then use this. It leaves my skin smooth and takes away a lot of any soreness that maybe present.
Neil Robinson
Great balm this, same scent as the white soap which I can recommend highly also.

Regardless of whether you actually have sensitive skin or not this product is fantastic. It has a lovely tea tree aspect to the scent and treats razor burn very well, and moisturises as good as anything else I've used. Recommended.
Martin Petersen
You can´t go wrong with Proraso!
You get a lot of good lotion for a bargain.
Skin is left moisurized and protected afterwards, and the scent is natural and light.
Flaviano Brandi
Great aftershave: you need just a couple of drops to erase every irritation. A terrific combination when used together with the white shaving soap. A wonderful choice if you have a sensitive skin. And a greater one if have not!
Alex Douglas
Takes away every irritation. I have just started going against the grain .. Takes away the irritations instantly.
Like all Proraso Products the Liquid Aftershave Cream feels great and easily absorded into the skin .
Though they looked to have changes the formula and bottle of this and the scent is less subtle than the original Aftershave Cream
Peter Blake
Just used this over the weekend having been a recent convert to Proraso Shaving soap and I have to say I was delighted with how quickly it calmed and soothed my skin! Lovely fresh smell, and a little goes a long way. My skin felt smooth for much of the day. I have very sensitive skin so finding a brand that does the job without needing to take out a small mortgage is fantastic!!
Daniel Gustafson
This after shave cream is very runny and reminds me a lot of the Nivea after shave balm that I used a few years back. It applies easily and is absorbed fast by the skin. Soothing and does the job – a great product to come back to. The scent is your typical Proraso fare which is the best thing about it – a woodsman like scent that´s very fresh, yet not as tingly and evident as the standard (green) Proraso product line. Try it!
Robin Gower
Lovely, gently aroma, and great to soothe the skin. I only get irritation occasionally, and I use this (or the blue balm) which stops it immediately. Another superb product from Proraso.
For me, the balms are the weakest link in the Proraso range. This one smells nice enough but, despite its nicely runny consistency, I find it cloying and a cause of, rather than cure for, irritation. I also suspect that it blocks my pores somewhat.
I used the rest of mine as after-sun lotion...
Earn 15 points (equivalent to £1) for every product review you write that gets published on this website. Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject reviews and there is no guarantee if and when a review is published. Only registered customers are allowed to add review, please sign in and share your experience!

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