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Merkur Travel Razor 933CL


Valued by armed services for it’s compactness, is this the ideal travel companion?

(9 customer reviews)

Valued by armed services for it’s compactness, is this the ideal travel companion?

Yes, we think so! This really is a small razor, yet perfectly usable at the same time. This kind of razor is commonly issued to army recruits worldwide as it allows for stripping down and cleaning in the field. Back home of course, this is ideal for travellers who pack light. The leather case opens to reveal a chrome finished four piece Double Edged Safety Razor. Made by Merkur in Solingen Germany, one of the worlds finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. Comes with a free razor blade.

Length: 7.5cm
Weight: 49g

Comes in a clear plastic bag with a single Merkur blade.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


9 reviews for Merkur Travel Razor 933CL

  1. Niall McCracken

    I’ve been using this razor everyday for about 5 months now – both home and abroad. It is absolutely great. I didn’t believe how compact the package was when it arrived, it folds neatly into a tiny case (which is of great durable leather) but don’t be fooled by its small size, the assembled razor is still a hefty weight, rock solid and more than big enough to provide a great shave – not to mention the absolute flawless quality. I was sceptical about the short handle but it’s more than long enough to shave with. The quality of the shave is superb but I have found it less close than other razors so it can take a few passes to get it right – and having very sensitive skin this can be a bit of an issue around the neck.
    That being said, this is still the only razor I shave with (its not as close as my Gillette fusion but feels a million times better to use) I am confident that I’ll be using it daily for a long ime to come.

  2. David Williams

    Far too often the makers of travel items concentrate on making the things small and light and clever and foldy, but seem to pay little attention to how it actually works. It’s so nice to find something that fulfils its ‘travel’ remit (this really does pack down small), while still doing its actual job so well.

    Only trouble is that I think I may have to pay for a holiday now so I get to use it…

  3. Peter Holt

    There a certain memories I entertain from childhood of watching my late father partake in his daily ritual shave. I recall sneaking a play with his old double edge razor when I aged 12, mimicking his routine. Years later when the raging testosterone produced more hair than the illusive Yeti, I turned to a double edge razor for my own shaving routine.

    As time evolved, I tried a variety of cartridge blade razors but as prices rose for replacement cartridges it only seemed like good economic sense to pick up my old plastic DE. I have used this consistently for over the past 5 years and of late I thought I would treat myself to a new Merkur. Being a regular traveller and camper, I wanted something light but of a quality stable. The Merkur as not failed to impress me. It is a small and light and as such excellent for the purpose of intended use.

    My first shave with it was superb, and even though I have big hands, the tiny handle holds comfortably and safely in my hand to produce a clean, smooth and fast shave.

    German quality, great as an all rounder and for travel, and the head gets into all nooks of the face and fulcrum.

    I also purchased a Merkur 1904 for my 22 year old son, so to keep the family shaving traditional alive. This is also a wonderful design and functioning small razor, which is also ideal for travel.

    I certainly would commend these wonderful products and the excellent attentive service of Shaving Shack.

  4. Christian Glinsvad

    I love this little thing. I’ve found it required a bit of adjusting to my shaving technique because I’m used to using a long-handled Merkur 180, but I’m starting to get consistently good shaves out of it now. My one piece of advice is to practice shaving with it at home a couple of times using your regular routine before you travel with it, since your prep might be significantly different when you’re on the road (travel brush, soap stick etc.) and you’ll be overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity of all these changes at once.

  5. Christopher Williams

    Bought 7 months ago with a Merkur 34c (for everyday shaving) and a Merkur 38c (for those times there’s a bit more rough). This little razor has seen use both on holiday and in hotels on business use. It’s lighter than the other Merkurs and packs up incredibly small into its tiny case. All three are well built and very good looking. It makes me ashamed to say I actually look forward to being away from home…!!

  6. Andrew Kerensky

    Very impressed, even though this was out of stock Dan, somehow managed to get the Merkur travel razor for me. It teams up perfectly with my Simpson ‘Wee Scot’ shaving brush which was a special order item also from Shaving Shack. The incredibly compact Merkur travel razor does not dissapoint, good clean, close shave. The Napoleon of Razors?

  7. James Wragg

    Have had this razor for almost a year now and it travels everywhere with me. Whether camping, flying or long drives, combined with a shave stick and small mirror is makes the ideal travel shave system! Its a little lighter than most razors but it makes up for this in well engineerd workmanship. Travel like a rugged adventurer, shave like a well groomed gentleman!

  8. Porkylips

    Not for beginners. I found this to give a really good close shave but the lightness and short handle could cause problems for some. For me it is a rather aggressive razor but works best with either the Israeli blades or the Feather ones. As a travel razor it is much better than any of the multiblades due to its compact size.

  9. Mr Matthew Tate shah

    I bought this to assemble a travel lot, along with a few mini cans of Proraso. It is undeniably small, both when assembled and stripped down in the supplied leather pouch, which is well made & looks like it’ll last as long as the razor. In terms of build quality, the razor is built really well, although lacks any real weight due to its tiny design and mostly due to its hollow design, which isn’t a complaint as it allows it to be packed down so small. The shave is of medium consistency, not overly agressive but still delivers a close result

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