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Muhle R41 Grande Long Handle Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor (Open Comb)


Stunning longer handled version of the Muhle R41!

(7 customer reviews)

Stunning longer handled version of the Muhle R41!

The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At M+?HLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Muhle’s design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish. The model comes in two versions (R89 closed and R41 open comb) as every beard growth, every type of facial skin is individual ??? and the same applies to personal shaving preferences.

Weight: 80g
Length: 105mm approx


7 reviews for Muhle R41 Grande Long Handle Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor (Open Comb)

  1. Mark

    For razors, as well as the shave performance itself, I always enjoy the quality metalwork and there is no finer than Muhle. The plating and finish on these razors is absolutely superb, flawlessly mirror finished and the handle is beautifully checkered for both grip and comfort. The shave itself is easy with the blade seating perfect on the pins every time due to build quality being excellent and this razor benefits from no drag whatsoever while travelling along the skin.

    The R41 really suits a couple of passes, with and across the grain, as you’re good to go after that. Some people do enjoy a third, against the grain, pass but I don’t think it’s necessary with this one. Craftsmanship at it’s very best and it will last for many years, giving great service.

  2. Mr Michael Outen

    Wow. What a razor this is! After starting shaving with a cheap DE razor a year ago I decided that I had developed enough experience to upgrade to a more aggressive razor. The idea being that I could reduce the number of passes required for a BBS. I ordered the M++hle R41 Grande as I wanted the open comb design and the large handle. When picking the razor up the weight is just right. It fits nicely in my hand and the he feel of it is just great. First time round I loaded it up with an Astra superior platinum blade, lathered up my week’s worth of stubble with Taylor of old Bond Street sandlewood shaving cream and set to work. The razor sliced through my stubble with ease and was a pleasure to use. Another pass left my face smoother than it has been since beginning puberty with no cuts or nicks either. You do need to respect this razor, however, give it that respect and it will reward you with the best and closest shave you have ever experienced.

  3. J13MBR

    What a razor! This beast is superbly made, with an upmarket feel and gives a ridiculously close shave. Respect is required and careful blade matching. I used my usual Feather blades OK but got better results with an Astra SP I felt on balance, especially when going ATG. I am looking for a way to explain this and if Merkur razors are like the Audis of shaving then this is a Porsche 911.

  4. Stephen Donnellan

    Everyone knows that Chuck Norris is the toughest man ever and if he was to shave using a DE Razor then this is the one he would use!

    I read numerous reviews on this razor and the majority highlighted the aggressive shave the R41 provided; they were not wrong! The first ‘With The Grain’ shave on the side of the face provided a pure ‘rasping’ noise that I have never experienced with any of my razor collection and I immediately thought “Wow this is a razor that you need to be careful with”. I wasn’t incorrect as, even with practically zero pressure applied, I was achieving an extremely close shave. I also own a Merkur 37C Slant Bar and I thought that was a razor to feared. However, the 37C is a lightweight in aggressive shaving compared to the R41. Treat it with utter respect and it will provide you with a ridiculously close shave, but your shave preparation and taking your time in using this tool is absolutely essential, otherwise 2 words will be relevant – blood bath! Certainly for me, then I’m unsure if it could it be used as a daily razor as it is anything but a mild shave. However, it is the razor that I’m going to use whenever I need an ultra, ultra, ultra close shave and I have the time to use this weapon.

    Without doubt, an instrument that should be both feared and respected, but when you do it will provide an exceptional shave that you will cherish. Get an R41 and you will experience a build quality, shave and experience that is a shear revelation – just remember to respect it, as when you do it will reward you with a shave that you will love.

  5. Paul Anderson

    I use this razor on the days that I don’t have time to strop and use one of my straights.

    I started on DE razors 3 years ago with a Merkur 37C slant bar, and launched straight in with Feather blades, I use the Feathers on this Muhle beast too. I don’t like any other DE blades, I find I get loads of razor burn and scratches from other blade manufacturers.

    The Muhle R41 Grande is a superb bit of kit and one I would heartily recommend. Treat it with respect, don’t rush your shave, or apply pressure, like you could with a cartridge razor or you’ll be leaking claret for some time. Gives a nice clean shave in one pass, gives a BBS to die for in two!

    It was quite disconcerting to hear it shaving the first time I used it, I thought my chin was pretty smooth-ish after 1 pass with a straight, but this made a helluva racket like someone scraping burnt toast and it certainly made sure I was smooth in the chin area afterwards.

    Try it, don’t be afraid of it, just use a feather-light touch and show off a BBS chin.

  6. iivari

    The first DE razor ive bought and cant complain about it one bit. Looks very nice and feels solid at hand. My father tried this twice and just requested me to buy one for himself as well.

  7. Mr Richard Roberts

    After breaking my Edwin Jagger DE89 I replaced it with a shavette. The shavette wasn’t working for me due to my clumsy hands. I decided it was time to go back to a double edge. After researching which razors worked well for removing a lot of growth quickly I narrowed my search down to the R41. One thing worried me though and that was the amount of reviews stating this was and aggressive razor that requires some proficiency with a double edge. Having struggled with my shavette for about three years that wasn’t going to put me off. When the R41 arrived I was very happy to see the beautiful quality. The chrome and knurling are flawless and the fit and finish is perfect. Noticeably better than my DE89. On to the shave. This razor is aggressive in it will remove a week’s growth in two strokes or less, so very effective. While you’d expect this to feel a little harsh it is completely the opposite. It’s the smoothest shave I’ve ever had. It runs along the skin so well that you wonder if you’ve got your angle right and expect to see uncut hair. Not the case this razor removes it all while being incredibly gentle. I absolutely love this razor and I don’t think I’ll bother to try anything else as it’s perfect for me.

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