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Muhle R89 Grande Long Handled Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor


Stunning longer handled version of the Muhle R89!

(3 customer reviews)

Stunning longer handled version of the Muhle R89!

The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At M+?HLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Muhle’s design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish.

Weight: 80g
Length: 105mm approx

Press coverage

Mike Sandoval, from, said:
“The head of the M++hle razor is the part I found to be the most impressive. The two-piece cutting head is precision made and fits together perfectly insuring that the blade is centered correctly when secured in the razor. The chrome plating work on the top and bottom of the head is absolutely flawless, and there are no visible signs of unevenness around the edges. The blade exposure on the R89 provides a very comfortable shave. The razor is not aggressive at all and would be very useful for men who may have issues with skin sensitivity and need a gentler shave. Some shavers have compared the cutting action of the R89 to that of the vintage Gillette Super Speed razors, which are well known for being less aggressive. I find the cutting action of this razor combined with Feather blades provides a close and comfortable shave every time with zero irritation.”


3 reviews for Muhle R89 Grande Long Handled Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor

  1. Zaheer Khan

    Wow wow wow..

    Great looks, great feel and the closest shaver ever.

    I bought this for the extra big thick handle and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

    Down side, guess there isn’t one apart from you have to Clean it properly every time if you want that super chrome polish

  2. Anna

    Having tried the EJ DE89L of my SO, I wanted one of my own for leg shaving. Seeing the handle felt a little stubby for making long strokes, I picked the long handled R89 instead. (Same fantastic head on them both, by the way!)

    Smoothest legs of my life! The size and weight is just ideal for a very smooth experience, taking literally no effort at all. I find I can actually shave much faster than with a cartridge, thanks to the larger blade.

    The way the lather passes through the head is perfect, no more rinsing the razor every five seconds to wash off gunk. Works fantastic with
    the Astra SP and Gillette yellow blades, although I’m sure any blade would do for the softer hairs.

    The razor feels solid enough to last for a decade, even two.
    Absolutely satisfied with the M hle! 🙂

  3. Mr James Leonard

    There’s no doubt about it; this is a fine looking razor. The polishing and chrome plating are flawless; giving it the look of something from a bygone era. Fit and finish are beyond reproach.

    Pick it up and you’ll find the long handle to be the perfect diameter for effortless control and the textured finish provides an ideal amount of grip even with soapy hands. It’s lighter than it looks though; but I’ll come back to that.

    Inset a blade and you’ll see that everything lines up perfectly. This razor is a joy to use. It’s not aggressive. In fact, it’s quite mild. But that doesn’t prevent it from giving a smooth and close shave. It’s a razor you can use every day without worry and if you have sensitivity issues with your skin then this razor will, with the right blade, allow you to shave without irritation. It’s a stress-free, dependable razor for every day use.

    So with all these good points why do I give it a single-star rating? It’s because of the materials used to construct the razor. Muhle designed a superb razor that they finish beautifully but manufacture from a cheap, soft alloy. Hence the light weight I mentioned earlier. I have owned this razor for about three years, during which time it has been used, at most, once or twice a week. Recently, I have been having problems with the head loosening mid-shave; initially only occasionally but more frequently over time. Now it requires tightened once or twice per shave.
    On close inspection, it is clear that this is due to excessive wear on the threads both on the head and inside the handle. This wear means that not only does the head work loose continuously; but also wobbles about excessively as soon as it loosens a little. Neither of which are qualities desirable in a razor.
    It’s damn annoying that such an otherwise outstanding product is undermined by an inappropriate choice of material.
    Perhaps I have been unlucky and bought a dud that’s unrepresentative of Muhle’s quality. However, other razors are available for similar amounts that are constructed from materials likely to survive decades of use with ease; so I think I’ll try one of them next.

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