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Parker Model 96 “Daytona” Metal Safety Razor with Black and Chrome Finish


The very closest of shaves with big savings!

(9 customer reviews)

The very closest of shaves with big savings!

Butterfly opening razor for ease of blade change. Diamond grip on the handle. A safety razor, rich lather, brush, hot water equals a very close shave and substantial savings in blade refills over Mach 3s and other cartridge blades.


9 reviews for Parker Model 96 “Daytona” Metal Safety Razor with Black and Chrome Finish

  1. Hary

    Well even though this is my 2nd safety razor i can say that this is ideal both for novice and experienced wet shavers as its gives a perfect shave due to it’s perfect conjuction of weight and width as it comes convenient to every hand… ideal for daily shaving with the butterfly head for quick easy and safe blade replacement and last and most important very beatiful black finish !!!

  2. David Morrison

    just had my first shave with this razor and am really impressed.

    I bought it to replace a cheap plastic razor and the difference is fantastic. Really like the weight of it in hand, the butterfly opening is effortless and easy to change a blade and I found the handle had a really good grip – as I had been put off other razors by the smooth handle

    I personally think it also looks fantastic and could easily be mistaken for a much more expensive razor – highly recommend this to all new DE shavers

  3. paul ash

    i really wanted the model 22 and still may purchase one but i chose this over the 510 after talking to the helpful people @ the shaving shack i went for the 96r its neat and not too heavy and the gnarled effect handle in black gives good grip but if your new to this be aware and BEWARE yu will nick yourself but the shave is very close and on the beware bit my friend who got me off of mach 3 inserts got slap happy with his more expensive parker and skimmed the bottom of his nose it took ages to stop so be careful but do enjoy for my heavy growth it gives a very close shave better than my mach 3 but get a nice shaving cream either real shaving company or bodyshops both have excellent lathers and will aid in a better shave

  4. Graham E

    I purchased this as my first DE razor and an extremely pleased with it. In the first 5 days I have had one cut due due to getting over confident. I’m now getting the best shaves I’ve ever had. Will probably try the Merkur Future in a couple of months time just to see if there is any difference. A definate DE convert

  5. Owen Thomas

    bought this razor due to reviews was a little off put but nose skimming story but have to say very happy with results razor burn is down to min usally cant shave more than twice a week due to rash form due to burn but DE razor seems to have solve that problem ,all in all well recommended!

  6. Alvin Vassoodaven

    Just got back into DE shaving, I had a cheap plastic de razor a long time ago and went back to cartridge. But then 2 weeks ago, I decided to go back to DE and bought this one, especially it reminded me of my dad’s old butterfly razor(can’t remember which brand it was). As some of the review said, this razor is aggressive, so one has to be very careful when using a DE for the first time. I had quite some razor burn the first time, but after my 3rd shave I’m getting used to it. My one advice is to make sure you get a good shaving cream or soap and shaving oil, especially if you have coarse hair like me. Anyway I would recommend this razor to anyone, even if you are a beginner like I am, but make sure you learn the technique. DE razor has made me enjoy my shaving and it’s n art.

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