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Omega 49 Professional Pure Bristle Brush


This mighty Italian boar brush won’t disappoint!

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This mighty Italian boar brush won’t disappoint!

This boar bristle brush is a wet shavers favourite manufactured by Omega, the Italian brush and cream experts. The handle is made of tough and lightweight ABS thermoplastic and the long bristle length provides excellent latherability, especially with soaps. The handle is a substantial 73mm so provides plenty of grip. A fantastic shaving brush for not a lot of money!

Bristle Length: 65 mm
Bristle Diameter: 27 mm
Overall Length: 128 mm
Handle Length: 73mm

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16 reviews for Omega 49 Professional Pure Bristle Brush

  1. Craig Carroll

    I wasn’t looking for a new brush, but Shaving Shack sent me an e-mail saying I could get one for free if I spent over GBP9.99, so it was an offer too good to miss. PLUS, I had some shavepoints to spend, saving me even more pennies.

    First of all, this brush isn’t just big, it’s massive! The handle is very large and the loft very tall. When I first clapped eyes on it, it came as a bit of a suprise. It dwarfs all my other brushes. But don’t let this put you off, because this is a very capable brush, even from new, before all the ends have split (important for a boar-haired brush). The tips are soft, but shafts are stiff, giving plenty of backbone; scrubbing a hard soap is not a problem. And, because of the tall and large knot, it can hold a copious amount of lather, which paints smoothly and easily upon the face, more efficiently than smaller brushes; not many strokes are needed for full coverage.

    Having used it every day, now, for a week, I still have a preference for my badger brushes; I prefer the quality of the lather produced and the feel on my face. Even so, I do enjoy this using this brush, and it will get regular use, and in many ways, it is better than my Semogue boar-haired brush which was twice the price. It’s a bargain.

  2. Paul Fitzsimons

    A great brush for the money, it was a lot taller than I expected and nice and soft, I found the extra height allowed for a better whipping action while building lather, whats not to like about this brush at this price?

  3. JC in France

    I would call this one the lathermachine ! I produce gobs of lather in no time, wether you use cream or soap.
    The boar bristles are not scratchy at all and when the bristles start to split after a few uses, it tends to as soft as a good badger brush but for a fraction of the price.
    One downside is the smell when you get it out of the box…it’s smell just like hell ! Even the powerful fragance of Tabac can’t beat his smell. Fortunately, after one week of use, it disappear.

  4. Richard Wall

    After suffering through a couple of prickly and shedding cheapo brushes I eventually got my act together, and picked-up this quality brush. Dependable, great value, this Omega boar won’t win many luxury awards but it will deliver results. With soaps in particular you can really work this brush hard and get yourself some wonderously thick and slick lather, plus as the hairs split the brush becomes softer and less scratchy. Creams I’ve found fare slightly less well. Yes you can get a good lather, but for me my best-badger brush produces better, with less product used and more heat retained in its bristles, leading to a warmer lather. That aside though the Omega will stand any wet-shaver in good stead, from first-timers to old-hands.

  5. Adam

    This is perfect for someone wishing to try using a shaving brush but without a great deal of expense. The initial smell of the brush isn’t great but is very easy to banish by soaking it in a solution of something minty. I used some Proraso cream mixed with water. I don’t see why toothpaste wouldn’t do the job.
    Anyway, the brush is big and surprisingly soft. It would suit a gent with a larger face. By taking a little time you can create a serious amount of lather. After a while you may wish to upgrade to a more expensive brush, but I expect many users will be quite happy with its very decent performance.

  6. Robin Hughes

    This Omega brush is very good. I didn’t know what to expect for the price but having read a few reviews I decided to try it out. It is a large brush and it feels great in the hand. I have tried this brush with a number of different shaving soaps and creams, works really well and is soft on the face. It does smell a bit funky at first but this soon goes after a few uses. I think that this will be a repeat purchase as it is such a nice brush.

  7. Steven Wallace

    for my first brush I am so happy friends had told me that some brushes can be very scratchy and itchy but this is not once you build a good lather it is so soft it is unreal. like many before me the smell was a bit of a shock but have been told by many many gents that it will go after a few uses.

  8. Mr. Sachdev

    Good as a starter brush, but after a while you will need to consider a better badger brush. The lather produced is good enough. Great service from Shaving Shack.

  9. Charlie Gould

    As a novice who has never before used a brush, I believed that through reviews and the very nice price that comes bundled together with it, this would make a perfect entry level brush.
    The bristles themselves feel very full and create a wonderful lather which really lends itself to an incredible shaving experience, and when used in conjunction with the Omega Shaving Cream, I have come to be quite a fan of this brand and will continue to use them in the future.

  10. Mark Gwilliam

    i use one in my barber shop its a great brush at a crazy low price , as a professional barber i recommend this product/brand of brush to all my clients .

  11. Gianni R.

    Very satisfied after 6 month of using this very affordable shaving brush. It is a very good quality and entry level brush. No smell and no hairs losing.

  12. liam hannon

    My first brush and I’m very happy with it. There’s been a few comments about the smell when you first use it. It is a bit strange but I don’t think it’s as bas as everyone makes out 😉 plus once it’s full of you shaving soap, you don’t really notice it anyway. Although it’s a stiffer brush it still feels nice on the face and the price is great!

    Would definitely recommend…

  13. Mr Alan Haydon Cooper

    Not had this long and use with shaving cream Proraso and I love it. Nice size handle for my big hands and great length of brush. It’s fast becoming my favourite and at a decent price too.

  14. Mr Nick Sorrell

    What can be said about the Omega 49 that hasn’t already been said? It’s huge (could easily be used to shave a Bigfoot!), lathers like there is no tomorrow (and holds sufficient lather for three passes easily), is well put together, feels nice against the skin and looks lovely sitting on the bathroom windowsill. All in all, it is an absolute bargain, well worth considering as a go to brush.

  15. Andrew D.

    I reviewed this brush way back in 2013 and said that I would definitely buy another. I definitely will, but the original brush is still going strong and is nowhere near needing a replacement. The bristles have broken in a little more but are holding their shape perfectly well. Very few (perhaps another four?) have fallen out. It lathers brilliantly with soap or cream, is comfortable to hold and dries out well afterwards.

    All in all, an excellent brush and a total surprise. I still intend to buy another, but just not yet…

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